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This week’s Kajabi Hero is a psychologist who is passionate about improving the workplace. In his own words, he trains individuals and groups of people to become more psychologically flexible and safe, which in turn enables them to be more creative and more productive.

His product is called the ProSocial Matrix, as part of the ACT Matrix membership site, and with it Dr. Polk aims to provide the antidote for toxic work environments. One of his webinar offerings is called ‘How to Intervene in a Toxic Workplace,’ in where he equips leaders and managers to go into their workplaces and change bad habits. As 60% of workplaces are considered toxic, his product offerings really come at the perfect time.

Dr. Polk is a clinical psychologist by trade and he has worked with veterans who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He thought that the methods in which they were teaching other psychologists and counselors to treat people with PTSD were overly complicated and hard to understand, so he took it upon himself to simplify the process and make it more digestible for others to process.

You can check out his website and what he offers at He has an awesome video on his homepage that he shot using Camtasia while also using PowerPoint and Scribbles to make it really stand out. He actually reached out to Khan Academy where he first saw the idea for this particular type of video.

The video is simple, but it drew me in right away.

Psychological Flexibility

Along with teaching others his psychological techniques, he also uses a webinar to teach others how to set up their own business, website, and use marketing tools so that they can be successful in presenting these techniques to other businesses and individuals. Dr. Polk emphasizes here that all you need to drive you is passion and not necessarily a college degree. He jokingly admits that some of his fellow psychologists aren’t too happy with the fact that he’s made the concepts so simple.

Dr. Polk says that if you’ve ever felt stuck in your life and been unable to overcome toxic relationships or workplaces on your own, then this program is for you. He says that anyone can get started with his program in a matter of minutes. After only three sessions people will start to see lasting results in their lives.

I asked Dr. Polk what are some of the things that he’s teaching to help people overcome the conflict in their lives. He starts with something that we all have in common: Whose important to you? Everyone has someone they value and hold dear. That is common ground. Then he brings up the types of emotions that we all have inside of us, for example, fear, anger, and the other things that can get in the way of those who are important to us. This is also a step towards common ground with other people who may be very different from us. Just using these simple steps, you will see a toxic environment start to turn healthy, because everyone is talking about topics that they have in common.

In the group they then ask what is the group’s shared purpose. What are we here for? Does anything rise up and get in the way of the shared purpose? Of course. So then those issues are discussed and can then be resolved or seen in a different perspective. This is all increasing psychological flexibility.

As one of leaders at Kajabi, this obviously speaks loudly to me. I often think about our work environment and how to make it better. We want people to be happy, to want to come in to the office, and to produce great work. I feel like Kenny and I are constantly experimenting and learning as we go.

The main question is this: How can you communicate something with someone when you have so many emotions and conflict with that person?

The ACT Matrix and Beyond

To make these concepts more palatable for the general population, they were using what was called ‘The Grid’ at the time, which is the visual model of what negative attitudes and practices to move away from, as well as those positive ones which need to be pursued. A friend of Dr. Polk’s encouraged him to stop calling in ‘The Grid’ and to change it to ‘The Matrix,’ since that word has Keanu Reeves-sexy attached to it.

The concepts are simple and easy to grasp. This makes it ideal to go and teach it to other people. It doesn’t stop here though. Dr. Polk takes it to another level by teaching people how to turn it into their own business and to communicate it to others. He offers to teach how to host webinars, build a website, generate leads, and how to market.

Dr. Polk offers free webinars to generate interest in his courses. He promotes these webinars via Facebook and his email list which is now about 5,000 people. He also points out that creating interesting titles for the webinars will catch many more people’s attention. For example, he had a big hit with a recent one that he did called ‘Yoga and the ACT Matrix.’ Since Dr. Polk has done over 550 webinars, I think it’s safe to say he is an expert at teaching others how to do them as well.

Once people sign up for a webinar, he collects their email address and during the webinar he sends them to his homepage, which is actually the top of a Pipeline. He utilizes Pipelines a great deal and it has helped him greatly in his marketing.

Something interesting that Dr. Polk offers is the option to sign on with him as he walks the client through how to set up every part of their business. He offers this information in the 4-video course, but for an additional fee, he will ‘hold your hand’ as he guides you through the process step-by-step. His personal goals are lofty and courageous: in his lifetime he would like everyone in the world to have seen The ACT Matrix at least once. He’s out to change the world and that drive will take him very far.

Big Ticket vs. Little Ticket

Switching topics a little bit, we talked about price points and the difference between offering big ticket items and little ticket items. Gaining one big ticket client is much better than gaining ten little ticket clients, typically because they are so much more invested in the product that you’re offering and they are usually much easier to interact with. It’s a common misconception to think that you need hundreds of clients buying your little ticket items. It is far more profitable and enjoyable to sell to a handful of big ticket buyers. Make sure that with both scenarios you are giving the customer high quality content that has value. This is what will keep them coming back to you.

I ask Dr. Polk to walk us through exactly what he offers on Kajabi. He really has narrowed it down to just the one big seller which is the webinar course that teaches the The ACT Matrix. A customer pays for The ACT Matrix which includes over 200 hours of video and gets total access to everything he provides. Ten years ago he looked around and found the first version of our site, uploaded all his videos on there, and only charged a nominal fee for people to access them. Now of course he is on New Kajabi and he sells the webinar course plus all the other resources.

Dr. Polk reminded us of some great advice when starting your own business or working hard to expand the one you have now. Don’t forget the bottom part of The Matrix which is ‘Who is important to you?’ Make sure that in your long list of things to do that you aren’t disregarding family and friends. The Internet is always vying for our attention and we need to make a conscious choice how to spend our time. One way he does this on his website is to record the webinars and use those as his primary source of content so that he isn’t required to be ‘on’ or live with every client that signs up.

I asked Dr. Polk to share with us what he would tell someone who is getting ready to host their first webinar. His first piece of advice is to start with the end in mind and the way that you do that is by putting together a few slides. These will act as your bullet points while you’re presenting so you don’t get lost. The next step is to practice the presentation from start to finish. 

He cautions against having a ‘speech’ prepared, and said that it doesn’t come across well when it seems over rehearsed. Tell a story or two and keep it simple, as webinars are very personal events. He goes so far as to say to not worry about making mistakes. They make you seem human and more relatable. Once people watch his webinar, they are given the opportunity to learn more about teaching it to others and that click leads them to the one Pipeline that he has going.

Keep It Simple

Dr. Polk has a really simple and specific product. The Matrix applies to anyone who wants to communicate with anyone else! Simple enough, right? He can essentially take any topic of interest, for example the Yoga that we mentioned before, and weave the Act Matrix into it to form a very specific niche.

This is a really smart and powerful tactic. You take whatever it is that people are interested in and you run it through your filter of expertise. Are you a life coach? A science teacher? A sports coach or music teacher? You can pair popular topics in with what you’re offering and reach a very specific group of people.

Unlike in the movie The Matrix, when you uncover the Act Matrix, it is benevolent and provides you a wonderful freedom that you will never be able to forget. It also has the potential to change your work environment.

Part of the reason that Kenny and I started Kajabi was to create a place of business that was different than the ones we had been in before. We want the men and women who work here to know they have value and are valued, and that as a person they are genuinely cared for. Ensuring that the work environment is a pleasant place to be almost guarantees that the work output is of high quality and that the people are productive.

I asked Dr. Polk to share with me specifically why he connected with Kajabi. He answered that he connected with Kenny and I at a personal level. He also liked that we very simply articulated our dream for this platform, which is to create a software that will make it easy for people to teach their passions. We hope that resonates with each person who comes across our platform. We want to support you in changing the world as you teach and share the things that move you.

So what’s next for Dr. Polk? He says that it’s Yoga and The Matrix. When he announced he was offering that particular webinar, five of his students said they were doing the same. So now he is putting together a retreat on the topic and he has a documentarian who will follow him around and film everything.

Keep up with Dr. Polk at the ACT Matrix Academy.

We absolutely love that we can be apart of Dr. Polk’s story and we love hearing about all the people he is reaching with his Act Matrix and all the lives that are being changed by being exposed to his knowledge.

We would love if you’d give us a chance to be apart of your story. Try us today for free and see how you can start to change your own life as well as the lives of other people in the world.

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