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Kajabi user experience update: product admin

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Kajabi user experience update: product admin
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Kajabi has made updates to its user experience to make product administration more intuitive and easy to use. We understand that our Heroes’ products are integral to their success, so we listened and implemented changes as a result of your feedback. Now it’s easier to create products and manage those that are already going strong.

The product update details

Here’s what you can expect from this update:

Create content faster with the new intuitive design of the Post and Outline Pages. 👇


Screenshot showing the changes in the Kajabi Product Administration outline view


Screenshot showing the changes in the Kajabi Product Administration outline post view

Rearrange your product with an intuitive “grab n’ drop” workflow. Want to move content from one category or subcategory to another? Just drag it between the two. 👇

Screenshot of the "grab and drag" functionality in the Kajabi app in a course about Bodyweight Workouts

Find what you’re looking for with streamlined navigation. Effortlessly navigate different areas within a product and see important details like the number of offers and members tied to each product. 👇

Screenshot of the Kajabi navigation bar, with buttons left to right for Edit Details, Customize, Offers, Members, and More

Search and sort all of your products faster with the new Product List page. Now you can sort by created date, alphabetically, and the number of members in the product. You can also search by the title of the product. 👇

Screenshot of the Kajabi Products sort page

You can even rearrange the order your products appear in for your members with the new Library Sorting page. 👇

Screenshot of the Kajabi Labs Library Sorting product page

Easily see what posts have been published and manage category settings like lock and drip. Now all your content has a label telling you if it is a draft, published, dripping, or locked. You can also expand and contract categories and update locked and drip content right from the same page. 

Kajabi Hero Gregory Gray of Every Day is Freedom says, “It's a cleaner approach to the management of the products. It's just easier to see everything at once.” 

How it benefits Kajabi Heroes

The benefits of this update are centered around ease of use. 

With these new enhancements to Kajabi’s product admin screens, you can create new products and add content to both new and existing products faster. Kajabi Hero Dave Stevens of Riverszen says, “I most like the +Add Content option for quickly building the product.”

Because of improved navigation, you can manage your products more easily. 

Kajabi Hero Brandi Good of BLG Business Solutions says, “I love that my most recent product appears at the top of the list and it's also great that all the key things I need are just one click away from the main product page. The layout is also more condensed which makes it very easy to navigate through modules.”

As a result of these improvements, it is now faster to get new courses available to your audience, speeding up the time to see a return on new courses. And, it’s easier to tweak existing ones, so you can spend more time sharing what you know with the world.

How to access the updated product admin experience

You can access this by turning it on in Kajabi Labs. Looking for more product resources? Check out these articles: 

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