Meet The Kajabi Team: Patrick MacDowell

Welcome Back to another fun-filled Meet The Kajabi Team Series!

In this series of blogs, we introduce you to some of our awesome Kajabi team members so you can get to know the people that support you and your business here at Kajabi.

Today we're going to introduce you to Senior Android Developer Patrick MacDowell.

Name: Patrick MacDowell

Job Title: Senior Android Developer

What do you do at Kajabi?

Give computers instructions!

As the Android dev in the office, my job is to make sure that the Android applications are working, as bug-free and efficiently as possible.

I create new applications, update old ones, and give recommendations as to the direction of Mobile and what we should or should not implement.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you started working for Kajabi.

I’ve been a Software dev since 2012 or so and thoroughly enjoy programming; I’m one of those nerds who legitimately enjoys my job and has a great time when building something from nothing.

I started working at Kajabi because I was interested in something new and I fell in love with Kajabi’s mission as well as their software approach; finding a culture like this is a rare and golden opportunity that I did not want to pass up.

What is a typical workday like at Kajabi?

I usually start the morning checking for any bug reports/crashes/alerts that require immediate attention.

After that, I will either start working on the day’s coding or watch some tutorials on new subjects depending on the day.

Staying up-to-date with the newest technology is, honestly, a requirement in this line of work.

After tutorials and intro work, I generally spend the rest of the day working on the next project (whatever it is at the time), fixing bugs that arise, and adding new features when they are appropriate.

What’s your favorite part of working for Kajabi?

Combination of my coworkers and the relaxed environment.

If I have to stay home to help my wife + son because of reasons, Kajabi is ok with me working remote for the day; this alone is so incredibly important.

The coworkers are all good people. There is not a single person in the office I dislike and more than a few that I get along with, joke alongside, and share in a love of geekdom-esque conversations.

What’s your spirit animal?


What’s something about your job people wouldn't expect?

There is very little math involved in what I do. People always say they could not program because they are bad at math, but truthfully, I’ve only ever had to do serious math work on one project around 3 years ago!

What’s the most rewarding part of working for Kajabi?

I would not have had a good answer to this prior to the Impact Summit, but after seeing those many hundreds of people getting so excited about growing their business, I realized I was helping a huge number of people create a legacy for their families, and that is freaking awesome.

What emoji are you?

:) no, not an emoji, literally a colon + right parenthesis.

All these kids with their new-fangled emojis.

Back in my day, we used T9 Texting to send emojis!

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I am researching how to implement logic that will allow users to create and update videos directly from their Android device so they can record their courses on-the-go!

What personal item represents you best? 

I’ve been a gamer since I was old enough to reach the TV and set up my Nintendo. My games and platform of choice have changed over the years, but I still thoroughly enjoy a large number of titles. The photo is of a SNES controller which was my second Game system and, arguably, the one I spent the most time with in my younger years as some of my all-time favorites are on that platform.

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