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Introducing Product Blueprints: A New Way To Build Online Courses

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Introducing Product Blueprints: A New Way To Build Online Courses
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There’s an ongoing joke here in our headquarters that our development team secretly lives in the office and works around the clock coming up with new features for Kajabi - while the rest of the world sleeps.

The truth is that we simply have a team of amazing people who are passionate about helping people share their knowledge with the world - and that means making the best possible platform out there.

Sometimes that means adding new additions to Kajabi...

And other times that means revisiting existing features and seeing how they could be improved. 

We're happy to announce that today we've completely overhauled how you create courses inside Kajabi by introducing...

Product Blueprints!

One of the biggest things we wanted to revisit was the product creation process, particularly, how can we better assist our users in creating the products they want to and guide them towards the best and easiest path possible?

We understand that when you are creating your first course, it can be challenging to know what you have to do because they come in all different shapes and sizes.

So our team went back to the drawing board to help you answer these questions...

And we came up with three, researched based, product blueprints you can automatically set up and customize with a simple click of your mouse.  

(And don't worry, we still have a Blank Blueprint template for those of you who want to start from complete scratch.)

First off, you can choose from 1 of 3 proven Product Blueprints:

 Here is a more in-depth look at your options:

1. The Mini Course Blueprint


For anyone looking to quickly and easily set up a small course, the Mini Course blueprint is for you As its name suggests the Mini Course blueprint is mini. But more often than not, this is a perfect product to start with. Mini-courses by design are a fast and pretty easy product to create. And now they are even easier because you can literally follow this proven blue print step-by-step.

2.  The Evergreen Course Blueprint

The evergreen course is a little different than a traditional course because it provides a certain experience for your consumer. In an evergreen course, videos are dripped out every week (as you can see above) which creates a certain anticipation and desire for the course content. With this Blueprint, you can now set up a true evergreen experience for your customers using just a few simple clicks.

3. The Online Course Blueprint

Now for those of your looking to create your magnum opus product...you now have a very specific formula to follow. With this new Online Course Blueprint you can structure your content based on a proven outline, and literally just drop in your videos.

You can now see how this can dramatically improve your experience when it comes to building out your next product. 

Got an idea in your head for a course?

Product Blueprints is going to be make it push-button simple for you to make your idea come to life - no more having to scramble from category to post and back to make it all happen.

Head inside the app now and check out our new amazing product blueprints so you can see for yourself just how awesome they are. 

And if you aren't a member of Kajabi yet...now is as good a time as any to sign up for your free trial and start building out your online courses!

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