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Overcome Entrepreneur Burnout With This Week's Kajabi Hero

Overcome Entrepreneur Burnout With This Week's Kajabi Hero
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Chances are, you already know what you’re passionate about.

We all have at least one thing that inspires us to go after it. This passion can drive us to do amazing things, but do you ever find that sometimes that passion just kinda runs out?

We’ve all been there.

You know what your passion is...

But do you know what your purpose is?

And how does Kajabi fit into that?

For our newest Kajabi Hero, Scott Perry, founder of The Stoic Guitarist, his purpose was clear. And Kajabi made that purpose so much easier to pursue.

With his purpose as an engine, Scott built a business that took him straight to Kajabi Hero status! We have the exclusive details about his journey, plus some insight straight from the stoic guitarist himself that could help you find a renewed sense of passion for your business.

So think about these questions again. And keep them in mind as you continue through this post.

What is your purpose?

And how does Kajabi fit into that?

In this post, we'll dig into Scott's story and help give you the tools to answer these questions for yourself.

Here's what I'll cover:

  • How Scott built a successful business with Kajabi despite some intense competition.
  • How relying on passion alone can become a trap for your business.
  • And how to find your purpose to unlock a never-ending supply of passion in your business.
  • Plus some more tips for your journey. (Spoiler alert: you can leave behind a legacy that rings true to your purpose.)

I'm super excited to share Scott’s insight with you today!

I'll cover some really deep questions and points that could be a complete game-changer for your business. (Even if you are just getting started in your journey as an entrepreneur.)

So let's get started!

What is A Stoic Guitarist? And How Did One Become A Kajabi Hero?

Stoicism is a Hellenistic philosophy born in the age of gladiators in 3rd century BC. It places emphasis on logic and reason even during difficult situations.

In a nutshell, stoicism is this: we have minimal control (if any) of what life sends our way, but we do have total control over how we react and respond to things outside of ourselves.

Scott wanted a way to combine his stoic philosophy, with his creativity and passion for music. He already taught guitar one on one, but he wanted to do something more.

So he went online and settled into a unique niche: creatives who are interested in stoicism. And for him, Kajabi was the easiest platform to pursue his purpose.

He wanted to create guided guitar lessons online, but here’s the thing…

There was already a ton of competition in the guitar lesson niche.

Did Scott let that that stop him?

No way!

Scott moved forward and launched his website. He published an ebook as a free opt-in, not really sure where it would lead him and his business.

That one ebook collected about 150 targeted leads.

The next step in Scott’s journey was building his business even more on social media.

He put all of the people who downloaded his book in a Facebook group and built a community of musicians and creatives who were on the same page with his philosophy and values.

Then, after about 4 months, he reached out to his community to decide what the next step was for his business.  

He published a poll asking his audience what topics they’d be interested in, how they’d like it to be delivered, and how much they would be willing to pay for it.

After reviewing what his audience wanted, Scott turned to Zoom and invited his audience to buy a webinar.

He charged $20, and filled each of the 50 spaces he had available!

You catch that?

His very first webinar sold out!

And that was only the beginning!

Scott has created a powerful community and a steady stream of income by pursuing his purpose. So how can you follow his lead and be the next Kajabi Hero?

What can you learn from his story?

Don’t Get Stuck In The Passion Trap

If you’ve spent any length of time browsing the Kajabi blog or listening to Kajabi Hero interviews, you know how much we value passion.  

But here’s the deal:

Passion isn't always enough.

Before you jump to conclusions though, hear me out.

Passion can be a little fickle sometimes. It is a valuable resource in the entrepreneurial toolbox, but it is a resource that can run dry.

If you are relying on passion alone to build a successful business, you could fall into a trap. If you run out of passion, you can lose your momentum and motivation to see things through to the end.

We’ve all felt this at some point in our lives.

I know I have.

There was a time in my life when I was really passionate about art; graphite portraits to be specific.

I wanted to make money as a professional portrait artist! I had this vision of doing something I loved (and getting a little rich and famous too.) :)

I invested a bunch of money into professional quality pencils in several degrees of hardness. I got top of the line paper. (Believe it or not, artists spend a bunch of money on thick, perfectly textured paper.)

Blending stumps, specialty erasers, and even quality (expensive) pencil sharpeners; I supplied myself with every tool I needed to pursue my passion.

I spent hours every day with my pencils and paper trying to perfect my skills. My goal was to create drawings that looked as real as a black and white photograph.

Did I ever achieve my goal of artistic realism?

Well… what do you think? (Hint: eh… not so much.)

I had a passion for drawing. And I got pretty good at portraits. But eventually my passion fizzled out, and I couldn’t bring myself to keep practicing.

Because I didn’t let my purpose drive my art endeavors, my passion ran out. I haven’t touched those pencils since.

But Scott discovered there is a way to make your passion for your business a renewable resource.

So what is Scott’s secret? How does he keep his business out of this passion trap?

Find Your Purpose And Unlock A Renewable Supply of Passion

Passion may be a valuable resource.

But purpose…

That is a real driving force.

When your business is driven by purpose, it makes your passion a bottomless well. (Even if you don’t have a clear plan of action or specific strategy long term.)

Maybe this is what you’ve been missing in your business.

Maybe your passion ran dry a long time ago.

If you are burned out, stressed beyond your limits, and just not having fun in your business anymore, this could be the answer for you. Maybe purpose is all you need to revive your passion and start loving what you do again.

You’re probably thinking:

How do I find my purpose?

Scott has designed a great system exactly for this. (He even has a great diagram to illustrate it.)


Let’s dive into this for a second. How do you find a purpose that will drive your business where you want it to go?

Get a piece of paper and draw the 3 circles in the diagram.

What You Do

In this circle put some things you're good at.

Hobbies, areas of skill or expertise, or maybe even a job that you’ve had or still have; fill in this circle with three things that you do.

  • Maybe you are really great at scrapbooking. 
  • Maybe you lead a group at a local community center. 
  • Maybe you are really good at organizing your home.

Whatever it may be; write it here.

For Scott, he creates awesome music and teaches people how to play and master the guitar.

Who You Are

Think about who you are as a person.

What are your beliefs and values? Do you have a family? What makes you, you?

Put three things in this circle that sum up who you are as a person.

  • Maybe you’re a mom who lost a child. 
  • Maybe you’re a spiritual leader who mentors troubled teen boys. 
  • Maybe you’re a single dad trying to be everything your kids need you to be.

Scott is a musician with a strong belief in stoicism.

Those You Serve

Who needs you?

This can be a tough one to answer. Especially when you're new to your entrepreneurial journey, it can be hard to imagine that you have anything of value to offer someone.

But I firmly believe that everyone has something inside of them that can benefit the world.

List three people who need your knowledge, or skill. Here are some examples:

  • A mom who lost a loved one and wants to make a beautiful scrapbook as a memorial, but doesn’t know how. 
  • A man who wants to reach out to troubled teens using his faith and leadership, but isn’t sure how to start a group of his own. 
  • A single dad who struggles to keep the house organized and it’s impacting his kids’ lives.

The people who need Scott are musicians who are interested in stoic philosophy.

See how this is coming together yet?

Out of the three options in the “What You Do” and “Who You Are” circles, which one resonates with you the most?

Out of these three points, there is sure to be a solid combination.

Where all of the circles intersect, you’ll find your purpose.

Before I introduced you to Scott, I can almost bet that you would never have made a connection between guitar lessons and stoicism.

But using this process, Scott found a purpose for his business, and it took him straight to Kajabi Hero status.

This is so important.

If you are just starting your journey, make sure to get this right from the beginning.

When your niche is in alignment with your values and talents, then you will have a purpose that will never run out of passion.

And if you already own a business and your passion has fizzled out, maybe this is the answer for you too.

Less is more. Keep it simple.

Now that you know your purpose I want to cover another important point in Scott’s interview:

Don't do too much.

What do I mean by that?

Here’s the deal…

You can make following your purpose really hard. Or you can make it really easy.

Which sounds like the better option to you? (Hint: I’ll take the easy way any day of the week!)

You don't need a state of the art studio, backdrop, or equipment.

All you need is a computer and your phone. (And if you want to boost your brand with live video check this post out.)

You don’t need to invest a ton of money to build a successful business.

You don’t even need any experience making money online to get started right now.

You don't have to go big. Go tiny. Then scale up a little bit at a time

I know this works because I see it everyday. We have Heroes who’ve done really well for themselves with short and simple video courses. (By short, I’m talking, 3 or 4 videos short. How’s that for simplicity!)

The important part is that you are genuine and authentic. Stay true to your purpose, and don’t pressure yourself to do anything more than bite-sized, actionable pieces of content if you’re just starting out.  

You don’t have to be perfect.

Just be you.

What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind?

Think about that word for a second.


The truth is, we only have a limited amount of time on this earth.

So what do you want to leave behind?

Here’s the thing.

You have the power to create something here on this earth that lives beyond you. And when you fill your life and business with purpose you have a unique opportunity to make an impact on this world for the better.

When you think of your legacy, do you imagine some huge empire or powerful contribution that you’ve made to the world?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of pressure. (And a whole lot of work.)

But what if I told you that making an impact can happen one day at a time. And it doesn’t have to be hard.

What’s the least you can do to make the biggest impact?

I can't answer that question in every area of your business.

But I do want to give you an opportunity to fill your business with purpose and make a huge impact on the world.

The purpose part... That’s up to you.

Only you can find your true purpose in your business. Once you nail that, you are becoming who you were always meant to be as an entrepreneur.

And for the impact part, there is a way to build an online business effortlessly. There is a way to leverage all of your purpose and passion into the income, lifestyle, and legacy you want to have.

I want to give you the chance to get started on that journey.

Or if you are already on that path, I want to invite you to see if Kajabi can make your journey easier.

Take all that purpose and passion and give Kajabi a try for 14 days. Maybe you could even be the next Kajabi Hero, and I’ll be writing your story here too.

How’s that for a legacy?

What do you think of Scott’s killer purpose diagram? Pretty cool huh? Did it help you discover (or maybe reaffirm) your purpose in your business? Let me know in the comments what you came up with using Scott’s diagram.

And if you want to learn more about Scott and his courses check out his website: The Stoic Guitarist 

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