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Let's Talk: The Kajabi Mobile App and How It Elevates Your Online Business

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Let's Talk: The Kajabi Mobile App and How It Elevates Your Online Business
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In this ongoing series, we sit down with leaders in the different departments here at Kajabi and talk about what they do, what they’re working on, and discuss upcoming new features.

Our latest episode of Let’s Talk! where Patrick (our Android Developer) and Jeremy (our VP of Product) sit down and discuss the Kajabi mobile app. 

Here's what they cover:

  • What is the Kajabi Mobile App? (1:00)
  • The Magic Link to make logging in a one-touch process (1:35)
  • White-label apps vs the Kajabi Mobile App (4:45)
  • How push notifications will transform customer engagement (8:30)
  • How mobile unlocks the Community feature inside Kajabi (9:30)
  • Course consumption and where product delivery is headed (11:30)
  • The future of the Mobile App (13:25)
  • Two simple ways to get your customers on the app (15:25) 

What Is The Kajabi Mobile App?

The brand new Kajabi Mobile App is the most effective way for our Kajabi users to connect with customers, get higher engagement, and increase retention. 

Your customers can now consume content anywhere and anytime, on a mobile-friendly experience that’s fun and easy to navigate. 

What’s The “Magic Link”?

Rather than using the standard username and password (and making sure to remember which password you used), we created a way for users and customers to log into the Kajabi mobile app with only their email address. 

Once they log in, they’ll be able to see all of their Kajabi libraries and products that are connected to that email address. 

“Will it become confusing with all of the products and stores?”

Many of our users’ customers may be connected to more than one library. So the question asked is: “will my customers be able to have my branded experience without getting distracted by other products?”

The short answer: Yes. We designed the app where each library has its own place and branding, without any form of “cross-promotion” to make the customer feel overwhelmed or confused. 

Let’s say you’re a site owner. When your customer logs into their Kajabi Mobile App and clicks on your store, they’ll be able to see all of the products they have purchased from you and you only. 

If they click on one of your products and then click back, they’ll still be within your store, giving them the “branding forward” experience you want, without your customers feeling as if they are being pulled in another direction. 

The Cost-Benefit Of The Kajabi Mobile App

“I used to create individual apps for each business… some of these mobile project apps we did were a quarter of a million dollars,” Patrick says. “People don’t realize it’s not that simple to create a personalized app.”

We know how important it is to give our Kajabi users the branded experience they want for their customers. 

When we first set out to build the mobile app, we had to decide: We could either create a customized mobile app for a select few online businesses that run on Kajabi and charge a high fee, or create a mobile app that’s accessible to all of our users for free, and still provide customers with the branded experience they desire. 

We chose the latter option because it aligns with our mission of providing high-quality service to entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers, so that they can succeed in their online business without feeling overwhelmed, and without buying another piece of software that adds another monthly business expense. 

Powerful Engagement With Push Notifications

Push notifications are like friendly text messages sent directly to the customers’ smartphone that help drive engagement. 

There are three main types of push notifications within the mobile app. 

1.) Community Mention Push Notification: when either you or one of your customers asks a question within the community section of the mobile app and that comment is then replied to, the person who asked the initial question will receive a push notification.

2.) Mention Specifically Push Notification: when a person is mentioned specifically (e.g., @johndoe) that person will receive a push notification, regardless of the conversation thread.

3.) Announcement By The Creator Of The Product: whenever the owner of the business wants to send out an announcement about a new product or an update, all customers will receive a push notification. When the customer clicks on that push notification, they will immediately be sent to the new product or update. 

Community In The Palm Of Your Hand

Kajabi users that have an existing community product will love this app. 

As you may already know, community outreach via Facebook Groups has its downsides. Engagement isn’t organized, you have to be within Facebook and its many distractions, and it can be hard to maintain “impact-focus” with your curated content.  

Community on the Kajabi mobile app is how real community outreach should feel: organized, simple, and with you wherever you go--able to hop into the group, answer questions, or send valuable content that may help benefit their professional and/or personal lives. 

How Does Product Delivery Work With The Mobile App?

The Kajabi mobile app syncs up your customers’ progression with their desktop. 

Like logging into Netflix and seeing where you left off on a particular episode, the mobile app bookmarks and saves your customers’ progress right at the top, so they can continue moving forward without unnecessary digging around or restarting. 

The Future Of The Mobile App

“There are a lot of use cases we want to drive home, support our customers, and make it [the mobile app] as seamless of an experience as possible,” Jeremy says. 

Wherever your customers go, your community and content can now go with them, and we stand by that.

So whether your customers want to download content beforehand because they’ll be in an area without wifi, or maybe they want to listen to a training in their car without having their smartphone screen turned on--these are just some of the improvements to the mobile app we are currently working on to better integrate our users’ content with the lives of their customers.  

How Can Your Customers Adopt The Kajabi Mobile App?

When you go to your settings in your Kajabi dashboard, hit “mobile settings.”

Within the mobile settings area, you’ll be able to upload your business logo and choose your own mobile app colors. 

As a fun bonus, you’ll also find pre-written messages that can be sent to your customers, letting them know your business is now available for mobile and to encourage them to download the free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. 

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