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Kajabi enables coaches to build a business online with new dedicated experience

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Kajabi enables coaches to build a business online with new dedicated experience
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What’s new with coaching?

With Coaching on Kajabi, you will be able to offer individual sessions or packages. Now, there is one cohesive Kajabi experience to offer coaching services and reduce the number of tools you need to engage your clients and provide them an optimal coaching experience. 

How does this update impact Kajabi Heroes?

Coaching on Kajabi  will help you streamline your workflow, provide clients with better results, and put more profit in your pocket. Kajabi allows you to share a link to your calendar of choice (including a direct integration with Calendly), capture notes, and manage members, all from one dashboard.

You can upsell your coaching program alongside your other offers. With coaching integrated into Kajabi, you can upsell and cross-sell to customers after checkout, or in the Member Library.

If you are already coaching customers on Kajabi, you no longer need to rely on workarounds, and reduce the third-party tools to manage that part of your business.

Global business coach Muyaradzi Dongo was able to beta test Coaching on Kajabi. He says, “it helps with delivering results faster... because everything is at the same place.” Now, his clients are, “able to check the system, write notes where they can easily access them” and have no need for physical notebooks.

If you are not already coaching, you can more easily start. Coaching on Kajabi allows coaches and entrepreneurs to develop a closer relationship with many of your members, help them transform their skills, and accelerate the impact of your courses at the same time.

Overview of the Coaching on Kajabi experience

Coaching on Kajabi is easy to use with a simple interface. Set up a coaching program, add sessions, a video conferencing link, and take notes all in one place.

Screenshot of the Kajabi app screen to start coaching
Screenshot of the Kajabi app; creating  anew  coaching session with a title, scheduling link, and meeting link


It’s easy to manage current and past coaching clients within the Coaching tab, giving you visibility when running your business.

Screenshot of the Kajabi app coaching section client list

Screenshot of the module in Kajabi to add a title, description, and cover art to a coaching session


Will Coaching on Kajabi integrate with Calendly or Acuity? 

Coaching on Kajabi has a direct integration with Calendly. It requires Calendly Premium to ensure your calendar and coaching offering sync appropriately. Coaching on Kajabi will also allow you to paste in a link to a calendar of your choice, like Google Calendar or Acuity.

Will there be a built-in video conferencing tool? 

No. You will need to share a link to your conferencing tool of choice.

Get started with Coaching on Kajabi

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