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Create Your Own Exit Plan With This Week's #KajabiHero


Jun 9, 2017
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Kajabi Hero Live
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If you hate your job, chances are, you are already looking for a way out.

For some people that could be putting in a ton of applications for different jobs. It could mean being on your best behavior and hoping that you'll get a promotion... eventually. You may even be waiting for the perfect job to fall in your lap so you can get the heck out of there!

But what if you didn't have to rely on any of that to make your great escape?

What if you could create your own exit plan?

You may already have something inside of you that can be a way out of your job.

Our newest Kajabi Hero, Sally Hendrick, knows all about needing an exit plan. She had a profitable career in a highly specialized field as an actuary. Even though she loved what she did, she started to dread tax time in the worst way.

So over time, she created her own exit plan with Kajabi.

And you can too.

So how did Sally go from a stressed out actuary to making a living teaching people about Facebook marketing?

How Sally Broke Free of Her Job and Built a Business She Loves

For 25 years Sally was an actuary.  

For those of you who don't know what that is; it's a highly skilled insurance mathematician. It's an intense career.

Imagine having to take a combination of the Bar Exam and CPA Exam every 10 years just to do your job. And on top of that Sally had to deal with all of the craziness of tax time on a whole new level.

Can you see why she needed a way out?

I mean, honestly, who loves tax time?

Sally was working like crazy and had no creative outlet for herself. But over time, things started shifting in her life. It all started when she hired a fitness coach.

Sally’s fitness coach made a living through Facebook, and she even inspired Sally to become a fitness coach herself. But something about marketing her business on Facebook sparked something in Sally.

Being a fitness coach wasn't her dream, but it was a stepping stone to something bigger.

Through her coaching business, she discovered the power of Facebook marketing. She didn't think anything of it at first. Then one day, she realized that people were making money teaching people how to do what she did every single day.

Then, Kajabi fell into her lap. Sally started creating courses and making money from her knowledge.

For the first time in her life, Sally could see a way out of her job. She vowed to herself that she would not go through another tax season as an actuary, and with the help of Kajabi, she didn't have to.

From actuary, to fitness coach, to Kajabi Hero; everything fell into place, and Sally created her own exit plan with her knowledge.

She didn't know what she was creating when she started learning Facebook marketing, but she saw it through to the end and continues to build her business with Kajabi.

In the future, she's going to expand her business even more by creating tools to show people how to do what she does. And with Kajabi, she has the possibility to do that and pursue it to the fullest.

If you're just starting out, there's a lot you can learn from Sally and her story. So if you haven't already, go ahead and check out her interview for some great nuggets of truth and helpful advice.

There were a few things that stuck out to me in the interview that I think could help you on your journey. So I want to take some time to unpack those points.

So if you're at a job that you hate, are you ready to start creating your exit plan?

Could Your Creative Outlet Empower You to Quit Your Job?

For Sally, one of the crucial things missing at her job was the lack of a creative outlet.

Everyone needs an escape every once in a while to stay centered, but for creatives, having that outlet is crucial. Creation is a natural expression of who you are. Suppressing that is unhealthy for your mind and body.

But what if, instead of your job keeping you from that part of yourself, your business was your creative outlet?

The thing is, you can wake up every morning loving what you do for a living.

Your creative outlet could be the way out of your job. Not only that, it could provide an income beyond anything you can imagine. Now more than ever, hobbies, talents, and passions can be leveraged into winning business ideas.

If you love to knit, you could create a multimillion-dollar business based on your hobby. If you love landscaping and gardening, you can make a living teaching people that too. I've seen some of our Heroes do it.

You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it.

So what's the difference between someone with a hobby and someone who has built a business on their passion?

The answer is simple.

The people who have built businesses by sharing their knowledge about something they love weren’t afraid to put their best foot forward. Even if there was a possibility of failure, they still went for it. They marketed their passion, built a following around that passion, and started teaching it to other people.

They weren't stingy about sharing their knowledge with the world, so they started giving it away for free.

Too many entrepreneurs are failing in their businesses because they are too scared to give away their best secrets.

And I understand that logic. You may be thinking: How is someone supposed to make money if they're giving such valuable information away for free? The point is to make money, right?

But the thing is, you can't receive with your fists clenched.

If you want to monetize your passion, start giving away valuable insight for free.

When you offer value to someone, you build relationships with your customers that last a lifetime. People know if you are willing to invest in them without asking for any money in return. Because of that, they'll invest in themselves by buying your digital products because of the relationships you’ve established.

When you hold back from the people you're trying to reach, you're hurting your business more than you're helping it.

Set Effective Goals to Create an Exit Plan From Your Job

Building a business takes time.

I know that’s not fun. I get it. You hate your job, and you have to get outta there as fast as you can.

But if you’re only looking for a quick fix, your situation isn’t going to change 10+ years from now.

It takes some planning and preparation to be in a place in your business where you can walk away. But that time and effort will be well invested. After you can walk away from that job…

You have the rest of your life to make money from something that you love to do.

Don't just talk about doing something with your passion one day. Don’t look for quick fixes to solve your problems. Put your money where your mouth is, and start doing something about it.

Every successful person started out as a big dreamer with a plan.

That doesn't mean you have to have every single step figured out either. A lot of Kajabi Heroes leaped from one opportunity to the next, not really sure where it would go. All they did know is they wanted to share something with the world.

Not only did they reach Kajabi Hero status, they impacted people's lives.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into goals and start making things happen?

It's not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of courage and a lot of consistency, but it's possible for anyone.

Be intentional with your passion. When you're intentional and start taking action, you'll be surprised how things fall into place for you. If you're willing to leap from stepping stone to stepping stone consistently, you will reach your goals.

You will be able to walk out of your awful job for the last time and never set foot there again.

Marketing Your Knowledge is All About Connecting With the Right People

Too many people make a critical mistake when they are trying to market a brand new business. They think too big in their marketing efforts instead of targeting the right people for their business.

The thing is, you can't appeal to everyone, and you shouldn't want to. The only people you need to market your business to are the people who need your knowledge. People who will invest what you can share with them.

Facebook is such a great marketing tool. But, unfortunately, too many people are tempted to click the blue button every time Facebook tells them to.

Here's a little hint for you: just because Facebook tells you to do it doesn't mean it's the best move for your business.

Running random ads isn't the best way to connect you with right people. You may reach more people as a whole, but the people you're really looking for can slip through the cracks.

If you only market to the specific people who need your knowledge, your reach may be smaller, but conversions will be a lot higher than throwing ads out to a huge audience without a plan.

One way to do that is to learn how to use Facebook pixels.

I know what you’re thinking. What is a Facebook pixel, and what does it have to do with marketing?

A pixel is a chunk of code that you place on your website. People who visit your site can’t see it, but it is a valuable tool to run effective Facebook ads.

Facebook collects 1,500 different data points on everyone. Pixels collect some of that information from people who visit your website. It analyzes that information and allows you to create a custom audience based on that data. Like putting eggs in a basket.

Once your Facebook pixel collects enough people in your custom audience, you can start running ads to those specific people.

Have you ever visited Amazon, and then have items you looked at pop up on your Facebook news feed the next day?

That's because when you clicked on Amazon's website, you gave them the data that they needed to start advertising specific products to you on Facebook.

Pixels help you do the same thing.

It allows you to set up a custom audience so you can run Facebook ads to people that you know are already interested in your website and what you have to offer. That way you can only run ads to those who are already familiar with you.

Become an Expert at Storytelling Marketing

Storytelling has been around as long as humans have been on the face of the Earth. Stories connect us and build strong relationships in powerful ways. When you combine marketing and storytelling, every experience you have in life can open the door to sales.  

Why do you think some vloggers are so successful on YouTube?

They are just sharing the random, crazy events of their day! How can they make more money than most people have seen in a lifetime goofing off on camera?

I’ll let you in on the big secret… you listening? 

They are using the stories of their lives to sell something.

Because they're showing their personality and who they are on camera, people listen when they tie those stories into their business.

Here's a quick example for you.

Let's say you work at a call center as tech support for a copy machine company. We all know that you never call tech support just to drop in and have a lovely chat… 

After a while of being cursed and yelled at by hundreds of people a day you discovered mediation. Through that, you could make it through every call anxiety free.

One day, you get on the phone, and as soon as you answer the call, you can feel hate vibes burning your face.

“This stupid machine won’t connect to my office’s network! I have a week’s worth of proposals that were never sent to clients, and if you don’t fix this right now I will have you fired!”

You keep composure and try to walk him through the steps. But after 45 minutes, this guy can’t make his copier work.

He unloads.

He makes every threat under the sun at the top of his lungs. In the background, you hear cracking and fist crashing into heavy plastic. And the whole time this guy is beating the copier senseless and calling you every name in the book you are meditating in your happy place.

So you go home and tell your story on Facebook live. At the end, you tie it into a business idea you’ve had.

How to help people overcome phone call anxiety with meditation.

I’ve never worked at a call center, but I know what it’s like to stress over phone calls. This would be a great business idea!

With some creativity, any event that happens to your in life can be a marketing tool for your business.

Start Crafting Your Exit Plan With Kajabi

Building an online business can be tough. If you're not technically inclined, it can seem almost impossible to build a website so you can start marketing your knowledge.

But what if all the technical stuff was easy? What if you had everything that you needed in one place to create, market, and sell your knowledge?

Something like that could bring you one step closer to telling your boss,

“I quit!”

With Kajabi you’ll be equipped with all the tech tools you need to plan your big exit from your awful job. Even if you don’t have a clue about building a website, email marketing, and monetizing your passion with digital products, we make it easy.

Click the button below to give Kajabi a try, completely free, for 14 days. You could start crafting your own exit plan today using your passion and knowledge.

You could be the next person on our blog saying:

“Goodbye, 9 to 5. Hello, Kajabi Hero!”

And if you want to learn more about Sally and her courses check out 

Become the Next Kajabi Hero

Sign up for a 14-Day Trial and create a life-changing income

Sign Up for Free Today!

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