Heart of A Hero: Kayse Morris

Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog series where we interview our amazing Kajabi Heroes about how they built their incredible, heart-centered businesses! 

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In today’s Heart of a Hero, you’re going to meet Kayse Morris, a former teacher who now teaches teachers how to sell their teaching resources online. You’ll learn how Kayse went from being a teacher to earning $300,000 in just three months! 

Before Kajabi

Kayse Morris was a teacher who started selling her teaching resources online back in 2013. 

After a few years of decent success, other teachers started to ask her about how they could do what she does and sell their teaching resources online fulltime. 

In 2017, Kayse decided to leave the classroom for good to teach other teachers how to sell their teaching resources online. 

Before finding Kajabi, Kayse’s business was doing ok.

She was bringing in monthly revenue but she didn’t really feel passionate about what she was doing because she wasn’t able to teach others. 

Kayse remembers, “My biggest obstacle was how can I help more people? That’s always the number one goal in my business — how can I reach more people? How can I talk to more people? And even though Youtube and Instagram and Facebook are great, there was no way for me to put all my thoughts and ideas together and sell it as a course until I found Kajabi.”

Finding Kajabi

Kayse’s business changed dramatically when she found Kajabi.

Kayse knew that she needed to build a product, and she quickly realized that it was super easy to customize everything in Kajabi and make it fit her existing brand.  

Within a month, Kayse was ready to launch her first Kajabi product: "Transform Your Resources." 

Transform Your Resources is a 7-module course that teaches teachers how to create and market their own online courses. 

In her course, Kayse starts with creation, then moves on to marketing and things like SEO strategies, blogging, and social media to help teachers get their resources into teacher’s hands around the world!  

Kayse wasn’t expecting much from her first Kajabi launch. 

She says, “I knew people wanted it but I had no idea how important it was gonna be to the lives of teachers. Within that first hour, or let’s say the first three hours, I had made $30,000. As a former teacher making $38,000 a year I was laughing and crying. When I say my life changed forever, it did.”  

Kayse’s first launch made $124,000.

All while she was 8 months pregnant!

There was so much demand for her course that Kayse was able to relaunch her course with affiliates a few months later and made another $180,000! 

Besides the money, Kajabi helped Kayse scale her business and help more people! 

Kayse's true passion is helping teachers grow and learn.

With Kajabi, Kayse was no longer limited to just the people she can touch. 

She has a lot of ideas for the future, from launching a membership site to building her own community, all within Kajabi!

Announcing an Awesome Kajabi Feature 

Kayse’s favorite feature in Kajabi is announcements.

Kayse says, “If we have something going on, like if there’s an epic bonus for the week, I can use the announcement tab at the top of the page so my students are accustomed to knowing that if the announcement tab changes something cool is coming.”

Kayse also loves how easy it was to build everything she had in her mind in Kajabi from intros to exit surveys. 

When Kayse was using other systems, things like creating pages and downloading plugins were difficult, even though she is pretty good with technology. 

With Kajabi, Kayse was able to build everything the way she wanted it, from branding to videos.

Before Kajabi, Kayse’s students complained often about how difficult it was to find lessons or resources. 

Since moving to Kajabi those complaints have stopped. 

Kajabi has helped Kayse renew her passion for her business!

Kayse says, “We finally have a place you can go where the sky is the limit. Whatever you want in life, whatever you want to be whoever you want to become, you can do that now. The future of being an entrepreneur is different now. There is consistency, and there is stability because you have something like Kajabi to go to. And you can put all of your resources there and make a monthly revenue. You can make these huge launches happen. And now that Kajabi integrates email and there are so many other features, it’s just an all-in-one place you can go and basically make anything you want to be in life come true.” 

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