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Product Improvement: Use enhanced data exports to grow your revenue

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Product Improvement: Use enhanced data exports to grow your revenue
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We know you Kajabi Heroes are always looking for ways to improve your business. That’s why we’re happy to announce improvements to your data exports. This product improvement will empower you to get more detailed data to optimize your business.

TL;DR: You can now customize the data you export from your Payments, Offer Setup or Offer List pages. This will help you make better data-informed decisions on pricing, upsells, coupons and more.

Improvements to data export

We’ve made multiple improvements to your data exports so you can quickly learn what drives more sales. From there, you can pull the correct levers to increase future sales.

You can now customize the dates you’d like it to include in an export of your data from your Payments, Offer Setup or Offer List pages. You can set up custom data ranges or use the included handy shortcuts like “Last 7 days.”

Previously, the export data would include all data for all time by default. By having custom date ranges, you can really narrow down on specific campaigns or time periods. From there, you can incorporate that insight into your future planning. This will also lead to smaller, more manageable reports … so say goodbye to that giant Excel or Google Sheet you’re constantly referencing.

You can also get more granular details in your Offer Exports. We’ve added a field to your data export that will help you identify who bought an offer because of an order bump versus an individual or upsold offer.

Do you offer coupons for email signups or for Black Friday? You can now easily know how many people redeemed those coupons with your data exports. Not only does this show you how effective your coupons are, it can help reconcile your books about why some payments don’t match the expected price.

Finally, we know some Kajabi Heroes ship physical merchandise and lean on data exports to keep track of that. Using the specific data ranges with Offer exports will make managing shipping physical merchandise easier than ever.

How to use enhanced exports to improve your business

Features don’t matter unless they help you grow your business. The improvements to our data exports were built with that in mind. You can spend less time working in spreadsheets and more time getting insights into what makes your business successful.

For example, if your knowledge commerce business ran a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale, you’ll want to know specific information about that time period. You can easily export your data for that time period to see what impact your seasonal campaigns and discounts had.

From there, you can take those insights and apply it to future campaigns. For example: 

  • Maybe your new Order Bump led to a higher average revenue per user. You should consider including this on every offer you have. 
  • Maybe your coupons were effective at driving conversions. You might consider offering these more often while adjusting your pricing to maintain your preferred margins. 
  • Maybe your holiday specials didn’t work at all. You might learn that your audience isn’t as discount-sensitive as others and you can include that knowledge in future offerings.

The customizable data export option is now available for all Kajabi Heroes.

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