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First Look: Kajabi's New Mobile App

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First Look: Kajabi's New Mobile App
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What if you had the power to beam yourself to wherever your customers needed you to be — on any device, any time of day, anywhere they go? 

Enter: The Kajabi Mobile App

Our new Kajabi mobile app is designed to give your customers a whole new level of access to the content they purchase from you. 

When they open the app, all of their purchased products will be available, and they can view them on the go, from wherever they are. 

A Pocket-Sized Online Learning Library

The power of digital content is in its scalability. You can create something once, sell it over and over, and help multitudes of people in the process.

The Kajabi Mobile app takes that scaling effect even further. When your content can be consumed from anywhere, what you’ve created will go farther than ever before.  

What this means for your customers who purchase your digital products on Kajabi: 

No more being chained to a laptop. They can keep up with your content from anywhere, whether it’s on the train, at the gym, or waiting in line at the grocery store. 

No more struggling to remember page URLs and logins when they’re trying to view content while away from their computer — everything will be synced in the app under one email. 

No more squinting to view a tiny video on a page that was supposedly “mobile optimized” — they’ll have the same level of user experience in the mobile app that they would if they were sitting at a laptop. 

And it’s not just about watching videos on the go — it’s about participating in community, getting push notifications for product updates, and staying engaged with your material no matter where they are. 

What this means for Kajabi Customers: 

When it’s convenient and easy for students to finish your content and participate in your online community, they'll be empowered to achieve better results with your course much faster. 

All of this adds up to more happy customers to spread your message, more referrals coming your way, and better student testimonials to help you grow your business. 

It also means that your notifications and product updates will reach them on their phone (like everything else important these days) instead of just their computer. 

Can’t wait for the Kajabi mobile app?

Neither can we — and we haven’t even scratched the surface of all the details and features in this app. 

Stay tuned as the mobile app will be launched in November.


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