Feature Rollup: Kajabi Assistant Updates

Another two weeks have gone by and you know what that means... time for another Feature Rollup!

We’re almost done with our Ascender development cycle, which means there are some REALLY BIG things coming on the horizon.

Today’s feature rollup has minor tweaks, but they will serve as a bridge for what’s to come.

Three of them revolve around the Kajabi Assistant and are intended to help you work inside Kajabi more efficiently and ultimately be more productive.

With that said, let’s jump right in!

Feature #1 - Assistant Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a minor tweak for those power users who want to get around the Kajabi app as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By hitting these keys on your keyboard (⌘ + K for Mac users or CTRL + K for Windows users) while inside the Kajabi app, you’ll pull up the Kajabi Assistant immediately.

From there, it’s just a few keyboard strokes away from what you want to be doing… enjoy!

Feature #2 - All Help articles are now on the Assistant

We have an amazing Help site with hundreds of articles, and now these articles are right at your fingertips with the Kajabi Assistant!

In the middle of a Kajabi project and you have an immediate question about custom domains or editing your email autoresponders?

Now all you have to do is type in a few keys in the Assistant and the answer is right there!

Feature #3 - Get Localized Help

We’ve also made our Assistant smarter by pinpointing your location inside the app. That means the Assistant will populate Help articles that may be relevant to you wherever you are.

For example, if you’re currently editing a Sales Page, you’ll find common Help articles about Sales Pages right there before you even type anything.

The goal is that the Assistant is going to save you time and help your productivity!

Feature #4 - Custom Blog Post URLs

We have one more feature up our sleeve! This one is a much requested feature, and it’s intended to give you more power over your Kajabi blog by allowing you to customize your blog post URL.

In the past, the title of your blog post would be the URL (e.g. “My 10 Best Recipes” blog post would have a URL “https://www.customdomain.com/my-10-best-recipes”).

Now you can customize the URL for your blog posts by changing the slug! You can set the URL of your blog post to whatever you want, regardless of the blog post title.

Keep your links short for easier access or customize it to fit whatever your needs are.

That’s all for today! Keep your eye out as we are announcing some huge additions pretty soon.

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