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Healthy Habits Happy Moms Made $200,000 in 6 Months

Healthy Habits Happy Moms Made $200,000 in 6 Months
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Since we originally published this post in July 2016, Healthy Habits Happy Moms have made an additional $200,000 on Kajabi!

The best part is that they did this with minimal changes with their focus mainly on creating valuable content for their growing community!

Read the original post below to see how these kickbutt moms got started...

Lauren, Annie, and Jennifer are the founders of Healthy Habits Happy Moms, a website devoted to the community of women and mothers who desire to learn more about healthy living and fitness. By creating an online course, website, and blog, they have helped thousands of women across the globe.

Recently, we caught up with Lauren from HHHM to learn more about their journey and frustrations of trying to piece together their online business before finding Kajabi. Using multiple online tools proved to be a headache for them, but within a matter of a couple of months after releasing courses on Kajabi, they’ve made over $20,000!

More About The Founders

Lauren, Annie, and Jennifer of Healthy Habits Happy Moms all share two things in common. Not only are all three of them mothers, but each of them has taken the leap to turning their passion into profits.

Between them, they share one common goal; work with moms to help them with their habits, nutrition, and fitness. This isn't just any ordinary trio of online entrepreneurs, as each of them brings their own separate expertise to the table.

Lauren graduated from Nutrition School prior to starting her ventures as a nutrition & habit coach.

Jennifer specializes in prenatal & postnatal personal training.

Annie brings her experience as a strength coach to the team.

Between the three of them, they realized that their combined knowledge and efforts could create a wonderful portal for mothers, both new and experienced, to learn healthy habits and fitness to help them during such a stressful time.

After forming a successful beta group, Lauren, Jennifer, and Annie launched their Healthy Habits Happy Moms site. Turning their passion into profits wasn't always an easy task however, due to some hurdles along the way.

Realizing Their Passion

Lauren had attended and graduated from nutrition school, and had gone on to become a Nutrition & Habit coach. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, she always knew she wanted to start her own business.

After working for quite a while trying to get a business up and running, there proved to be a breaking point which caused her to temporarily throw in the towel. It wasn't until she gave birth to her daughter that she decided to dive back into the coaching world.

Jumping back into the world of coaching as a new mother is where Lauren met Jennifer and Annie, where she realized that she discovered a new tribe of sorts in fellow mothers.

Lauren herself had struggled with launching a business alone, and she found that you truly do need a community to make a change.

Together, the trio noticed a need in helping new postpartum mothers. This is when they decided to take action and form their beta group.

Pretty soon, their beta group had proven successful enough to launch a website. This is how Healthy Habits Happy Moms was born. While the rewards were far worth the effort, the journey was not always an easy one... Luckily, they discovered Kajabi.

Taking Action

Now, you may have already heard about how Kajabi is the one-stop shop for selling your passion online, but that wasn't always Healthy Habits Happy Mom's platform of choice. Shocking.... we know.

Between the three of them, they pieced together a site consisting of Wordpress, Optimize Press & Mailchimp. Lauren created a Wordpress site, while Annie got the Optimize Press platform up and running. Originally, they had Mailchimp talking with Optimize Press, until they purchased ConvertKit.

After discovering that all of those platforms weren't integrated with eachother, they realized they were maintaining more of a duct taped site as opposed to a seamless platform. Spending between 2-3 months building their site helped the trio realize they needed something better.

Lauren, Annie, and Jennifer had officially taken the leap and executed their plan to share their passion online, but were spending far too much time trying to keep things running on the back end.

Switching to Kajabi

In case being a full-time mother making courses to share with the world wasn't hard enough, Lauren, Annie and Jennifer all live in different parts of the globe. In order for them to film a course, they have to fly to a mutual destination and film as extensively as they can within a short time frame.

There was simply no time to worry about the functionality of their platform on the back end. It appeared they had outgrown their desire to keep a jumbled Wordpress site maintained. After purchasing Kajabi, the major hurdle became turning a membership site into a product based site.

Transferring your content and creating products on a new platform may seem like a nerveracking experience, but as Lauren mentions, "We were really nervous about it, but then everyone absoultely loved the new setup in Kajabi! Its much easier to find everything you're looking for, its a clean design, and the feedback was really positive!"

Having the ability to create a per product purchase site allowed them to fully breakdown their training into even more specific categories. "We create courses and programs on fitness and nutrition. Programs for when you first get pregnant, prenatal and postnatal courses, even all the way up to mothers with years of experience. One of our most popular courses so far is the Postnatal Series." 

"Some of the biggest struggles we've had are time and information. There's so many things to do and so little time, and with so much information out there, its difficult to know what to prioritize in order to make the biggest impact."

Coming onboard Kajabi and utilizing its functionality to the full extent has allowed Healthy Habits Happy Moms to expand to a whole new level. Kajabi strives to give you more time on what matters most, your passion, by cutting out the time it takes to create a digital presence.

Letting Kajabi handle the back end will free up the time needed to maintain a pieced together system. 

Reaping the Rewards

The effort and hard work of Annie, Lauren, and Jennifer did not go to waste!

"On Kajabi, we made almost $15,000 whithin 2 months! We are now able to start outsourcing things to grow our business even more!"

Not only are there financial rewards involved with HHHM, but the outreach itself has proven to be the most rewarding of feats between the three. Lauren fills us in on the outreach ability that Kajabi has given them, "Our private group has over 10,000 moms and its been amazing to see everyone's transformations! Previously with our coaching program, we could only take 40 members, but having the program in Kajabi allows us to take thousands of moms."

"Time is Money" has been a motto for people since before we can remember, but sometimes it takes a specific set of circumstances to truly realize how precious time is.

"As three stay at home moms, we don't have the 9-5 hours to work on our business. When my daughter naps, that's how I'm able to work. With the income we've made from Kajabi, we're able to take those day to day tasks and outsource, allowing us to work on getting HHHM to the next level and continue growing." 

What the Future Holds

With Kajabi at their fingertips, and the world waiting to hear their message, the future is bright for Healthy Habits Happy Moms. One of the main goals at HHHM is to change the future generation's idea about body weight and self image.

Impacting this generation in order to better the next generation is the current mission statement for Lauren, Jennifer, and Annie. Regardless of what the future holds, the three of them gave us a little insight into what they'd like to be known for: 

Annie: "Among my family members, I want to be known for being a caring mother and a loving wife. As far as the rest of the world, I want to be thought of as a strong, confident woman who helps others to feel the same." 

Jen: "I don't need to be known, but I would be pleased if a few women remembered me as the person who helped them change the way they treated themselves and their bodies. In turn, I hope we see that carry over into the next generation - our kids! I truly am selfish in some ways because everything I do is with the hope that this world is a kinder place for my boys." 

Lauren: "Professionally, I'd like to be part of the catalyst for change to the body image (which impacts diet choices/movement choices) of the next generation. I want to change the world, basically. Normal stuff." 

So if you're sitting there reading this, thinking these women are extraordinary at what they do in order to obtain success, you can now see first hand that these are three ordinary mothers with a passion who took the leap and started sharing their passion online. 

Words of Wisdom

The insight that Lauren shared with us during our short interview proved to be quite a wonderful piece of advice for anybody thinking of taking the journey to selling their passion online. 

"I had considered teaching in person or phone coaching, but you can impact so many more people with an online product than you can teaching offline. You can impact the world, where before it was just your local area. You can have a greater impact with an online course rather than just a one-on-one course. As far as Kajabi goes, Kajabi just looks more professional. If I'm a customer, I want to learn from someone who looks like they have the whole package. The design matters, having it all together matters, being centrally accessible matters. People pay for you to do the work for them of curating the content and making it easily digestible for them. Really, the reason that we chose Kajabi is because its all in one. We don't have to go plug this in and plug that in, that was our main reason for joining Kajabi."

Will you be our next Success Story?

Sign up for Kajabi today and start turning your own passion into income. Start your 14 day free trial!

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