Heart of A Hero: Emily Hawkins

Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog series where we take a closer look at some of our Kajabi Heroes and their awesome Kajabi businesses!

Today you’re going to hear from Emily Hawkins, a Career and Life coach from Atlanta who helps people find their voice and become leaders. You’ll hear how Emily went from having to do everything in her business manually (even taking orders over Paypal) to being able to go on vacation to Disney World during her latest launch!

Before Kajabi: 

Emily helps people learn how to use their voice through her Leadershift Playbook and Market Me products. 

Emily helps her students learn how to speak in the three ways of the interview process; the paper version (resume), the online version (LinkedIn Profile), and how to interview in person. 

Before finding Kajabi, Emily was stuck. 

She says, “I was wasting so much time and I will tell you why. Because I was trying to string too many things together and there was no platform I could find that did everything Kajabi does.”

The biggest obstacle was that she needed to string 7 different platforms (with 7 different payments) together.

Because of that, Emily’s first launch was a major production as she had to manually take orders, get PayPal information and send emails out while pretending it was all automated. 

Emily felt a bit like the Wizard of Oz, controlling things behind the scene.  

She remembers, “It was so bad, I think I blocked it out.”

Emily knew there had to be a better solution.

Then she found Kajabi. 

Finding Kajabi: 

Emily found Kajabi through watching courses like Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy which are hosted on Kajabi. 

As she did some research she realized that Kajabi was the perfect solution for her but she expected it to be way out of her budget and was pleasantly surprised with the pricing.  

In fact, Emily thinks we should charge more! 

The first thing that Emily did after joining Kajabi was take the 28-day challenge.  

But she quickly realized she already had a product! 

Emily says, “I had a product but it was sitting in a lot of weird folders and things on my laptop. So the first thing I did was upload my course that I had created in another place and that alone was ridiculously easy. You really can’t mess it up!”

Kajabi also allowed Emily to improve her course and make it even more robust with assessments.  


Besides the assessments feature, one of Emily’s favorite Kajabi features is the Freemiums. 

Emily has a whole section of free tools like reports, and case studies on her website and Kajabi makes it super easy for her to give away these Freemiums with an email marketing sequence attached that leads to an offer.  

Emily also loves how easy it is to edit and improve content with Kajabi she says, 

“I don’t have to create a new course or anything like that. I can stick with what I have and just edit various pieces of it. The PDF people download I just have to reupload it, it’s very simple. If I want to change an assessment around I can do it like that. It’s amazing. I can do it from anywhere at any time.” 

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