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#KajabiHero - From Photography To Online Profit

#KajabiHero - From Photography To Online Profit
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How Michelle Parsley went from taking preschool student portraits to creating a six-figure online business in a niche you’ve NEVER heard of…

I know what you’re thinking...I don’t have a list, and heck, all the good online niche’s are taken already. What if I told you that I got to interview a rockstar who is doing five-figures monthly, and growing, by training photographers to compete in international competitions, and that she did it with no list to start.

Keep reading to find out exactly how she did it!

(she did have a secret weapon ;-)

We got to chat with Michelle Parsley, a master photographer, artist, and coach, who is now building an online empire with Kajabi, and this is a story you’re not going to want to miss.

Our favorite part about Michelle and her strategy is she’s focused on creating content she’s fired up about, and it shows. If you produce valuable content that serves a specific audience, you’ll benefit from the viral effect, when word-of-mouth becomes your best friend, and any advertising is just a bonus. Elevate Your Art serves a very small and passionate niche audience, and thanks to Michelle’s content, they’re becoming a market leader in the photography universe.

We don’t know about you, but we didn’t even know that international photography competition existed, let alone how to navigate through one as a competitor. Michelle has been through it, racked up win after win, and decided to create her online business around helping others prepare, compete, and win photo competitions all over the globe. Packaging up her knowledge and offering it online has allowed her to launch an entirely new business, based on her love of photography, and even freeing her up more to pursue it.

Going from Passion to Action

We know you’ve heard us talk about why we created Kajabi. We wanted to make sharing and selling information online easier, turns out Michelle had our same frustration. She started on Wordpress and spent near a year trying to get it to do what she wanted…

In fact, what was once taking her 48 hours to accomplish in Wordpress, with all the hoops she had to jump through (not to mention the headaches), she did in just 1 hour on Kajabi.

"Kajabi makes my life so much easier, it's so much simpler to run, it just does what it's supposed to do."

To make things even more challenging, she could only take on smaller classes of students because it was simply too tough to manage. It was almost like technology was holding her business hostage :-(.

With Kajabi, she's been able to expand class size stress-free, while remaining a personal coach for each one of her students. She now has the best of the high-tech world, which gives her the time to stay high-touch as a coach.

"Because Kajabi made it more streamlined, I can handle more students in my classes."

Thinking Differently - How Michelle Made Homework FUN

Michelle assigns homework to her students for grading. However, as much as you may dread doing homework as an adult, her success rate among students will have you WANTING to complete her assignments.

"I tell my students what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear."

Michelle has an outrageously high blue ribbon rate among her members, and her strategy is paying off for everyone. The way she goes about her homework grading is so interesting, I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss it..

It turns out, Michelle does all of her homework grading through a private Facebook group. She added an opt-in form to her site, then created a custom Thank You Page containing a link to the FB group.

When a member enters their email, they join the group and become part of her grading portal. Before Kajabi she did all of it manually, now it all happens automatically, how cool is that!

Seeing Success

Making $70,000 in a matter of months is overwhelmingly amazing, but her track record of student success in the competition circuit is astounding, and her greatest source of pride.

Students who go through www.ElevateYourArt.com have much better odds of going home with a ribbon than people who jump into competitions without Michelle’s help.

For example, the average meriting rate (fancy photography contest word for awards) for first time entries is roughly 30%. The percentage of first time meriting for members of Michelle's course shoots up to 75-80%! That’s more than a 200% improvement!

Michelle’s Words of Wisdom For YOU

When we asked her about any thoughts or advice for anybody who may be reading this post while teetering on the edge of getting started selling their knowledge online, she said,

"I wish I had started with Kajabi first and that's the truth. I wish I hadn't fought with a Wordpress site for almost a year before I finally gave in and asked my friend about Kajabi. It's amazing, it saves me a lot of time, it just works."

Ready To Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

Before we spoke with Michelle, we didn’t even know that training for photography competitions was an industry! Now, thanks to Kajabi, we know someone that has built a six-figure global business in that world.

You may be wondering if you can do the same, and I can tell you after meeting Michelle, and thousands of entrepreneurs that are living their dreams online, using Kajabi to avoid the technology headaches, YOU CAN.

Let’s turn your Passion into Profit!


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