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Take A Leap Of Faith With This Week’s #kajabihero

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Take A Leap Of Faith With This Week’s #kajabihero
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Psychic. When most people hear that word they probably think of someone who tries to tell you some vague information about your future.

This week’s Kajabi Hero Kate Patchett sheds a whole new light on to that term and enlightens us to a world that encompasses much more than that.

Her passion is to help people develop their gut intuition, read their own inner energy, and to teach them how their relationships and what is going on inside of them is all connected.

She is highly focused on assisting and coaching others in their businesses, helping them create their content and programs, and coming alongside of them to provide a framework in which to use their gifts.

How It Started

About 10 years ago, Kate was introduced to some self-healing techniques such as yoga and meditation. She quickly realized she wanted to be able to help others in a more fulfilling way, so she went to school to become a massage therapist. During this time she discovered that she had the ability to support others on their spiritual journeys, and her goal became to help people integrate their mind, soul, and physical body. She uses chakras and different meditation techniques.

When she first started telling people around her about her idea to share what she knew with others online, they didn’t really seem to understand fully what she was trying to do. The support and belief that she could actually make a difference in someone’s life wasn’t there until the results started to show up.

Kate did struggle with self doubt, but she appreciates the fact that she had to overcome it, because it has helped her understand how to better help her clients. There’s no better teacher than experience.

In the early years, Kate started blogging when she noticed that was what most people were doing to promote their skills. She then dabbled in a few different mediums with the intent of creating an online class to reach a wide audience. She had heard of Kajabi when it first released, but wasn’t ready at the time for a membership site. A few years later, however, New Kajabi was released and she knew that it was the platform she needed to take her online content to the next level. She signed on and has never looked back.

She recalls the day that she made her first online sale and experienced the wonderful feeling of confirmation that she could actually do this. Her client list quickly grew from there, and as Kate learned to navigate prices, strategies, and content, she became more and more confident in her abilities to help others. She discovered that there was a huge need for the services she was providing, but more than that, people seemed to be very satisfied with how she presented it.

A Common Dilemma

A very common situation that Kate found herself in at the beginning of her journey was undercharging for her services. We see this time and time again, where someone just starting out has a self-worth battle going on, and questions whether or not other people will accept them as teacher or expert, so they price their services or product at a very low price point. As time goes on and as the clients start to come flooding in the doors, the realization comes that you can, and probably should, be charging more for what you are offering.

The more you charge for a product, the more pressure there is to deliver something that people are going to be very satisfied with. When you are offering something new it’s hard to determine whether or not people will want what you’re selling. After a time of some success, confidence is boosted to a healthy level and you can balance out pricing and product offerings.

Kate explains that when she decided to raise her price points, she actually started attracting more of her ‘dream clients,’ meaning the people who bought her services were more committed to the programs and more invested in continuing on in them. She realized that by pricing higher, she established herself as an authority in her field, and it gave her a new energy to continue making high quality content available to those people who were truly searching for it.

An important point that Kate noted is to make sure you know your value. If you price your products and services at what they are worth, you are going to attract that right kind of clients for your business. She encourages others to step into their roles with confidence and say, “This is what I am worth.”

Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls entrepreneurs can land in is not wanting to start until they have everything ‘perfect.’ Kate did the right thing in just starting, and even though she ended up changing some things later, she took that important step in beginning the journey. She has learned so many valuable lessons from the process, and that is all part of making the business better and improving on what you have.

How It Works

We were curious to know how Kate connects with her clients individually, since teaching someone about these skills seems to be highly personal and different for each person. She has a few different techniques in play in order to ensure that she can meet all of her clients’ needs. She has a group program available, and each week the customers receive different types of content. A few examples are audio meditations, video slideshows in which she is teaching a specific skill, and PDFs with instructions on how to journal. She does her best to meet all types of learning styles, and perhaps the best example of this are her live calls with each individual client.

Most of her content comes from the work she does meeting with clients one on one. That experience has given her the structure that has allowed her to create the online courses for groups and includes all different types of content. Kate creates new content every week and has enjoyed the process of learning what works and what doesn’t.

She uses Kajabi’s membership site everyday and within one week of signing on with us, she was selling her program online.

In regards to content, one of the pieces of advice that Kate mentioned was to offer something right away, even if it seems small to you. In her case, she wished she had offered a 4-week course or a 7-day mini course for people who were looking for answers, but didn’t have time to go through an entire program with her. She sees now that by offering something manageable, she is able to build deeper and longer connections with her clients, who then in turn trust her, so they continue on with the longer courses that she offers. This really all ties back into the practice of having the confidence to start now. Offering something small now can then turn into something much larger down the road.

Another benefit of offering a service to get people ‘in the door,’ is that it builds a solid community of clients who interact with you and with your product. For example, they will open the weekly emails you send or respond to a once a month webinar. Don’t be afraid to start with small offerings.

Kate was able to garner clients from networking with her own coaches and people that she already knew in the industry. She also utilized the free aspects of Facebook, such as online groups and live videos, and along with organic word of mouth, she built up a clientele list. She would share parts of her story, experience, and techniques for free, and that drew people to want to get to know her and her product better. She is currently working on setting up a little more of a marketing structure.

A Changed Life

We asked Kate how leveraging Kajabi has changed her business and her answer was exactly what we love to hear from our clients. After working for someone else in an entirely different field that wasn’t her passion for 11 years, she was able to make the shift to teaching others about what she is excited about. Some of the perks that come with selling her courses online are the flexibility of her weekly schedule, traveling whenever she wants, and being financially self-sustaining. It has also created an openness in her future and she looks forward to the challenges that occasionally arise.

Concerning challenges, Kate’s perspective is incredible. Giving up is not an option for her, and she sees each rise in victory and each fall in struggle as fuel to her fire. She recognizes that running your own business does come with some ups and downs, but she is hopeful to see some more consistency in the months and years to come.

Another important factor in overcoming challenges is your motivation. For someone who is running a business as a hobby, it would be easy to give up when the walls of challenge inevitably rise up. In contrast, for the person who is motivated by passion and the desire to help others, challenges are simply a stepping stone on the way to something greater.

Kate’s favorite reward from being her own boss is the freedom of time. She uses her time how she sees fit, she can get her work done when she decides to do it, and she has so much flexibility in her schedule.

One of our favorite pieces of advice that Kate provided was for those people searching for answers or wondering if something like this could really work for them. She encourages people to try and to give it a chance. Don’t let the background noise of doubt or uncertainty keep you from starting the one thing that may actually take you where you want to go. If there are voices of doubt in your life (yes, even it it’s your own), be sure to identify them and weigh how important they are. Don’t give weight to someone’s opinion if it is negative or unsupportive. Living in the fear of failure will only ensure that you miss out on opportunity, and that is something you will always regret.

The most important takeaway from our time with Kate and her story is to start now. Just go for it. You will have guaranteed failure if you never step out and try, but chances are that if you believe in yourself and what you are doing, you will have amazing success. Every Kajabi Hero story has proven this to be true.

You can visit Kate's Kajabi site here and her main site here!

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