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Kajabi empowers better segmentation with more custom fields

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Kajabi empowers better segmentation with more custom fields
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Our Kajabi Heroes have been requesting an increased limit to custom fields. Around 20% of websites built on Kajabi have already reached their custom field limit. We make it a priority to listen to feedback from our customers and we’ve now increased the amount of active custom fields our Heroes can have.

What’s new with custom fields?

Now, Kajabi Heroes can have 50 active custom fields in their account, an increase from 25. Since Access members get double the features on whatever plan they are on, their new custom field limit will be increased to 100 active custom fields. 

In addition, when Heroes import contacts, you can map to additional custom fields. This means you can migrate without fear of losing valuable customer data.

What does this increase mean for Kajabi Heroes?

Increasing the amount of custom fields from 25 to 50 gives you the ability to get more specific data from your customers on your forms. 

Custom fields are important because they let you capture more relevant information about your contacts. This in turn gives you more information about your accounts and contacts.  

You can use this information in a variety of ways. For example, you can incorporate liquid tagging in your emails.

Liquid is an open-source templating language that extends the functionality of HTML that you can use to dynamically generate your emails to contain varying information. To personalize your emails, you can use fields that you have gathered from your forms. 

In order to best utilize this, your fields should be in a selection format rather than an open text format.

Here are a few examples of what tagging can mean for Kajabi Heroes:

  • A business coach could collect more information about their students’ businesses and industry challenges
  • An art teacher could collect more information about her audience’s existing skill levels or areas of interest
  • A fitness trainer could capture details about their audience’s health goals 
  • A photography teacher can collect information about the type of camera body, lenses, and accessories their students have 

With this detailed information, you can better segment your audience and may result in more impactful communications.Segmenting can help you improve the open rates of email campaigns by personalizing the emails.

Customer information can also give you insight into content that your audience might want. If used successfully, that can generate more course ideas and more sales.

How to access additional custom fields

By the time you’re reading this post, your account will have access to the additional fields.

Check out these relevant resources to make the most of your newfound custom forms:

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