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Creating and selling content has never been easier

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Creating and selling content has never been easier
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In this new video series, we take you behind the scenes with leaders of the departments here at Kajabi to talk about Kajabi features that will improve your online business.

Want to learn how to get into the mindset of continuously delivering value to your customers?

Then you’ll love our latest episode of Let’s Talk, where Court (our VP of Product Experience) and Jeremy (our VP of Product) sit down and discuss all things products.

What Is a Product?

Whether you create an online course, a digital download, a membership site, or a community, these "products" are all ways to package valuable content through Kajabi.

Maybe the "product" is an 8-module online course about how to exercise and get in shape. Or maybe it’s a digital download titled, The Best Ways To Cook A Steak. It can be anything you feel would benefit your customers.

“Creating and delivering products in Kajabi adds value to your customers.”

Once you’ve created your product(s), you can then make an offer for your customers.

What’s An Offer? 

A Kajabi “offer” is how you add a price to your product or set of products.

Once you put together a product, such as an online course or a digital download, you can then put a price tag on that product and sell it as an offer to your customers. 

And if you want to sell a set of products as one bundle, Kajabi’s offer system allows you to do this. 

People love buying in bundles, and offering a set of products as a bundle is another way to structure an offer, giving your customers more options.

How Do Offer Bundles Work? 

Let’s pretend you have a horse breeding business.

Your first product is called, “How To Raise A Healthy Breed”, and then you build another piece of content called, “What To Do With A Misbehaving Horse.”

Down the line, you may want to bundle all of that content you put together into one offer bundle and call it, “Breeding Horses: A Step-By-Step Guide.”

This is a way for new students to get up to speed quickly, without getting confused about which products to purchase. 

What’s Content Expansion?

We tell our customers to start small. Create one small product, and sell it.

But then, once your customer purchases from you, realize that they are now more likely to purchase from you again.

So from there, you can “expand” your content and provide more products to your customers. 

Think of Amazon. When you buy a product from Amazon, they recommend you buy more based on what others like you have purchased. Amazon expands their content by offering more valuable products for their customers. 

When customers purchase from you and are happy with their experience, you've built trust and affinity with them. Expanding on your content and product offering will only help to serve them in more ways.

The Kajabi Mobile App

Our new mobile app will make it possible for your customers to view your content from anywhere and at anytime, without being behind a computer.

How Will It Benefit Your Customers? 

The Kajabi mobile app is built for convenience. By using it, your customers will be able to consume your content from their own phone. 

Plus, you’ll be able to send “push notifications” to improve customer engagement. This is key because the more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to continue to pay for your products.

What’s The Kajabi Library?

The products your customers buy will live in their library, which is what your customers first see when they log in to your site. Their library is a huge part of how they experience your content. 

And what’s great is that Kajabi doesn’t limit the ways you can structure your library. 

Based on the type of products you offer and the customer journey you want to provide, you can design and build out a library that is tailored to your online business.

Whether it be a large list of content like Netflix, Photoshop plugins, or even a sequential order of content you want your customer to consume (think level 1, 2, and 3), the possibilities will be endless.

“You can design and build out an experience that is catered to your online business.”

We are always increasing the “wow factor” of the library, so that your customers are excited and motivated as soon as they interact with your site.

What Does All Of This Mean For You?

Want to know one of the biggest obstacles online business owners like you face? 

It’s product creation. Most people find packaging their content in a way they're proud of to be extremely difficult. 

But with Kajabi, creating products and selling content has never been easier. We give you all of the tools to create desirable products in very little time, so that you can stick to what you love doing: creating a real impact in people’s lives.


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