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Find Your Ideal Business Partner With This Week's #kajabihero

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Find Your Ideal Business Partner With This Week's #kajabihero
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Do you ever feel like you're banging your head against the wall trying to make something work but it just isn't happening?

Does it feel like sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there is one part of your business (or maybe even your whole business) that just isn't working out for you?

That frustration and crushed pride hit close to home for our newest Kajabi Hero, Andrew Fischer.

Andrew knew his stuff. He taught golf fitness for the pros making $150k a year. He was sure that when he created his own golf fitness app, it would take off.

But it didn't.


So he tried again with a different approach.

Boom. Boom.

For the third time, Andrew tried yet another approach.

Boom. Boom. Boom

You hear that?

That's the sound of Andrew bombing his business three times in a row.

He had invested thousands and thousands of dollars into this, and it just wasn't working for him. He didn't have the following he needed and throwing money at it wasn't helping.

But he wasn't ready to give up yet.

It wasn't until he formed a powerful partnership with some guy he didn't even know that his business finally took off.

So if you are frustrated and sick and tired of things not working out for you, this Hero’s story is for you.

How Andrew Built a Powerful Partnership to Find Success

Andrew Fischer was an expert in golf fitness. He made $150,000 a year providing accountability and coaching to pro golf players. For a while, he thought that was it. He found his dream career, why would he do anything else?

But when he stumbled across a marketing book his eyes were opened to the possibilities out there for him.

He really knew his stuff. He had 10 years of golfing knowledge, and he wanted to take all of that information and deliver it to the rest of the world.

He had the knowledge. He had the expertise. He had the vision.

That sounds like the perfect formula to reach Kajabi Hero status. Right?

Andrew may be a Kajabi Hero now, but the truth is… His journey was chock-full of bad investments, failure, and no matter how hard he tried he could not get his idea off the ground by himself.

He knew golf, but when it came to starting a business, he had no clue what he was doing.

You got to spend the money to make money, right?

Andrew paid $25,000 to a developer to build him a golf fitness app.

It was a great app. He poured all of his knowledge and expertise into it. When he launched it.


It didn't sell. Not at all.

He dumped all of this money into a professional quality golf fitness app, but he had no audience to launch it to. So he took a different approach.

He had all the content ready to go. But up until this point, he didn't have a website.

So, once again, he hired someone to build his website plus do all of his marketing. 8 to 9 months later guess what kind of customer base he had?

After spending $8,000 he had a total of 9 customers. (And truth be told, one of them was his mom and one of them was his girlfriend at the time.)

For a lot of people that would be the end of the story.

He sunk for $33,000 into his business over this period of time. But for all of that money and effort he hadn't seen a return on that at all. He was actually in the hole just trying to get his idea off the ground.

But instead of giving up, he took a break for a month. After that, he found a small platform that was similar to Kajabi and tried to sell digital products there.

He had his raving success at last, right?

For the third time, Andrew watched his sales stuck at zero.

I don't know about you, but for me, trying to get a business off the ground three times and all three times it totally bombing...

I like to consider myself a pretty resilient person, but it would be so hard to give it another shot after that. It would crush my pride pretty badly.

But Andrew was determined not to give up.

One day, he stumbled across this guy from California named George.

He filmed videos on his golfing tips and Andrew couldn’t believe how popular this guy was. He wasn’t your typical golf instructor. He wore a flat-brimmed hat, flip-flops, and boardshorts while dipping tobacco.

But here’s the deal:

People absolutely loved George for the tips he offered while simply being himself.

His following was phenomenal, and he wasn't even trying. George knew nothing about marketing, but he still had all of these followers that hung on his every word.

So Andrew drove all the way out to California to meet this surfer-dude golf instructor.

He wanted to rebrand his entire business with George as the spokesperson.

George was a little skeptical at first.

But Andrew convinced him that he would handle all of the technology and back-end work for George. All George had to do was get in front of the camera and do what he does best.

With Andrew’s expertise and knowledge and George's video personality and following they launched their first product and made $40,000.

Together Andrew and George made $300,000 in their first year. But they were not happy with the platform they were using.

Andrew discovered, through a lot of trial and error, that he worked best as a producer, while someone else had the spotlight.

Still, something was missing. When they found Kajabi, they knew it was the missing piece.

They’ve been all in with Kajabi ever since.

By teaming up with George, Andrew was able to do what he did best and make money doing

i. They are constantly moving forward in their business. Andrew has big plans to expand his marketing knowledge even more and really play around with our Pipelines feature to grow his business.

(If you don't know what Pipelines is, click here to learn more about this awesome feature and how it can help you grow your business.)

What Andrew has accomplished is amazing! No matter what, he didn't give up, and he was able to put his pride on the shelf and team up with someone who had elements that he was missing to see success in his business.

Are You Prepared to Keep Fighting for Your Business No Matter What?

There have been plenty of Kajabi Heroes who failed their way forward, but none of the stories we've covered so far are quite like Andrew’s.

No matter what it took, he evaluated his failures and used them as a lesson. He took that information and refocused his effort to try again.

He didn't keep doing the same thing over and over. That's what insanity is, right?

Each time he failed, he tried a different approach. As opposed to trying to make something work that just wasn't going to work for him.

He was flexible and adapted each attempt.

So if you're sick and tired of failing, are you trying to do the same thing over and over? Or are you trying a different approach each time?

Every failure we experience is a lesson that can benefit us in the future.

And the ability to move forward and not give up when you really believe in something is crucial to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

If Andrew would've given up on that third attempt, you wouldn't be hearing his story here today. He wouldn't have made $40,000 with a single launch.

So if you're on your first attempt, second, third… even if you’ve tried 100 times. You never know when the next time is going to make all the difference.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your business off the ground?

Are you willing to keep getting back up and changing your approach?

Maybe All You Need is the Right Business Partner

Another crucial element to Andrew’s story was awareness; knowing his limitations. He knew how to build and market a business, but he wasn't the influencer he needed to be to attract a following like George could.

At the same time, George knew that he didn't know how to handle all the business stuff. When Andrew put George in front of the camera to teach, George froze up because he was used to being filmed while instructing other people.

He may have had a great video personality, but he struggled to speak directly to the camera.

So they started filming their content with George instructing students in person, and he had no problems.

Both of them lifted each other up in areas where they were weak, and both of them succeeded by going with what they were good at.

All Andrew did that made the difference this time around was his powerful partnership with George. He stepped into the role of producer, documented what George was already doing, and monetized it behind the scenes.

Maybe you have some weaknesses in your business. Maybe you have been treading water and struggling in certain areas. Is there someone that you can partner with who is strong in the areas where you’re weak? Is it time to form a collaboration?

That's how Kajabi is even here today. We formed a collaboration. Without that powerful partnership, Kajabi wouldn’t even exist.

Yeah, having a partner in business requires more legal checks and balances than flying solo, but when you find the right partner, it will be more than worth it.

The powerful partnership you need could be as simple as hiring a freelancer or VA to take care of some stuff for you.

Yes, I know. Outsourcing costs you money.  

But when you find the right fit, it's really a game-changing investment for your business. When you outsource the things that you don't enjoy or aren't good at, it gives you the time and energy to pursue the things that are really going to make you money.

Not only will you increase your income, but you will also enjoy what you do more and more. It’s so much easier to run a business with someone on your side.You may even have a friend with a secret talent you didn't even know about who would be more than happy to team up with you.

You could even try taking a trick out of Andrew’s playbook. Contact influencers in your niche who aren't monetizing what they do.

I know.

You get a sense of pride and accomplishment when you're able to do so many amazing things by yourself. But even if you are fantastic at every single element that it takes to build and market your business... eventually you are going to reach the limit of what you can do on your own.

As your business grows, so should your team.

And if you are struggling to get your business up off the ground by yourself, maybe it's time you find your perfect partner.

Start a Powerful Partnership With Kajabi Today

Whether you are going it alone, you have a partner, or even a full team behind you; maybe you could still benefit from a partnership.

Maybe your business and Kajabi could be the ultimate collaboration.

Kajabi is a platform built on partnership. And we would love to partner up with you to make your business exceed your expectations.

And the best part about this partnership.

You can take it for a test drive, completely free, for 14 days.

Most partnerships, you either have to split the profits from day one or pay upfront. But today I want to give you the opportunity to try it risk-free.

Give Kajabi a try today. This could be the beginning of a powerful partnership.

And maybe you just might be the next Kajabi Hero.

If you want to learn more about Andrew and George, you can check out GG SwingTips Golf here. 

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