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Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog feature where we take a closer look at some of our amazing Kajabi heroes and their businesses! 

You can catch up on previous Heart of Hero articles, including Brendon Burchard, here! 

In today’s Heart of a Hero, we’re going to introduce you to Dave Jacobson, a financial coach from Maple Grove Minnesota.

Dave has two businesses he runs on Kajabi!

First, Dave helps financial coaches become confident and build successful businesses.

In his other business, Dave helps couples gain financial freedom.

In this article, you'll see how Kajabi has helped Dave to free up his time so he can dream and grow his business bigger than he ever thought possible! 

Before Kajabi

Dave’s primary focus is on training financial coaches, but his coaching business started by accident. 

About ten years ago, Dave was a struggling financial coach when he started a mastermind group. 

This mastermind group started to grow as other struggling financial coaches heard about how helpful it was for everyone involved. 

Dave started taking notes and recording the sessions of this mastermind group.

He then used those recording to create guides for different situations like dealing with clients or marketing services which he could share with his clients.

Dave wanted to share these guides online but before Kajabi, sharing video and pdfs online was a real problem!

Dave remembers, “We tried Dropbox, I tried emailing it out, we even tried zip drives! Hundreds of modules. It was a mess!” 

Dave had a lot of problems communicating with members before Kajabi because he constantly had to explain where different guides and modules were online.

In addition to the problems with communication, Dave was paying for and integrating a lot of different systems.

Dave says, “I was juggling about 14 different systems and trying to learn them. I had an email marketing system, I had a payment system, I had to load things on different platforms, videos or what have you. Kajabi put it all into one spot.”

Before Kajabi, Dave spent a lot of time feeling stuck dealing with the minutiae of his business.

This kept him from thinking and playing bigger! 

In short, he was working in the business, not on the business.

Finding Kajabi

When Dave found Kajabi and our coaching platform, it almost instantly cut his coaching time down by 80%! 

His first product was a library of resources.

Because Dave is a perfectionist, it took him a long time to launch, and when he launched, he was almost frustrated with how easy it was to make his first sale.

Dave says, “I had been trying to do this grand scheme of what it’s supposed to be and it had to be this big fancy thing. The first sale I got ended up being a test!” 

Once Dave had everything organized on Kajabi and was able to cut down on his coaching time, it broke the ceiling on what he thought was possible in his business! 

Because Dave had all this extra time he was able to build more and serve his clients better! 

Kajabi Saves So Much Time! 

“The biggest positive change in my business because of Kajabi is the structure and process it brought to it. It was streamlined and simpler. Having a place to put my products, my content and be able to deliver it and communicate it efficiently saved me so much time!”

Dave has two favorite features on Kajabi. First, he loves how easy it is to upload and store videos. Before Kajabi, not only did Dave have to upload the video to a platform like YouTube or Wistia, he also had to figure out how to host it where only his members could see it.

Kajabi saves him an entire step!  

Dave also loves how all the pieces of Kajabi sync up together.

“Kajabi just saves me so much time, I don’t have to worry about because it just works!”

Kajabi is the best way to turn your knowledge into income

At Kajabi, we’re working to build a world where everyone can build a life and business around their income. 

With Kajabi, you can sell your expertise online. Create online courses, establish membership sites, offer coaching programs, host a podcast, and sell other digital products. Plus, you'll get marketing tools like a website, CRM, email marketing, landing page templates, and helpful analytics to help you spread the word about your products and earn more revenue.

Fully explore what Kajabi has to offer and start building your business during a free trial. Start your free 14-day trial of Kajabi today!

Still researching? Check out Kajabi’s free downloadable ebook guides on launching and growing a knowledge commerce online business!

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