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New! Carousel modules in the Kajabi website builder

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New! Carousel modules in the Kajabi website builder
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What is a carousel module?

In many website design systems, the creator of the website has the option to use a rotating carousel of images. This way the design of the website can feature multiple images or videos and allow website visitors to click through and see them all without the images taking up too much space on the page.

What’s new with carousel modules on Kajabi?

The Carousel module is now available in all sites and pages with the Encore theme. This module enables you to add a rotating slider of images and videos to show your website visitors examples of your offering without taking up too much space on the page.

Easily add multiple images or videos, customize the module to match your page, and publish for the world to see.

How to access

The Carousel module can be found in the website builder at the bottom of the module selection menu. Simply drag the Carousel module onto your page, then use the “edit” function to add images or videos to showcase your offering. You can also set custom borders, hyperlink your images, and add alt text to boost your site’s SEO ranking.

Screenshot of the Carousel module as an option on the sidebar when building a website in Kajabi

Why is this important?

Now, those who host their website on Kajabi have another feature that gives more freedom and flexibility when it comes to website design. There’s no more need to worry over determining which products to show, or trying to avoid oversaturating the page with images.

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