6 Simple Ways To Help Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

Turning visitors into leads...that’s where it all starts.

Your landing page is the most important part of your entire online funnel.

It’s also why Kajabi has focused so much of our effort on our page builder. It’s a simple tool which allows you to create beautiful landing pages in only a matter of minutes.

Because before you ever sell your online course, you most likely will want to create a list of people who are interested in your type of offering.  

Whether you use paid media, or some kind of organic strategy, sending visitors to a landing page to capture their emails is where your online business begins.

A landing page typically has one goal: turn visitors into leads or customers.

Thus everything on that page should be directed in helping to increase the number of conversions. And believe it or not, just about everything on your landing page does indeed impact whether that conversion does or doesn’t happen!

Why Optimizing Your Landing Page Is Important

Imagine you’re spending $1,000 per month to send 1,000 visitors to a landing page of yours. And your current conversion rate on that page is 10%.

That means for every 1,000 visitors you predictably get 100 new leads. Not bad, right?

But what if by just changing the headline, the page went from a 10% conversion rate to a 15% conversion rate? That’s 50 more leads every single month for no additional ongoing work or effort!

Testing your landing pages is what marketing is all about and it’s about as close to “set it and forget it” as it gets.

While there are countless ways to tweak your landing page, today we’ll cover the biggest six we find which have the potential for the greatest and quickest impact to increasing conversions.

6 Conversion Boosting Tactics

1: Make It Match

This is particularly important if you’re driving paid traffic to your landing page. You want the design of your page to look and feel similar to the ad which your visitor just clicked from.

This creates congruity and consistency.

If prospects are just learning about you for the first time, their trust is fickle. If they connect with your paid advertisement, but then your landing page looks completely different...there’s less of a chance that they’ll keep their momentum going and opt-in.

So as much as possible, or as much as makes sense, match the design, color, and even headline of the ad you’re running from.

If you’re currently not running paid traffic this isn’t as important.

2: Clear And Direct Headline

Whether it’s a sales page or a simple opt-in page for a free report, your headline is by far the most important part of that page. Seconds is all you have to capture the visitor's attention and get them to keep reading and take the next action.

In fact, back in 2001 Consumer Reports conducted a study which revealed that the average American was consciously exposed to roughly 247 marketing messages each day, yet only really noticed around half of them.

While that study is quite old, it’s probably safe to say it’s only gotten worse.

Your prospects are bombarded by messages. You must treat their attention like a scarce resource. Because that’s exactly what it is.

So here are just a few ways to create a simple yet clearly communicated headline:

  • Use numbers or percentages
  • Keep it under 20 words if possible
  • Use a subhead to further elaborate
  • Focus on clarity above all else

While there are always exceptions to the rule, when creating your headline for your landing page, these guidelines will help you create one that best turns visitors into new leads.

3: Reason Why Call To Action 

What’s the purpose of your landing page? Most likely you’re using it to collect email subscribers and build your list. This is a great way to ultimately sell your online courses, membership sites, or any other kind of digital product you might want to offer.

But just because your visitors are on your page doesn’t mean they’ll automatically convert. 

Just like any other kind of persuasion situation, they need a strong reason why.

Many marketers call this a “bribe”. Something you’re giving to them in exchange for their email address. And remember, your visitors aren’t dumb. They know the drill. They know you’re going to email them.

Which is why your call to action must be as strong as possible and include a no-brainer reason why they should give you their email right now.

For example, let’s say you teach people how to play the guitar.

Here are some call to actions you could include for some kind of free digital download… 

  • Yes! I Want My Free 3 Chord Cheat Sheet To Play My First Song In Under 45 Minutes!
  • Play Your First Song Using This Free 3 Chord Cheat Sheet!
  • Shortcut Your Guitar Learning Time With This Free 3 Chord Cheat Sheet!

Could these be improved on? They always can.

But the goal isn’t perfect as much as it progress and creating a call to action which your market would struggle to say no to.

4: Reduce The Page Actions

This one is fairly simple but commonly overlooked.

The fewer actions there are to take on the page, the less opportunity there is for your visitors to get distracted and not opt-in.

Some online business owners have found their landing page conversions increase by simply requiring only the email and not the first name. Others have completely removed navigational elements making everything fit within a single frame with no need to scroll.

Much of the time when you’re optimizing your page to collect emails, less is more.

Maybe all you need is a headline, subhead, and a call to action?

More often than not, keeping it simple is the best strategy to follow. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and think through what big things would they need to know in order to take the action you’re asking of them? 

Then do your best to just include those without any excess.

5: Include Proof Elements

Using landing pages to convert visitors into leads is really all about two things:

  1. Are you offering the visitor something they want bad enough to exchange for their email?
  2. If you are, do they trust you?

 We covered your reason why call to action and bribe up above.

 But another critical element to consider is trust. In our digital world, your prospects are constantly approached by people shouting hype and empty promises. We’ve all become more skeptical than ever. And rightfully so.

The easiest way to quickly cut through their skepticism is to include relevant proof elements on your page which help them believe that you can truly help them.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Testimonials
  • Publications you’ve appeared in
  • A specific number of customers you’ve helped
  • Number of years you’ve been in your industry
  • Social proof in the form of facebook likes, instagram followers, etc
  • Awards won
  • Credible photos of yourself, your product, customers, etc

However many you choose to use, simply remember that the goal is to help your visitors believe that you’re someone they can trust because others have as well.

6: Test, Test, Test!

If you want to continuously increase your conversions and optimize your landing pages, the answer is simple...test more often.

Effective marketing is really driven by consistently testing what works and what doesn’t. Test to find your winner. Then create split tests to try and beat it. 

While many of us understand this concept, far fewer actually put it into practice. Yet testing is one of the fastest ways you can increase not only your conversions, but your sales, and the profits you put in your pocket.

When testing, it can become easy to get lost in the weeds. Testing little tweaks here and there. And while that’s never a bad idea, one of the fastest ways to get feedback is to:

“Test screams not whispers!”

All that simply means is instead of testing subheads (whispers), you’d instead test completely different looking pages, headlines, call to actions, etc.

Then once you have a winning page, you can start to dial it in and test more of the nitty gritty specifics. It’s completely up to you.

It’s never been easier and more cost effective to test than today. The feedback loop available to you allows you to optimize your business at the push of a button and without much risk.

So our advice is to take full advantage of it and test as often as it makes sense for you!

Snapshot of Six Landing Page Conversion Tactics

From our own testing, these are some of the biggest “screams” we’ve found that when tested, impact conversions the most.

So as you review your existing landing page, use this as a checklist:

  1. Make It Match
  2. Clear And Direct Headline
  3. Reason Why Call To Action
  4. Reduce The Page Actions
  5. Include Proof Elements
  6. Test, Test, Test!

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