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Let Yourself Shine Through With This Week's #kajabihero

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Let Yourself Shine Through With This Week's #kajabihero
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This week’s #kajabihero is all about empowering and inspiring women to choose confidence.

Her personal motto is to, ‘shine bright’ so that everyone around you is encouraged to do the same. With her beautiful pink hair and tattoos of butterflies all over her arms, she daily lives out her passion for all the world to see.

I asked her the significance behind the butterflies and she said that they are the perfect picture of transformation, and since she experienced a few major transformations in the last few years, the butterfly was appropriate.

You could say that Brittney is an expert on how women think.

After all she is one 😉, but what gives her greater insight into the minds of women is her 10 years of experience working behind the chair as a hairdresser. There’s something about sitting in a chair for two hours while someone highlights your hair that makes a great environment for good conversation.

What she discovered is that women have decidedly low opinions of themselves, and she was once the same way.

She is no stranger to the difficulties that most women face, especially when it comes to the way they view their physical bodies.

At her most unhappy point in life she weighed 200lbs and was dissatisfied with herself, and in the same year her mother experienced a massive stroke that left her paralyzed and her dad suffered a heart attack.

Brittney speaks openly about her strivings as a hairdresser in the beauty industry to become ‘beautiful,’ but how that pursuit only produced anger and judgement inside of her.

Strive For Your Story

Brittney believes that striving for success is not what fulfills a person, but seeking true joy and sharing your passions with the world around you.

With the help of Kajabi, Brittney is now sharing her story online and inspiring women to shine from the inside out, while still making an impact behind the chair. The butterflies on her arms shout the message, “Do you want change in your life? It’s possible!”

I love that she is so passionate about striving for and sharing her story.

If you can see the life you want in your head, if there are dreams you have yet to follow, it is possible to make those dreams a reality.

Change is possible for anyone who is willing to take the chance, do the work, and make it happen. The opposite of this mindset is to dwell on the negative thoughts and the “I cant’s.” To make that mind switch is no easy task. I asked Brittney how she managed to do it.

Her answer was simple but not easy.

You just have to start.

You have to take whatever small step you can manage and keep moving forward. There is difficulty in the adjustment period between the old story and the new story, and it is a conscious choice to silence the old, negative voice and to give the new, transformed voice the power.

You cannot just silence the negative voice, however, you must replace it with a positive truth and then continue forward in that mindset.

Taking these simple steps give you a new perspective on how you look at everyday and the situations in which you find yourself.

People either choose fear or they choose love. Fear-based decisions will lead to unhappiness and frustration, while love-driven decisions will lead to fulfillment and healthy growth. It is a choice to be made every single day.

The Inspiration and The Journey

After her mother recovered from her stroke Brittney asked her mother why she let her health progress into a problematic stage.

Her mother’s response was one that Brittney immediately identified with, “It was because everyone needed something from me.”

Both Brittney and her mother are sensitive towards others and their problems, which is a great trait to have, but it can also weigh heavily on you to carry other people through their pain and struggles.

Brittney decided in that moment that she would create Shine School, a tool for women everywhere to use to change their negative thinking and become fulfilled and healthy individuals.

Brittney explains that by not making self-care a priority, you can get trapped in a cycle of disappointment and discouragement.

In contrast, when you make self-wellness a priority, the knowledge that you need for a healthy lifestyle finds its way into your life.

After researching what the body needs and how it can best thrive, she started to eat a plant-based diet and the results were not only positive physically but internally as well. She arrived at a place of self-peace and was so filled with joy that she wanted to share it with others.

Through the Kajabi platform Brittney is able to do just that.

She shares her journey, encouragements, other people’s stories, and the message that ‘beauty begins within,’ online at brittneycarmichael.com.

I identified with taking on the stress of others and adding it to my own life, so I asked Brittney what were some of the ways to release that energy.

Her answers were interesting and unique.

Among them were screaming, taking an Epsom salt bath, and hitting a pillow with a tennis racket. She contrasts these healthy methods with unhealthy ones which include saying something you don’t mean or breaking something in anger.

Brittney hit her wall in 2012. She was doing what she loved as a hairdresser, but still miserable and unhappy with her life.

It wasn’t until she realized that she needed to prioritize her own self care that she began the process of healing her body, physically and emotionally.

She knew she was a hard working and highly motivated person, so she started to apply the positive and healthy principles in her own life. She knew from watching her parents’ lives that she could not live in an unhealthy way any longer, so she decided to change and never looked back.

Kajabi Growth Strategies

An important piece of advice that Brittney emphasizes and that we at Kajabi fully support is that you have to do the work.

Perhaps the most difficult step is choosing to make the change mentally, but once you do, you have to walk forward everyday and do the work that it takes to accomplish your goals.

She and her husband have traveled this journey together. She shares some of her husband’s wise advice and it resonated with me, “Worry is thinking about the future and planning to fail.” The negative thoughts and habits have to go. They decided that together they would make the choice to put positivity out into the world.

So Brittney began using social media to share positive quotes and messages with the world. She used honesty and encouragement in her posts and blogs to reach others, and inevitably they started to reach back.

She also began ‘experimenting’ on her clients. She would use some of the techniques and tools she had learned to encourage or challenge them, and they would come back for their next appointment with positive changes in their lives.

Her clients, family, and friends started to encourage her to make videos to post online sharing her knowledge and her passions.

She signed up with Kajabi and slowly but surely started using the platform to meet her and her clients’ needs.

She offered psychic readings, coaching sessions, made a landing page, and started acquiring people on her list.

The balance between being a hairdresser and an online entrepreneur is still a line that she is walking and figuring out, but she has the passion and the drive to be incredibly successful.

Brittney has tapped into one of the most powerful ways to use Kajabi. She has taken her own journey through struggles, self-doubt, and unhealthy habits and conquered so much.

Now she is able to help others walk a similar path, and there is really no end to those she can reach because of online marketing.  

Being in the service-based business of hairdressing, there is only so much you can accomplish, because there is only one of you.

Kajabi gives you the tools you need to share all your knowledge and passions with others, while at the same time providing extra income just for doing something you love.

She started using guidebooks as her opt-in and discovered that not everything she created would work or be phenomenal.

She realised that she needed to offer something for people to meet the immediate need that they had at that moment.

A few examples of guidebooks she offered where releasing your negative energy, replacing it with positive energy, detoxing and decluttering your life, and many more.

She also used Canva to create downloadable PDF coloring sheets, but her biggest success came with offering free self-guided meditations.

One of her biggest offerings is an ebook directing people to her Facebook group where she is very interactive with people from all over the world.

I asked how she delivered her products to her clients, because she wasn’t selling an actual book or video training course.

Someone goes to her website, clicks on what service they would like (a reading or a coaching session), they pay for it, and then they use an online calendar to schedule a conference time.

Brittney is notified that she has a new client, what service they want and when they can ‘meet’ through Skype or Zoom.

She connects with them through video and records the whole session for them so that they can revisit it again anytime they want.

Looking Back and to The Future

Brittney and her husband have some impressive goals on the horizon.

She is launching her first video course on Kajabi in a matter of weeks, and they are starting a membership called ‘The Elevated Life,’ which will teach people how to have that mindset shift.

It’s simple, but we seem to always make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Her Shine School course is 6 weeks long and focuses on self-discovery and helping women choose to be confident from the inside first.

She is enjoying building her sales page and using Pipelines, and is very excited about all the tools Kajabi is providing to take her dreams and make them a reality.

I shared with Brittney that as a founder of Kajabi, I feel the pressure of being the best version of myself continually so that I can continue to make Kajabi the best version of itself.

Sometimes the burden is overwhelming and sometimes it’s incredible. It all comes back to changing your mindset and energy first, and then naturally your choices will start to improve.

I asked Brittney to think back on her journey with Kajabi and to share with us the hardest thing she encountered and how she overcame it.

She gave some great advice in ‘ask for help.’ Whenever she is stuck or frustrated, she goes to the Help section and reaches out.

She emphasizes that Kajabi is optimized for the person that doesn’t understand coding or website designing, and that nothing has ever been too hard to figure out. She encourages everyone using it to play around and see what works.

When you’re putting good value out into the world, the right clients will come to you. You won’t have to market yourself or strive to push your product.

Go check out brittneycarmichael.com and on Instagram @theworldbybrit see how Brittney is helping to empower and inspire others to change their minds and their lives. 

If you have a dream, a passion, or an area of expertise that you want to share with the world, don’t be afraid to start. Let Kajabi give you all the tools you need to not only start your journey, but to see it through to completion.

Just start moving and be yourself. The rest will fall into place.

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