New feature update: Increase conversion with secure payment plans offering multiple payments

We’ve told you to expect great Kajabi features all month long. Now we’re excited to spotlight an update to our Multiple Payments feature, adding more security to the payment plans you offer your customers. We’re providing an enhanced level of security for Multiple Payments. This gives you more payment flexibility that can help you attract more paying customers and, ultimately, increase revenue for your business.

Using Multiple payments to offer payment plans

You can use Multiple Payments to: 

  • Reduce the upfront cost of your digital products, making it more affordable for your audience by spreading the payment over a period of time.
  • Tailor your pricing model to match the needs of your business.
  • Give your customers more convenience and flexibility when it comes to purchasing.

Offering multiple payment options can help you reach more customers and generate more revenue for your business. Multiple payments divide the cost of your offer into multiple payments. It provides flexibility for you and your customers.

For example, this could put your higher-cost offering within reach to a wider audience. If you run courses on a regular basis over a few months, you could use  this new feature to have the payments match the duration of the courses. You could even use this to experiment with different (and higher) pricing.

Multiple payments is one of several pricing options Kajabi offers, in addition to free, one-time payment, and a recurring subscription. We’re excited to see what you Kajabi Heroes will do with this additional pricing option.

A closer look at Multiple Payments

Here’s how the enhancements to multiple payments with Stripe will look for your members:

  1. Active multiple payment offers will be separated from Subscriptions in the Billing Info Page.
  2. Multiple payment offers will not have a ‘cancel' option and are not related to the ‘Subscription Cancellation’ setting.

We’re rolling this out to a small percentage of users over the next few weeks. We’ll have a wider rollout to nearly everybody over the course of the next few months. We look forward to rolling this enhancement out and hearing from you about how it helped you reach your goals.

Just the latest improvement

This is just one great new feature that’s a part of our Cambria development cycle. We look forward to rolling out more impactful features and updates.

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