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Payments in Kajabi has improved user experience

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Payments in Kajabi has improved user experience
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Previously, our Payments tab was an exhaustive list of all payments. Read on for the latest improvements:

What’s new with Payments on Kajabi?

We’ve increased the visibility and improved the user experience of Payments in Kajabi.

Screenshot of the Payments section in the Kajabi app showing Payment types and methods

Now, you can save time and find all things payments related with the new and improved Payments page, which is now linked in the main navigation under the Sales tab.

We’ve improved the search as well. You can search by member name and email at the same time. New filters and sorting options enable you to quickly narrow down your search. And, you can quickly click through to the member or payment when you want to take a deeper look.

How do the updates surrounding Payments benefit Kajabi Heroes?

With these enhancements, Kajabi is giving you more tools to help you gain more data and information about your business without having to export and analyze using another tool. We’re always working to make Kajabi better, easier to use, and giving you more capabilities to more effectively manage your business within the same tool. 

Are you curious how many refunds you've issued in the past threee months? Want to see how many members have purchased a certain Offer with a coupon? Maybe you want to see how many members are paying with Stripe vs PayPal. Now, you can find that information in a couple of clicks using the new Filters.

For the times that you need to export this data, we’ve made the export process more flexible. Choose from a list of default date ranges or use a custom range that fits your needs. Whether it's grabbing data for a yearly report or reviewing a launch week, we've got you covered.

When can I access the new Payments experience?

This feature is live in your account now! Check it out now.

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