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Heart of A Hero: Dy Ann Parham

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Heart of A Hero: Dy Ann Parham
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Welcome back to Heart of a Hero!

In this recurring blog series, we introduce you to our amazing Kajabi Heroes like Brendon Burchard!

Check out our previous editions of Heart of a Hero here.

In this edition of Heart of a Hero, you’ll meet Dy Ann Parham, a coach who helps women to reverse the signs of aging through intermittent fasting.

You’ll learn how Dy Ann helps women dealing with menopause and how Dy Ann used Kajabi to build her business and become a Kajabi hero in just two years despite not knowing anything about marketing or coding!

Before Kajabi

A few years ago Dy Ann got sick.

In her quest to figure out what was wrong with her body, Dy Ann couldn’t find anyone who looked like her or was suffering from the same ailments.

Dy Ann spent over a year researching natural ways to reverse some of the hormonal changes she had going on in her body.

Through her research, Dy Ann created a system to reverse a lot of hormonal changes that she was having.

This system featured the use of a technique called “Intermittent Fasting.”

Intermittent fasting is the use of specific periods of fasting from 9-24 hours.

Using her Intermittent Fasting system, Dy Ann was able to reverse a lot of these changes in her own body.

And she wanted to help other women do the same thing. 

Finding Kajabi

Dy Ann had a system that worked for her, but because she really wanted to feel good about her system, she enlisted the help of 10 girlfriends in a unique and ingenious way.

Dy Ann says:

“I did a test on Facebook with ten girlfriends first. I asked them to pay me $20 and I said if I get you the results you’re looking for I’ll give you your $20 back if you give me a testimonial. So they got great results, they didn’t want their $20 back and they wanted to enroll in my official Kajabi course when I launched it!”

Within three weeks of starting Kajabi, Dy Ann had her “Intermittent Fasting for Today’s Aging Woman” course ready to sell!

After she had created her course, Dy Ann began going live on Facebook every day and talking about her struggles and what she did to end them.

Through her Facebook lives, Dy Ann grew a following. 

Dy Ann remembers, “I built my course around what my audience was asking for and then over time just revised it to what it is today!”

Before Kajabi, Dy Ann had struggled with finding a repeatable marketing pipeline.

Kajabi gave Dy Ann a beautiful marketing pipeline that fit her business and helped her sell her course.

Dy Ann says, “Being able to put that all together in a nice package and market to my niche helped me end that struggle and have a product that I could sell and finally feel the financial satisfaction from that as well.”

Dy Ann still remembers getting her first sale.

“Getting that first sale is kind of unbelievable. After my ten friends, it was a complete stranger and I thought, 'oh my gosh, if one person can find value in this - if I just keep going - it will be amazing and I can help other women really feel good about the changes that are going on in their life and in their body.' And now I have an international base of women we are able to help and it’s never scary anymore. Every time I launch a course I know we have a product I can stand behind and be proud of.”

Kajabi is SUPER easy to use!

Dy Ann’s loves how easy Kajabi is to use. 

“The biggest A-ha moment I had is that it actually works as advertised!” Dy Ann says. 

Dy Ann wasn’t an expert in marketing or coding but she was able to easily create everything she needed to run her business without any special training.

Because Dy Ann wasn’t spending all of her time trying to grow her business, she was also able to spend more time paying attention and caring for her customers!

Kajabi lets Dy Ann put her features on her people, not her product.

Dy Ann also loves Kajabi’s automations.

Recently Dy Ann started using assessments in her courses to get feedback from her students and improve her marketing.

Using Kajabi's built-in automations has made it easy and pain-free!

Dy Ann even moved her Facebook community to Kajabi by creating her own online community on her site that she owns!

Dy Ann says, “I would recommend Kajabi to my friends and family if they had an expertise or something they wanted to share with others and wanted to do it in a way that was streamlined for success. Where they could just take their expertise and upload it to their Kajabi site and all they have to do is worry about their customers!”

How Can Kajabi Help Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you run, Kajabi can help you take things to the next level!

And help you spend more time with your customers and less time working on your business! 

At Kajabi we have helped thousands of digital entrepreneurs just like you turn their knowledge into a thriving business!

Need help?

We recently put together a FREE proven, step by step program to take you from day 1 to actually making sales!

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In the 28-day challenge, you’ll learn everything you need to know to earn your first $1,000 and become a Kajabi hero in just 28 days!

For 28 days, you’ll get video lessons, detailed downloads and more that help you do everything from brainstorming your ideas to creating landing pages and making sales!

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