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Today, I am excited to talk with our Kajabi Hero, Shane Dowd, founder and owner of GotRom. ‘Rom’ stands for ‘range of motion,’ and we are going to see how this has played a huge role in his personal life.

Shane’s background is in personal training and he was working in a gym teaching weight training and crossfit when he started to experience pain in his hip and lower back. He was diagnosed with Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), and the prevailing theory at the time was that the ultimate cure was surgery. Being only 26 years old, Shane refused to accept the fact that he was going to need a hip operation at such a young age.

This led to the beginning of his journey for rehabilitation, flexibility, mobility, and yoga. He would spend hours a day researching a practicing methods to help his body heal and eventually started to teach it to his clients in the gym. He slowly morphed into the ‘fix your body’ guy at the gym and then actually became a massage therapist as well.

This is what led him to create his first online course called the FAI Fix which was greatly successful. The success of that course opened his eyes to the potential of quitting his full time job and working completely online. So he created a second product, which also did well, and now he has a total of 13 online products offered on his website through Kajabi.  

Shane is brilliantly using different tools that Kajabi offers, including the bundling of products and the ability for the client to have a one-one-one Skype session with him.

Pain into Passion, Tragedy into Triumph

I asked Shane to take us back to the beginning of his story, starting with his injury, which he actually has on film. As a strength trainer Shane would often record himself lifting so that he could analyze and critique his form, and it was during one of these sessions that he injured his back while lowering a weight.

The injury was a blessing in disguise. Had it never happened, Shane never would have sought to fix it, wouldn’t have educated himself about it, and definitely never would have created an entire online business around it. He now has a freedom in life that he never had before.

This perspective is key. Don’t let the seemingly terrible or painful events in your life stop you from moving forward and continuing on. In everything there can be a blessing if you have the eyes and mindset to see it. This is true in your personal life and in any business ventures that you pursue.

Taking pain and turning it into a passion is one of the most inspiring things about Kajabi clients. I never stop being amazed by how a person can take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph in order to help someone else on that same journey.

I asked Shane how he became knowledgeable enough to start offering online courses to help others address their mobility issues without surgery. He said he became fully immersed in and almost obsessed with the topic, using teachers on YouTube and from other sources to learn all that he could.

Having a full schedule of personal training and massage appointments, Shane started offering mobility courses to people so that he could try and train his new found information on himself. He would do one-on-one self massage, yoga, and stretching with clients, and while they worked on themselves, he worked on himself. He was able to get hours and hours of practice and experience in his everyday work situation.

Shane was injured in 2011, and it wasn’t until 2015 that he decided to take his teaching online. By his own admission he wasn’t very ‘online savvy,’ but he had a friend who was, and so together they were able to create the first FAI Fix program. He wanted to learn the backend side of creating a website and putting up online content, so he hired a business coach who referred him to Kajabi in the beginning of January 2016.

He is doing almost everything on the backend of things on his own now, as Kajabi has made it easy and possible to do so. He has created several more programs beyond the initial FAI Fix, and those can be found on gotrom.com.

Shane’s website is beautiful and he’s using Kajabi Premier in an awesome way. It’s one of the better sites that I’ve seen. He doesn’t consider himself to be techie at all, and to see what he’s done with his website and brand is amazing.

He has freelanced out the creation of his brand and collateral. He uses upwork.com to find the professionals that he needs.

Humble Beginnings

When he was first starting out, Shane used his iPhone 3 to shoot his teaching courses. He jokes that the lighting and sound were terrible, and it was all taking place in a loud, noisy gym. Over the years he has made improvements, and he is a big believer in outsourcing the areas that aren’t his strengths.

So Shane will schedule a weekend shoot with his videographer,  show up and teach, and then he has a ton of content available to him to upload slowly as the months go by.

I think it’s important to point out here that Shane did try shooting his own video first, and then quickly discovered that it was something he wanted to outsource. By trying something out for yourself, you become very familiar with the process and you know exactly what you need to make it happen the right way.

One of the biggest mistakes I often see is that people hire out too soon. Before their product is proven or making money, they are spending thousands of dollars on production instead of honing the nuances of their product. I encourage people to make sure that your product has value and will sell, and then hire one or two people to help you in the areas that aren’t your strengths.

Switching gears a bit to the products that Shane offers, his product pages is one of the cleanest looking that I’ve seen. He has a free download featured at the top of his product page, which is super smart, as people are much more likely to buy from you if they like you trust you. Offering something of high quality that is free is a great way to introduce yourselves to clients and to start building that trust.

All of his products are under the broad umbrella of fixing injuries and becoming more flexible. His courses are a tiered system in that the first videos are the least expensive and geared towards beginners, and then as you progress in the program the courses increase in price. He also has brilliantly set up a bundled package where a client can buy several courses together and save some money that way.

Shane set up his courses in a way that he would appreciate learning the material. It’s a curriculum of sorts in order to best help the client who are seeking the information. His goal was to get out the information as clearly as possible. He has posted about 90% of what he feels like he needs to get out into the world.

Something else that Shane offers to clients that is really valuable is a one-on-one Skype session with him. He has it set up so that customers have three hour-long sessions to talk with him and get individualized attention for their specific situation.

When signing up for the one-on-one session, they are required to first fill out a form so that the information is organized and Shane knows ahead of time what they’ll be discussing. The sessions are a combination of the client asking their personal questions and Shane running them through a few tests on range of motion and how they’re performing the stretches or exercises. It’s really helpful for him to be able to see if his clients are performing the stretches correctly.

He even provides customizable plans for each person’s individual needs. He will send them via a PDF with clickable links that lead to videos of the exercises.

Reaching Customers

Shane utilizes YouTube in a pretty big way. When people have pain or they want to increase flexibility, they will typically search out a video to find the answer that they need. He creates a lot of free YouTube videos which he will then repost on his blog and through social media. His typical Call to Action is to visit his blog, where he features videos, more in depth information, and several free offers that put people into a Pipeline right away.

Something unique that Shane uses is a weekly email newsletter, which contains an update from him, maybe a new blog post or video, but it’s also a place to reward the people most invested in the courses. He’ll also sometimes offer exclusive content or discounts only available to his subscribers through the newsletter.

I encourage everyone new and seasoned in Kajabi to take a look at Shane’s website layout and how he’s offering products and courses. He is utilizing Kajabi at such a smart level. Check out his testimonials page and you’ll get some great information. He used Skype with a basic video recorder to interview clients and record the testimonials he posts on the page.

I asked Shane what’s coming up for him and Got Rom. Shane said that a personal passion and interest of his is meditation, and he’s spent some time traveling and serving on meditation retreats. In his experiences he has come to the realization that people are unable to sit properly and comfortably as they meditate, and he may create a product aimed at that niche this year.

For the most part Shane is happy with what he has put out so far. He knows that even the most inflexible person can learn and grow with practice.

I asked Shane if looking back there was anything he would do differently. He said he would have started selling his products online sooner. He also wouldn’t have let the fear of the unknown stop him from moving forward. When he first started looking at what other people were selling online, he thought it was way too sophisticated and doubted his own ability to put a business online. He has learned that the whole process isn’t as hard as most people think it is.

He has continued to grow and change the business every month and having a platform like Kajabi has made it incredibly easy to make his program accessible to anyone who needs it. It’s just the beginning for Shane and his brand.

If you are thinking about starting an online business or selling your knowledge online, take encouragement and inspiration from Shane’s journey and get started on your own. Don’t give a voice to the fear and the doubts in your own mind.

Kajabi wants to help enable everyone to take their pains and tragedies and turn them into passions and triumphs. Share your story and your journey with the world. You never know whose life you will touch and change.

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