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Kajabi Website tab gets a design update and enhances customization

Kajabi Website tab gets a design update and enhances customization
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We listened to Hero requests for some features regarding our website building tool. Now, we’re excited to unveil them.

The Website tab inside the Kajabi app has a whole new look and feel and we’ve added some new features. These updates will help you work more efficiently and give you more control over the way your website looks and performs.

Let’s look into the specifics:

What’s new with the Website tab in the Kajabi app?

Now, in the Kajabi Website tab, you can:

  • Create new website pages, landing pages, and Pipeline pages on one page
  • Duplicate website pages
  • See handy labels that indicate if a page is published or in draft mode
  • Access page details and the code editor from the Pages tab for individual pages:

The Kajabi app Website builder tool showing page publication details and options to edit details, copy URL, modify code,and delete the page

  • Create member-only pages:

The Kajabi App Website tool showing the option to make a page a draft, published, or members only

  • Get more URL customization: remove /site/ from your website URLs
  • Save themes and see a preview of them

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing saved themes under the website Design tab

  • See a preview of all of your site pages and jump straight to the editor of that page
  • Add website pages to landing pages
  • More easily add landing pages to website pages

How do the Website tool updates impact Kajabi Heroes?

We’ve focused on clarity to make the Website design tool easier to use. You can build and manage your website more efficiently with these new features, and get easier navigation and insights about the status of your site. These save you time and allow you to focus on more important tasks that have a bigger impact on your business.

It can also help improve your site’s search engine optimization performance. With the old website tool, the Sitemap does not include landing pages and is not easily configurable, so Kajabi Heroes were losing out on SEO on their sites created with landing pages. Now, these updates make it easier to create a website that aligns with SEO best practices.

We want to make the tool more flexible to enhance your productivity, and increase your performance.

Kajabi Hero Agi Tombacz says, “I think it’s a really great and useful functionality for those who have a lot of website pages! If you want to change anything on the header or footer, or your font types, you only have to change it in one place!”

Ready to go explore? Log in to the Kajabi app to check out the website tool. 

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