How Kajabi Support is Adapting as Digital Entrepreneurship Spikes

Expanded Training, Resources, and Community

At Kajabi, our No. 1 core value is that everything we do starts with your story and ends with your success. 

And as the world adapts to these crazy times, we know the way we support your success has to change, too. 

We're proud to say that there's no company on the planet more ready, willing, and able to invest in supporting you as you grow your business online. 

So here's a look at a few of the ways we're ramping up support for our users right now: 

Daily Live Training Webinars 

Every weekday, we host two free live training sessions for all of our active customers and trial users. 

If you’ve ever wanted to look over an expert’s shoulder, these sessions are your chance. The topics range from full Kajabi walkthroughs to more feature-specific training on how to create products, build pipelines, and run webinars. 

The live interaction in these webinars allows you to not only get your questions answered, but also learn new ways to use Kajabi to grow your business.

We’ve purposefully scheduled multiple sessions per day, so that our Kajabi experts can give you the personalized attention you need. So if you haven’t taken advantage of these sessions yet, we highly encourage it

Expanded Customer Support Resources

Since mid-March, our entire Kajabi team has been working from home, but that hasn't slowed hiring down one bit!

Since March, in addition to a 20% staff increase across the board, we've made a whopping 56% increase in the headcount of our support team. 

And in addition to twice-daily training sessions, we've also added new support methods. 

For example, when you're stuck on something, do you ever wish you could have someone else jump on your computer and show you the solution? 

Co-browsing support allows us to do just that. You can invite a member of our Kajabi support team to solve a problem by working inside your browser. 

Expanded Community Support

Kajabians are true helpers by nature. What else would you expect from a community full of teachers, experts, and coaches?

Every time Kajabi users connect, great things happen. That’s why earlier this year, we started Kajabi Meetups, and now we’ve expanded to a full week of Kajabi Virtual Meetups each month.

We were thrilled to have over 400 people from our community join us in Meetups last month, sharing their best stories and strategies for adapting to the challenges we're facing today. 

So to each member of our community who has participated in a meetup, stepped up to help a fellow user in the Facebook group, or just provided a beacon of hope and optimism for others, we want you to know that we see you and appreciate you. You're an integral part of what makes this community so unique. 

Thanks to the initial success of Kajabi Virtual Meetups, we're working on even bigger and more impactful ways to connect our users online, so be on the lookout for more in the months to come!

Our Mission: Never Stop Improving

We know that your choice in Kajabi is one that represents tremendous trust. After 10 years of supporting digital entrepreneurs, we are committed to providing the kind of experience that all of us would seek as a digital entrepreneur. 

We think you deserve the best of everything, and that includes our product experience and our support experience. 

That's why we're not even close to finished. We're here for you, and we're here to listen.

Have you recently tried out any of the new resources mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!