Heart of A Hero: Dan Baumann

Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog feature where we look at some of our amazing Kajabi heroes created their businesses!  

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In today’s Heart of a Hero, you’re going to meet Dan Baumann, a 20-year veteran of the contracting industry who has been teaching students to design homes using software since 1993. You’ll learn how Dan went from working 20-hour days to earning his $250k Kajabi Hero pin in just three short years!

Before Kajabi:

Dan Baumann started working in the remodeling industry in 1976.

And he hated it!

Dan had worked as a contractor for almost twenty years when he discovered a new software in 1993 called Chief Architect.

Dan recalls “As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be a huge hit in the industry!”

Dan learned this software inside and out.

He got so good at designing houses with Chief Architect that other contractors started asking him to teach them how to use it themselves.

Sensing an opportunity to escape being a contractor, Dan started teaching other contractors how to use the software

For a few years, Dan just sold the Chief Architect software.

Dan would go from town to town lugging his bulky computers with him, to give workshops and demonstrations on how to use Chief Architect. 

He was making money and helping a lot of people but Dan wanted a way to get off of the road.

In 2005, Dan started his first membership site on a software called Membergade.

Dan loved the passive income his membership site brought in but found Membergade difficult to use and limiting. 

Dan remembers, “It got to a point where every time I wanted to create something in that software I would have cold sweat and I would cringe because I knew that two-hour project was going to take a day!”

Finding Kajabi:

In 2016, Dan joined Kajabi and instantly fell in love with how easy it was to use. 

He slowly moved his entire business over, from his 40-hour-long Master in Chief Architect program to his entire email list.

Dan says, "I was using Aweber then I used Active Campaign and about a year and a half ago I switched totally to Kajabi. So now all my email is in Kajabi, and that's been phenomenal! Just having everything in one platform so I don't have to do all of this stuff all over the place has been really cool!" 

But the biggest positive change Dan saw in his business after switching to Kajabi was that he started having fun building webpages again!

Kajabi rekindled his love for his business by making it easy and fun!

Making video and page building easy!

Dan couldn't narrow it down to just one favorite feature about Kajabi so he picked two.

Video sharing and page building. 

Dan loves how easy Kajabi makes it to post videos online. 

Everything is drag and drop no coding or HTML required! 

Dan also loves the page builder.

He says, "I love the page builder, the theme where you can just put all the components in and build it. It's so cool the way it works. It just works. Like you want it to."

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