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Make your branding shine with customizable text options

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Make your branding shine with customizable text options
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Being able to customize your site and services is a core part of what makes your business successful, and helps you build a memorable experience that is authentic to your brand. That’s why we’re happy to roll out a new feature improvement that empowers you to customize text throughout your sales flow.

In particular, this new improvement lets you customize your email opt-in at checkout  and create a unique upsell cancellation message. This has been a hotly-requested feature from you Kajabi Heroes and we’re happy to roll this out.

Customize your email opt-in at checkout

Your Kajabi checkout has an email opt-in checkbox that can subscribe customers to your site’s emails. Not only is this checkbox a requirement for some regions, but it’s also a great way to engage customers and potentially turn them into repeat customers.

The above image shows the default, fairly-neutral language. But with this latest improvement, you can put whatever text you want there.

We’re excited to see how you Kajabi Heroes use this:

  • You can personalize that text to reflect your branding and voice 
  • You can use that text to let your customers know exactly what to expect and when 
  • You can even use it to provide specific translations for different languages and regions

Additionally, this customization option is good for you Kajabi Heroes who need your customers to opt-in to email to deliver the purchased product like an emailed PDF or a Zoom link.

How to customize your email opt-in text at checkout

It’s simple to customize your upsell cancellation message: 

  • Log into your Kajabi account 
  • Click on the Settings tab (#1)
  • Click on the “Checkout Setting” menu (#2)
  • Check the checkbox that says “Use custom text” #3 
  • Fill in your preferred custom messaging. 

Here’s how it will look to your customers:

Please note that the text you choose is customized site-wide, and cannot be different for each offer or product.

Customize the upsell cancellation message

Great copywriting improves your conversion rates and adds to your bottom line. Even in seemingly minor places, great copy can help your business.

That’s why we’re making the upsell cancellation message customizable. The upsell cancellation message is the copy that accompanies the “no” part of the upsell:

Like with the email opt-in, customizing this section lets you add your brand’s unique tone and voice. You can even add translations for specific regions and languages you’re targeting with your upsell.

To customize the cancel portion of the upsell, simply add your custom text to the new “Cancel button text.”

This text can be different for every upsell, so feel free to experiment with different messages. Here’s what your customers will see:

Start customizing today

We’re thrilled to see how you Kajabi Heroes use your creativity and branding with these new customization capabilities. This feature improvement has been rolled out to 100% of Kajabi Heroes, so you can put your best copywriting forward immediately.

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