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Learn about knowledge commerce with Kajabi University

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Learn about knowledge commerce with Kajabi University
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You may be sitting there wondering what Kajabi University truly has to offer. We've created a suite of courses to help you create, market, and sell your digital content online. Not only have we created these courses to help you truly get started on building your dreams into a reality, but we continuously update these courses to insure that you stay up to date on the latest additions to the Kajabi platform.

Kajabi University has three course categories:

Kajabi Bootcamp - Get courses on how to build a course, website, community, list, and Pipeline mastery.

How-To Series - Check out how to structure a course, how to migrate from another platform, how to blog, how to find your niche, and more.

Business Essentials - Learn more about accounting, website design, business legal information, webinars, and more.

Kajabi University course selection - how to get visible, how to launch with email, and how to structure a membership site

Get Started for FREE!

Our platform includes everything you need to build, sell, and grow your online empire. Not only have we given you all the tools you need to learn how to sell your content online for a profit, but now we've even cleared the first major hurdle for you with our FREE trial. With a free Kajabi trial and our Kajabi University included with your account, there is no longer an excuse to not get started selling your knowledge online TODAY!

EASILY Sell Your Knowledge Online!

Sign up for a free trial of Kajabi and enroll in Kajabi University today.

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