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The Kajabi Partner Program: Like Being Best Friends, But Better!

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The Kajabi Partner Program: Like Being Best Friends, But Better!
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Do you love Kajabi?

Do you find yourself constantly telling all your friends about how easy we make it to run the online business of your dreams?

Have you ever wanted to work with us by sharing in the mission of Kajabi that starting an online business doing what you love actually doesn’t have to be that hard?

If your answer is “HECK YES!” then we have some awesome news for you! You can earn affiliate commission with the Kajabi Partner Program.

Watch our Director of Brand Experience, Allie Fernando, interview Kajabi Hero Ant Hodges about his experience with the Kajabi Partner Program:

 What Is The Kajabi Partner Program?

The Kajabi Partner Program is a way for you to join in the mission of Kajabi AND create a second income stream simply by recommending the tool you know and love to your friends!

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs you might have tried before, The Kajabi Partner Program is a true partnership.

We think of our Partners as brand ambassadors, helping us change the world for the better!

We don’t just give you an affiliate link and send you on your way, we have created an entire ecosystem built around our Partners, meaning that you have the tools you need to not only build your main business on Kajabi but also your Partner business.

Don’t just take our word for it, Kajabi Partner Dave Gambrill says:

“The Kajabi Partner Program is an outstanding way to introduce your friends, colleagues, and your tribe to an awesome platform that will make their life so much easier while creating a solid recurring revenue stream for you!”

No hard-selling or sleazy marketing tactics necessary!

When you already know and love the platform, being a Partner is simple.

Here at Kajabi, we have created an amazing community around our Partner Program to help you succeed every step of the way.

What Makes The Kajabi Partner Program Special?

You already know Kajabi works! You’ve seen how easy Kajabi makes it to run your online business, all in one place. Now you can help us spread the word, and make a nice little revenue on the side.

We believe that you should benefit more when you send us referrals.That’s why we have raised our commission to be 30% LIFETIME for anyone that you refer to Kajabi. You heard that right, lifetime! If you sign up just one member for a basic membership (the best and most cost-effective option for a beginner) and they stick around for 2 years, you will make around $1,000.

Kajabi offers the highest partner commission in the industry. And on top of industry-leading commissions, we also have some pretty sweet rewards to celebrate you as you reach new milestones, just like we do with our Kajabi Hero Program.

"Having someone who isn't your husband or your parent recognize something you have done is huge." - Michelle Lewis, Kajabi Hero and Silver Partner.

Since Kajabi’s success is only because of the success of our users, we want to go the extra mile for our Partners and champion your wins!Because we want to celebrate every success you have, we offer rewards at every level of the Partner Program, starting at just 1 referral.

Our rewards are pretty awesome, too! Every time you reach a new level you will be given a reward.

In addition to our industry-leading commissions and awesome rewards, we have an intensive Partners Training Program and an online community just for our Partners! Our Partners Training Program will show you everything you need to do start getting trialing members. In our Partners only community, you’ll be able to interact with and learn from your fellow Partners.

As Robert Thomas Jr said:

“I just joined this community, and already I like all the great things I’m reading in the post. Thanks, everyone for all the really great insight.“

Now that you know about our new and improved Partner Program, let’s talk about how you can get started.

How Do You Become a Kajabi Partner?

First, go to partners.kajabi.com, then click on Get Started Now. 

Fill out our short application form, and you’ll instantly be able to view your Partner dashboard. Once you officially become a Partner, you’ll want to go through the Partner Training Program, check out the Community and then head over to our campaigns section. Your campaigns will be located right under your stats and rewards in your Kajabi dashboard.

We are giving you access to the EXACT same campaigns we use here at Kajabi.

Our done-for-you campaigns are so easy to use, all you have to do is copy, paste, send, and earn!

Become a Kajabi Partner Today!

There has never been a better time to become a Kajabi partner!

Head over to our Partners Hub and sign up now for free!

Go through the Partner training, spend some time in the Partner community, and when you’re ready, pick out one of our proven done-for-you marketing campaigns and start getting your first referrals!

We look forward to hearing about all of your success!

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