Introducing Our Brand New In-App Guides

We know that sharing your passion online can sometimes be an overwhelming journey, and even figuring out exactly what the first steps are can be downright difficult.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our new in-app Guides to walk you through how to take your knowledge and passion and turn it into a digital product inside Kajabi!

These are going to help remove any confusion you have about what you need to be actually doing, regardless of what stage you're at, and to move you along the path of becoming a #KajabiHero.

So if you're stuck on your Kajabi site because...

  • You don’t know what it is you have to offer or who your market is
  • You don't know what kind of digital product you SHOULD be building
  • You don’t know how to market and sell your products
  • You just don’t know where to start

… then these guides are for you!

Our guides cover everything you need to know about sharing your passion online:

  • How and where to get started with your first steps (and the order you need to take them)
  • Narrow down and define which market you want to serve
  • Decide what information you’re going to give that provides value to your audience
  • Learn how to take your idea and turn it into an actual digital product
  • What digital products you can sell today and how to build them (including online courses and coaching programs)
  • How to start getting real traffic to your sales page and start getting course sales
  • And so much more!

Access Our In-App Guides Today

The best part is that these guides are FREE to access as long as you have a Kajabi account!

Just head inside your Kajabi dashboard today and start reading all of them now!

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