Member Progress, Video Stats, and Multi-Currency

Today, we’re announcing new game-changing features to Kajabi...

One of them is going to seriously expand the reach of your online business and the other is going to help you significantly improve your student’s learning experience.

Build A Global Business With Multi-Currency*

When selling online courses, you don’t want to limit your potential customer base by offering only one currency, you want the flexibility to set any type of currency that meets your audience.

That’s why Kajabi gives you the power to build an Offer in the currency of your choosing, and set that as a purchase option. All you have to do is create an Offer, pick the currency, and you’re set!

Now you can expand the reach of your digital products and serve a global audience with multi-currency (and don’t worry, your Sales Dashboard will reflect any foreign sales).

Check out the video we filmed to get a better idea of what multi-currency is going to mean for you and the growth of your business.

* While Kajabi gives you full flexibility in your payment options, some countries may not supported yet by Stripe with this feature.  For more information visit Stripe's support page.

Member Progress & Video Stats

We know how important it is to see how your members are consuming your courses, so we’ve rolled out the ability to track your student's’ course progress and video stats to show you how your videos are performing.

That means you can see engagement and view stats on your videos, as well as see the completion progress of individual students through a course.

The best part is that all of this data is actionable. With better insights, you can:

  • Get an overview of how your students are progressing through courses and lessons
  • See where students are getting stuck so you can adjust lessons or provide one-on-one help
  • Learn what type of content works best with your students and build more of it

Data insights are going to be huge for your improving your digital product experience, and all of this is baked right into your Kajabi account!

Watch our video above to get a close-up look on how our new stats work (we’ll show you how it works inside our own Kajabi University!).


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