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Kajabi product improvement: Better manage your Offers

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Kajabi product improvement: Better manage your Offers
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Your digital products are the backbone of your business but many of you Kajabi Heroes have told us your offers are equally important. After all, you need great offers to sell great products.

That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve improved your offer grant, offer list, and offer details pages to give you better insight into what your customers own and to save you a ton of time.

The improved grant offer grant page

We’ve redesigned the offer grant page to give you more actionable information so you can save time granting offers and ensure you’re always granting the right offer to the right person. With this improved version, you can quickly see every offer a member owns and grant them additional offers. We’ve also added easy-to-read labels that show when offers were purchased, granted, or deactivated.

These improvements can have a positive impact on your business in multiple ways. First and foremost, this can save you time by being able to grant the offers directly through this interface. Your admins can also manage the offer grant page with these improvements, too.

The retooled offer grant page will also empower you to make more informed decisions because you’ll have more relevant information at hand. For example, if one of your customers reaches out to you because they’ve lost access to an offer, you can quickly fix that issue and ensure you’re not granting them an offer they already own. Maybe you just want to see if someone has access to an offer, the new “Granted” and “Deactivated” labels make the answer easy to find.

Another way the new offer grant page saves you time is if you click on the name of the offer on this page, you’ll go straight to the corresponding purchase info page for more specific information regarding payments and access.

This new page will help you and your admins get to the information or actions you need faster than before, minimize mistakes, and make more informed decisions that affect your customers.

The improved offer list and offer details pages

On the offer list page, which has a list of every offer in your business, you can now see how many times an offer has been sold. This information is in addition to the number of products tied to the offer, net revenue, and the offer’s status.

The offer details page has a new look too. The page is designed to bring the info you need front and center, making it more intuitive to use.

How can I use these improvements to offers?

All Kajabi Heroes will have access to these improvements by the time you’re reading this post. You can grant offers faster and easier by:

  • Logging into your Kajabi membership
  • Opening the “People” tab from the Dashboard and selecting “All People” 
  • Select the desired person from your contact list 
  • Open the “More Actions” tab and selecting “Grant Offer”
  • Click “+ Grant an Offer”, and click Save.

You can also find the new offer list page by selecting the “Sales” tab in the left menu and selecting “Offers”. And you can check out the new look of the offer details page by clicking on any of your offers.

Learn more about offers in our help center.

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