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Kajabi enables data hygiene with new contact exclusion filter

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Kajabi enables data hygiene with new contact exclusion filter
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Kajabi is taking steps to help our Heroes maintain healthy and secure contact lists. This means that our Heroes may have a small number of their contacts excluded from marketing emails. 

While suppressing contacts can be unexpected, this necessary process will ultimately lead to better email deliverability.

What’s new with contact exclusion?

Kajabi will now automatically exclude high-risk, inactive members on our customers’ lists. This means these contacts will not receive marketing emails.

The majority of our Heroes will only see a minimal amount of their contacts under the exclusion segment. On average, only 1% of contacts will be impacted. For most of our Heroes, this means just one or two contacts may be excluded. 

Why we’re implementing the contact exclusion changes

Kajabi’s exclusion filter preview gives our Heroes the ability to see how their contact lists will be impacted. We designed this update to:

  • Protect your sender reputation
  • Strengthen your email deliverability
  • Flag high-risk, inactive addresses, which could include spam traps

Overall, this change will facilitate better list hygiene which is important for being able to rely on email marketing as a channel. The preview portion is starting on the 7th of April with the implementation starting after the 14th of April.

What the new experience looks like

Gif of the Kajabi app showing the excluded segment in the People tab

Here is how Heroes will experience the exclusions in Kajabi:

Status shown in the “Email Marketing” column (row 3):

Screenshot of the Kajabi app email marketing tab within the CRM

New default segment:

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing  a new Excluded default segment in the People tab

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing the Excluded segment within the People tab

New filter option:

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing the Excluded from mailing filter

Contact profile explanation with link to Help Center content:

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing a contact profile explanation about a high risk to email reputation

How to access the contact exclusion preview

The preview portion of this feature is live by the time you’re reading this blog post.

For more resources, check out our blog posts on email deliverability and check out our help center articles on contact management.

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