Heart Of A Hero: Chalene Johnson

Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog series where we take a closer look at some our Kajabi Heroes!

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Today, you’re going to hear from Chalene Johnson of Team Johnson about how she uses Kajabi to help her students at every stage of their life!

And how Kajabi has become a family business! 

Before Kajabi:

Chalene Johnson is a world-renowned motivational speaker with more than 30 years as a health expert.

Before finding Kajabi, Chalene had some success growing her business using infomercials. 

And a little bit of luck! 

When her 2nd infomercial failed, Chalene realized...

“Wow, I don’t have control of all these things. People are changing. How people are consuming information is changing. It’s not TV anymore it’s online." 

So Chalene decided to become an expert at online marketing! 

Chalene also wanted a way to help people that let her stay home with her family and create truly passive income while serving her customers.

One of the main problems Chalene ran into was technology. 

Chalene wanted a way to help her customers how to do what she does but before Kajabi it was just harder then it needed to be.

People had to build their own systems or stitch together 4-5 different software.

Chalene remembers...

“Prior to Kajabi, I didn’t have a tech team. I didn’t know how to build an infrastructure. And I was trying to learn ok, do I need to build a website with Wordpress plugins? Do I need to do this on Youtube? How would I protect it? How do people consume it? How do I make it easy for my customers and that prospect seemed really overwhelming!”  

Finding Kajabi:

The first time Chalene heard of Kajabi was in 2010 at a Brendon Burchard seminar.

She remembers writing down the name and misspelling it. 

Chalene quickly realized that Kajabi was a simple way to do everything she wanted to do in one place!

Chalene's first Kajabi product was called "The 30 Day Push Challenge."

In the 30-day push challenge, Chalene taught goal setting in a very simple way.

The goal of the product was to help her students reach their year goal in 30 days.

Chalene filmed one video a day for 30 days and let the Kajabi system take care of the rest.

With Kajabi, no matter when a student joined the 30-day push challenge the system automatically delivers the right videos in the right order!

Chalene announced the 30-day challenge in December and by January had more 75,000 people join! 

The 30-day push challenge was so successful that Chalene continued to use the product to build her list for more than 5 years.

That list also helped Chalene became a New York Times Bestselling author! 

“ I want to teach my students how to do what I’ve done, and if there wasn’t a platform like Kajabi, it would be a lot harder for them to be successful! “

One of the things Chalene loves about Kajabi is that it is so easy to use! 

The drag and drop features are so easy to learn that Chalene has taught students in their seventies to create websites and online courses with Kajabi. 

"For someone who has a fulltime job but also wants to build this thing on the side where they are able to help other people and share what they know [Kajabi] gives them the opportunity to do that on their time. Especially because it's so user-friendly. It gives people the opportunity to build something on their lunch hour without having to quit their jobs."

A Kajabi Family:

Kajabi has allowed Chalene and her husband Brett to raise their kids and be a family the way they envisioned it. 

And along the way, Kajabi became the family business! 

Not only do Chalene and Brett use it to run everything at Team Johnson, but Chalene’s son Brock has also become a 6-figure Kajabi hero himself at just 21 years old!

Brock created his first course the summer before his freshman year of college at Georgetown using his iPhone.

And quickly grew his business to well over 6-figures! 

Chalene and Brock even spoke on the same stage at Kajabi Impact Summit in 2019!

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