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Make Your Business Family-Oriented With This Week's #kajabiheroes

Make Your Business Family-Oriented With This Week's #kajabiheroes
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This week’s #kajabiheroes are a family full of high and positive energy, and they host not one, but three different businesses on Kajabi!

Husband and wife team Crystal and Nelson share their passion to teach and train others to transform their lives physically and spiritually.

They do this with a brick-and-mortar weight loss and fitness studio, and their two online businesses they run on Kajabi, The Mallari Movement and R3VOLVELife.

They believe and practice functional fitness and faith which keeps the mind and body healthy and strong.

The first thing I noticed about the Mallari’s was their ‘This is what awesome looks like,’ t-shirts and their super happy smiling faces.

Motivating others to work to transform themselves is clearly a gifting this family has. It really is a family affair with their 17-year old son Jonah, who developed their websites for them and whose next step is into the gaming industry. The family joked that Jonah will probably start up his own gaming design company through Kajabi, and if the work he did for R3volve Studio is any indication, he will be incredibly successful.

Pursuing Their Passion

I mentioned that if I could go back and start over again, I would probably go into gaming as well. The Mallari family was quick to stop me and remind me that without Kenny and I dreaming about our passions, Kajabi wouldn’t exist today and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Kajabi and all of our amazing clients are examples of why it is essential to follow your dreams and pursue your passions.

I constantly think about the thousands of families and individuals who use Kajabi and the impact it’s having on them being able to make their dreams a reality. It’s humbling to say the least.

The Mallari’s have a similar story.

Their goal and focus is to help and serve other people. They live in Canada and their story starts like almost everyone else that we talk to. Nelson had a corporate job in IT, Crystal’s passion was Broadway and theater, and Jonah was growing up with a knack and talent for technology.

They were wondering how they could share their passions with people outside of the fitness studio.

A Family Business

After signing on with Kajabi, Jonah and a few of his school friends went through Kajabi University and in one summer they designed and completed all three websites.

That project was to fulfill some high school credits, but now Mom and Dad have brought him on the payroll, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

I asked Jonah to share some of his experiences going through the university and he said it was easy to use and understand, and he liked that editing code is an option if you want to take it further.

He also utilized the Kajabi Facebook group which is a wonderful resource where members can interact and post questions and answers.

Jonah cited his experience in building the websites on his college applications and Crystal said that it was a great credit to his application process.

I took a look around their website while I was chatting with the family and was incredibly impressed by what Jonah has come up with.

They had an aspiring videographer friend shoot some footage and that plays a prominent role on their main page.

Crystal mentioned that they chose him because they love helping people and know that he wants to go into full time video editing one day.

Nelson and Crystal also spoke about the experience Jonah and his two friends had in working from home, and how it is a learned discipline, one that may not be so easy to learn for young students just coming into the workforce.

However, it is an incredibly important skill to own if you can set goals and timelines and stick to them. Encouraging entrepreneurs to use their passions to build their dreams is the key to everything.

Experience Is The Biggest Asset

Shifting gears a little bit, we talked about how we now live in a world where you don’t necessarily have to go to college to become successful.

There is value in the furthering of education for sure, but it is no longer the most important thing some employers are looking for.

What has become valuable is experience, knowledge, and the ability to prove that you can learn and grow.

There is so much information available on the internet, that anyone can google pretty much anything they want to learn and someone else has posted a video or blog about it.

This is what we at Kajabi love to help people do.

Grab your dream, use your knowledge and passion to drive it forward, and then share it with others via the internet.

The Beginning of Awesome

I asked the family to walk me through the journey from working on Broadway and in IT to owning a fitness studio and two online businesses.

Crystal explained that to stay in theater required a lot of traveling, and with a family at home that wasn’t something she was willing to do.

So she focused on her second passion which is fitness. She went through classes and training and worked as a personal trainer at a big box gym for years and years.

She admits now looking back, that she would probably have started her online gym membership first before opening a brick and mortar store, but sees the great value that starting her own business has given her.However, as much as she enjoyed it she knew something was missing. She wanted to serve people under her own guidelines and not someone else’s.

Still, Crystal knew there were thousands of people all over the world that were not being reached. Signing on with Kajabi enabled her to offer online gym memberships, which include hundreds of video classes of her teaching various techniques and workouts.

She also offers 6 to 8 week Body Transformation Challenges where people can sign up to follow the program, and they actually feel like they are members at the studio because everything is filmed there.

Another really cool perk that they offer their brick and mortar members the ability to log in to the website and do the workout at home! This comes in handy during snow storms and other foul weather.

Crystal’s goal was to ‘remove every excuse from the book’ for why people say they can’t workout. Whether on vacation or traveling for business, members can log in and never miss a workout.

Crystal tells the story of a member who was trying to get to class, but her train was delayed, so she logged in on her phone and did the workout on the train platform! That’s dedication.

Nelson went on to describe some of the live video challenges that they offer through the Kajabi platform. Crystal and Nelson are right there in the studio working out with their members all through the portal that is available, and they love that they can stream their content live.

Another huge perk is how user friendly the site is for their clients. It’s as simple as logging in and choosing what they want to do.

Implementing Everything With Kajabi

As awesome as the story has been so far, it hasn’t been without its hurdles.

Before Nelson decided to become Crystal’s business partner, she had three different people who she thought she could become potential partners with. One turned out to be a con artist and another turned on her and left.

So when Nelson made the move to come on board for R3volve Studio, it was more than Crystal could hope for. With Jonah bringing his talents to the table, it really is a family partnership that is continuing to grow. All three of them are using their unique gifts and talents to create an amazing story of success.  

I love how Nelson and Crystal are a husband and wife team, because who better than family to trust, especially in business practices?

So many people and companies are out for themselves and are self-focused, but what stands out to me about the Mallari’s is how others focused they are.

They put each other and their clients at the top of the list, and clearly it’s working out really well for them. Family and serving others first is something that Kajabi holds in the highest value.

When they decided to invite Kajabi to be a part of the picture, they felt as though they had found a missing piece of the puzzle, in that the platform simply enabled them to put all of their hard work out there for others to see.

The Mallari’s love how Kajabi keeps adding new features to make the experience better and as easy as possible for anyone to use. We are growing right alongside our clients and we love hearing their success in using the new features we put out.

Looking ahead, it’s important to have a vision for what you want. Whether it’s a dream in your head or the lifestyle you admire in a mentor, have goals and work towards taking steps to meet those goals.

Ask yourself important the questions.

  • What does your perfect career look like?
  • What do you want you relationships to be like?

Finding The Right Business Partner


I asked Crystal if she could go back and identify her biggest mistake or time-waster, and she brought up the past potential business partners before Nelson signed on.

She doesn’t look back fondly on that process, but she admits that she had to go through it because it opened her eyes to what was in front of her all along: her husband, Nelson!

He spoke up about how important it is to communicate with your spouse, to see how you can lift each other up on your journeys, and to balance both of your strengths and weaknesses.

Our mistakes are a necessary struggle to recognize the right steps we need to take in order to move forward.

Another great piece of advice that Nelson gave is to not let the technical side of online entrepreneurship drag you down.

Do not be afraid of it.

Try it.

Attempt to learn how to do something new.

Kajabi makes it really easy for even the most technologically illiterate person to succeed in building a website or selling products online.

Take your time and don’t try to learn everything in one day.

Setting small goals for yourself will ensure that you keep moving forward, instead of setting yourself up for failure because you’re overwhelmed.

Be okay with your weaknesses and surround yourself with people who have the strengths that you don’t have.

What's Next: Using Kajabi Pipelines To Scale Growth!

So what’s next for the Mallari’s?

Their immediate focus is to utilize Pipelines to its fullest extent in order to get their message and their products out to more people.

They will also decide this year if they will stay in their studio or take their gym memberships completely online.

At the beginning of the interview we mentioned The Mallari Movement, and Crystal and Nelson really wants to focus on pushing this part of their brand so that people can get to know them better.

The Mallari Movement will focus on couples and intertwine fitness workouts, faith-building techniques, and relationship help. Their desire is to help people become the best versions of themselves, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

This story isn’t just for the Mallari Family.

This is possible for anyone with a dream, passions, and the ability to put themselves out there and offer their knowledge to the world.

You will not ever regret trying to share what you know in order that others will be benefitted.

Take a page from the Mallari’s story and start your own journey with Kajabi today.

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