How To Become Confident On Camera in Just 5 Days!

You want to create an online course, but there’s just one problem:

You don’t feel comfortable on camera.

You know that you have powerful knowledge that others want to learn, and you’ve got a fire in your belly to share it.

But every time you get in front of the camera (or even think about it), you freeze.

If you’re an aspiring Kajabi Hero but you’re still scared to start filming, know that you are not alone in your resistance.

Being on camera, even if you’re an experienced coach or speaker, triggers all sorts of intense reactions from mild stage fright to full-on panic attacks!

You may have even experienced this the last time you turned on the camera to try to record something.

Your heart starts to beat faster.

You get butterflies in your stomach.

You have trouble remembering what you want to say.

According to some studies, many people feel like public speaking is even scarier than dying!

But that’s not an excuse to just avoid making videos entirely.

Like anything else in life, you can train yourself to become more confident and charismatic on camera, and it’s worth doing because the world of online learning is booming.

In fact, the e-learning market is expected to hit over $275 billion by the end of 2020!

Videos are the currency of online education because viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it via video, compared to just 10% when reading.

If you want to build a business teaching online, there’s no way around it — you’re going to have to get in front of the camera.

The importance of having great videos isn’t just limited to your courses either.

To attract your dream customers, you’ll want to connect with them using social media, and videos are the best way to do that as well.

Videos are the most popular type of social media content and are more likely to be viewed than text or image posts.

Videos also get shared more on social media with video posts generating 12 times more shares than text and video posts COMBINED!

The reality is clear:

If you want to capture and keep your customers’ attention, you’re going to have to start putting yourself in front of a camera.

And to make that easier for you, we’re super excited to offer you this AMAZING new mini-course; 5 Days To Confidence on Camera!

Our friend Elissa Weinzimmer is a Kajabi Hero and the founder of Voice Body Connection.

As a voice and presence coach, Elissa has worked with thousands of performers, speakers, CEOs, and online entrepreneurs teaching them to powerfully share their message and light up the stage or camera with authentic presence!

We know you can benefit from this type of training, so a few weeks ago we invited Elissa down to Kajabi HQ to film her new mini-course:

5 Days To Confidence on Camera.

In this 5-day training program, you’ll learn Elissa’s never before shared five steps to building your confidence on camera, so you can film and market the online course of your dreams!

You won’t believe how easy it is to become confident (and competent) on video in just 5 short days!

On Day 1, you’ll learn how to use your eye focus to regulate your nervous system and become fully present while filming. One of the main reasons you get nervous when filming is because you’re thinking of times in the past when you made videos you weren’t happy with or you’re worried about what people might think of this video in the future. By using eye focus you’ll be able to snap out of it, get present and feel incredibly confident, fast!

On Day 2, Elissa will teach you how to engage your body language so that you don’t feel weird or uncomfortable while filming. Good body language is relaxed body language and in this lesson, Elissa is going to teach you how to feel completely at home and relaxed when the camera is rolling. Even if you’re currently too nervous to even turn on the camera!

On Day 3, you’ll learn Elissa’s simple and amazing trick for controlling your breathing that creates automatic authenticity. This one trick alone will let you effortlessly unleash and express your authentic self.   

On Day 4, you’ll learn why the inflections of your voice impact your viewers’ understanding and learn how to help them break out of unhelpful patterns. You’ve probably never thought about how your vocal inflections impact your teaching on camera, and in this lesson, you’ll learn how important this usually looked over element is to your on-camera presence.

And on Day 5, Elissa will teach you how to connect to your audience while you’re filming, even though they aren’t there. If you’ve ever made videos before that failed to engage your audience, you won’t want to miss this lesson which will teach you how to create an authentic connection with your audience every time!

Imagine making videos that you feel great about.

Videos that you watch back and say: “Wow, that captures exactly who I want to be!”

Imagine connecting to your dream customers because they have come to know, like, and trust you from watching these awesome videos that you’ve made.

Imagine building your own successful online video course business!

You have the ability to harness the power of video.

All you need is the right training!

If you’re struggling to find the confidence to put yourself on camera and start creating the business of your dreams, don’t delay — start 5 Days to Confidence on Camera for today!

Click here to enroll in the Five Days to Confidence on Camera mini-course!

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