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The Power of Push-Button Kajabi Pipelines

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The Power of Push-Button Kajabi Pipelines
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"With great power comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben, Spiderman

If you sell anything online than you’ve most likely heard of the concept of “pipelines” and how crucial they are to building your digital business.

Some call them funnels, flows, or customer journeys, among many other things. But at Kajabi we like to refer to them as Pipelines because just like a pipe carries items efficiently and effectively to a well thought out destination, so too does a Kajabi Marketing Pipeline.

But not all “pipelines” are created equal.

Some do less, some do more, and a few do everything you need.

Within this short blog we’re going to cover these three main questions:

  1. What exactly is a Kajabi Pipeline?
  2. Why are they important?
  3. How could you use them in your online business?

So off we go...

What Exactly Is A Kajabi Pipeline 

If there was ever a feature of the Kajabi platform which made your life as a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur inch closer to that ideal dream of you running your business with toes in the sand and drink in the hand...it’d be our professionally designed and pre-built Pipelines.

Here’s what I mean...

Imagine you wanted to incorporate some sort of a live or automated webinar into your business.

Which for those of you selling online courses, this is an absolutely brilliant idea and one we highly recommend using if it fits your business model.

So there you are...you’ve decided the best way to sell your flagship course “Facebook Advertising For Smart Dummies” is through a pre-recorded webinar.

Well, there’s some good and bad news. Please don’t shoot the messenger ; )

The good news?

Selling via webinar has consistently proven to convert offers under $3,000 with incredible effectiveness. So you’re most likely not too far from that life-changing payday you’ve been waiting for. And we both know you’ve earned it!

But the bad news?

Everything now required to make that webinar a success.

Because with even just a simple webinar, you’ll be needing a registration page, confirmation page, webinar hosted page, sales page, and a check out page.

Plus all the copy, design, pre and post email sequences, and all those automated timing elements that make it all run on autopilot. Jeesh.

And if you’re not some sort of silicon valley software wizard and can’t custom code this yourself, we’ll you’re in for some long and frustrating nights. Or at the very least duct taping multiple software solutions together which studies show is the fastest path possible to a lifelong mind melting migraine.

(kinda joking...kinda not)

But those nightmares are over because dreams really do come true with Kajabi Pipelines.

Still want to launch that webinar? No problem!


Within Kajabi simply headover to the Pipelines tab and choose the pre-built one you’d like to select. You’ll see everything from free reports and product launches, to virtual summits and live events.

And of course your webinar pipeline to sell that premium priced online course of yours.

Simply click and VIOLA! Everything you need is magically produced for you. The pages, the layout, the design elements, the timing structure...everything.

You just plug in your own content and you’re good to go!

What used to take weeks and months to get up and going now takes only minutes.

But it gets better because these pre-built templates weren’t smething we just hucked together at the last minute. No, not in the least bit. Not here at Kajabi.

These beauties were created from the highest converting templates being used by our most successful #kajabiheros, then built by our best in the business software and design team.

So you can be confident that when using one of these templates you’re essentially piggy backing off hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars invested into that single tool. And it’s all yours!

Why Are Pipelines Important?

As you know, teaching others online isn’t just about teaching. While that’s a huge piece of it, it’s also about leadership and helping your customers advance in their skills or knowledge step by step.

Your pipeline is the tool you’ll use to help take them from where they are and lead them to where they want to go. Making the process smooth, automated, and consistent across your business.

Yet not only are pipelines essential in your customers' journey, they’re also a pipeline to increased profits.

They can help generate and sustain profits in 3 ways…

1. Money Is Attracted To Speed

As a digital business owner the faster you can act upon your ideas -- bringing what’s in your head into reality -- typically the faster you’ll see revenue generated. If you have an idea for a new mini-course and immediately record the content, but then struggle and lose momentum building out the pages necessary to sell it...well, your customers AND your pockets will both suffer.

2. Marketing and Sales Flow Together

By using Pipelines you help blend together your marketing and sales. Your customer can go from initial opt-in, straight into your webinar, and exit onto your checkout page without ever feeling any sort of disconnect. Your front end marketing and your process of closing the sale all feels like one piece increasing conversions every step of the way.

3. Enhances Customer Experience

Within each Pipeline you can create dynamic paths to be taken dependant upon the actions (or non actions) of each of your customers or prospects. This type of behavior driven marketing not only helps you produce more sales, but also helps enhances your customer experience as your marketing becomes more personal.

Pipelines are the tool to help you convert interest into sales, and sales into lifetime customers.

How Can You Use Them In Your Online Business?

Maybe you’re thinking of launching a new product and want to release some educational videos leading up to the official opencart?


Just choose the “Product Launch” Pipeline and you’ll get every page you need already formatted in the way you need it. Just drop in your videos, tweak some of the copy, and you’re off!

There’s a pre-built pipeline for everything you need to effectively sell your knowledge online through courses, digital products, live events, and even coaching.

Plus there’s even the option to build a pipeline from scratch or customize an existing one by adding or removing pages, designing it exactly how you want it.

Everything seamless integrates together and only needs to be set up once! Think of that.

You can truly build it once and leverage it for life!

They can be used for cold traffic, warm traffic, or even for existing customers.

With our done for you templates, you can go from Zero To Hero in a matter of minutes and have your product (or someone else's product) ready for sale by the end of the day!

Use Kajabi to Turn Your Knowledge And Content Into Products You Can Sell

We know that you have something to teach the world. We also know there are people out there who want to learn what you know.

That’s why we created Kajabi. It’s a full-featured platform that allows professionals like you to create their own businesses from home.

But sometimes knowing if your idea is the “right idea”, or how to get your first few email subscribers, launch your first product, or even make your first sale can be...well, intimidating.

That’s why we just launched our brand new, 100% FREE, 3-part video training series called:

“3 Simple Steps To Quickly Launching Your First Online Mini-Course”

If you’re ready to monetize your knowledge but don’t know where to start...start here today.

Inside this free mini-class, we’ll teach you exactly how to create a course that matches your market’s demands and primes them to buy. Zero tech experience required.

Get instant access to the first video by going here:

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