How To Know If “Knowledge Commerce” Is The Right Business For You

Today we want to specifically talk with those of you who are on the digital entrepreneurial fence.

So if you’re someone who already has an online business selling courses or other informational products, we salute you! And while you’ll still get some gold nuggets from this post…this is more so written to help those who are still finding their way.

And maybe you’ve looked at everything from Shopify and selling physical products, to affiliate marketing and everything in between...

Well if that’s you, and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with what’s the right path and the best way to get started, this quick article should help give you some clarity.

Obviously, no one can tell you what’s the “right” business for you. Only you can make that decision.

But after helping thousands launch their “dream business” selling online courses, coaching, and digital products...what we can share with you are the 5 most telling questions which can help you discover if Knowledge Commerce is a potential right for you.

Then if it happens to be your kind of thing, we’ll show you the absolute fastest way to get started... even if you’re a complete online newbie.

So let’s get rollin...

Question #1: Do You Love Teaching?

Do you love teaching?

Do you enjoy sharing what you know with others? Do you enjoy helping them not only understand the things you teach, but also how to use them in their own lives?

Answering yes to those two questions is a huge first step to knowing if you’d be successful in this business because that’s what it’s all about...sharing your unique knowledge with others.

Did you ever have a teach in High School who was so bad, so grouchy, and so unpleasant to be around that you were puzzled how they ended up in that situation in the first place? Maybe they were better suited for a prison warden than a calculus professor?

Well those we see succeed in this online informational product business not only have a love for teaching, but a love for those they teach.

Now that may sound really cheesy, but it’s true. Remember:

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

So it’s not just knowing facts, figures, and how to fix their problems. It’s also about genuinely wanting to help someone because you know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

If you’ve got that down, there’s a good chance selling online courses, coaching, and other digital products may be the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done. Many of our Kajabi Heros say they haven’t “worked” in years because they now love what they do so much.

And the even better news? Like the really really incredible news for someone like you?

There are actually people out there with online businesses who are like that high-school-prison-warden-professor...and somehow, someway, even these people are succeeding in selling digital products!

There’s just sooooo much opportunity in the E-learning space ($275 billion to be exact) that even those who are grumpy can still get by.

But when you combine your knowledge with your genuine interest in helping’ll quickly be eating the lunch of the majority of your competition.

Question #2: Can You Become A Content Creating Machine?

Another critical clue to know if you’d like the life of a digital entrepreneur who sells their unique knowledge, is if you have a knack for creating lots and lots of content.

Selling information online is all about two things: writing and speaking.

Since you words are your business, this is important to grasp. Obviously you’ll have to create content for your courses, videos, and other digital downloads...but you’ll also be constantly creating marketing content to sell those products as well.

Sure, at some stage you can hire someone to write your emails, ads, and blog posts...but at the beginning it’s all you. And that’s actually a good thing because you want your fingerprints and voice on everything when you’re just starting out.

Some creators don’t like video but love writing. Others love writing but don’t like video. And some are perfectly fine using both. The issue isn’t an either/and type of proposition, but instead about choosing whichever one you can do consistently.

That’s the key.

If video is easier for you, Facebook and YouTube are the perfect platforms to build your audience and drive traffic back into products.

If writing is more your thing, Facebook, a blog, and email marketing perhaps take precedent.

Whatever you choose, here’s a simple secret to leveraging your time and doubling your productivity…

Anytime you record a video, podcast, or even a business related interview, get that digital file transcribed and use it for emails, opt-in bribes, or even as a blog post.

You can also repurpose your written content just the same. If you love writing emails, you can read those emails on a screen record and create educational YouTube videos or a simple podcast.

Many of the biggest names in online marketing do this all the time.

So if you’re someone who has plenty to say and loves expressing themselves in different forms of media...there’s a good chance you’ll love being involved in Knowledge Commerce.

YOU are the main media of your business and the more fun you have with creating content, the more you’ll connect and build trust with your audience.

Question #3: Can You Have Non-Stop Ideas?

“Everyone is an entrepreneur. The only skills you need to be an entrepreneur: an ability to fail, an ability to have ideas, to sell those ideas, to execute on those ideas, and to be persistent so even as you fail you learn and move onto the next adventure.” - James Altucher

This is similar to becoming a content creating machine, but instead of content you’ll need to have ideas. Ideas for content, products, marketing, and new ways to creatively serve those who put their trust in you.

For many this is their favorite part of being in this type of business.

Since there’s no “red tape” running the show and no ones permission you need before you act, you can go from idea to implementation within just minutes. Especially with the tools inside Kajabi, you can have an idea for a new product or a new piece of content and have it up with only a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Have an idea of a new upsell you want to start offering your customers?

Or maybe you decide you’d like to start offering a paid monthly membership with weekly group coaching calls?

Or even a quick blog post you want to write...then use it as a content piece to drive Facebook traffic to...then create a quick opt-in form giving something for free within that article?

Kajabi’s got you covered to all of the above. Simply and quickly.

You come up with the ideas and leave the implementation tools to us.

If ideas come naturally to you and you love the adventure of having your own business be a sort of “idea lab” for you to experiment in...then online courses may be worth testing out.

Question #4: Can You Handle The Freedom?

This might sound weird, but hear us out…

Many digital entrepreneurs get into this business because they want control over when they work, where they work, and what they work on...and to be quite honest, this sort of business model lends itself perfectly to that lifestyle.

You really do stop trading time for money.

But here’s the thing…

You’ll also have days where you work long hours. Some days you’ll work longer hours than any job would’ve ever demanded of you. But you’re the boss now. You only answer to you.

Oh do answer to one other person, your customer!

Which is what this question is all about. Can you handle working on your own, no clocking in or out, no one looking over your shoulder or breathing down your neck...and still get the job done within the time frame you promised?

If you pre-sell a course (which we show you how to do) and you generate sales before ever even making your course and promise your customers it will be ready in 7 days…

...can you discipline yourself and actually get that course ready in 7 days?

No excuses. No “what had happened was”. Nothing like that.

All successful Knowledge Commerce businesses we work with are built on your customers trusting you and the promises you make. Both in delivering the product and then the product fulfilling on the promises you said it would.

If you can commit to’ll have some of the most loyal fans you’ve ever seen. People who not only buy from you once but buy from you for an entire lifetime.

So if you can handle the freedom, you’ll do just fine…

Question #5: Do You Need Money To Make Money?

Thus far we’ve covered how you need to love teaching, creating content, having ideas, and the discipline to get work done while working remotely.

This last question is a little different as it address one of the main reasons many get into selling digital products and coaching in the first place.

While some businesses require venture capital or business loans to secure real estate and create and store inventory…

...Knowledge Commerce requires nearly nothing in comparison.

So if you’re glued to the old school way of “using money to make money” then maybe you’re simply suited better for that type of business.

But if you’re more of a bootstrap entrepreneur and you view every dollar spent as an investment which demands a return, you’re in the right place.

For example, if you decided this weekend that you wanted to launch your very first online course you wouldn’t need a loan, a lease, or a large list of inventory.

Not with this business.

Here’s all you’d really need:

  • A pressing problem a market wants solved and is willing to pay for.
  • Unique information which provides a clear solution to that pressing problem.
  • Your smartphone to record your videos for your course.
  • Your computer and an internet connection.
  • An all-in-one Knowledge Commerce platform to help you market, make sales, and deliver your course...have you heard about Kajabi?

That’s it.

In a single weekend your new information driven business can be born. You become your own publishing house. But what once required information entrepreneurs large investments of capital for printing, mailing, and testing...can now be done all from your computer and even your smartphone.

It’s like a global, on demand post office right at your fingertips.

You can even add some type of 1-on-1 or group coaching with a few clicks of your mouse using Kajabi...

Are we saying it’s easy? Not at all. Are we saying it’s far less risky than “traditional” business models? Without question. And if you’re still reading this it says one thing...this Knowledge Commerce business may be right for you. Or at least worth checking out...

So here’s a RISK-FREE way to try it out...

If you’re still in the “idea stage” and are unsure what you’d even teach online, we’ve recently put together a brand new, completely free, 3-part video training series which takes you from idea to your first mini course.

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