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Show Up For Your Business With This Week's #kajabihero

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Show Up For Your Business With This Week's #kajabihero
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Imagine your business is a living breathing person.

You’ve made a commitment to them, and at the beginning of your relationship you planned out how your life together would look.

What would happen if you started standing them up for dates? What if instead of engaging and being fully present with them every single day you sat on the couch watching Netflix and playing around on social media?

What do you think the odds are of that relationship being successful long term?

Let’s just say, if your business was a person and you weren’t showing up in the relationship…

Can you say “dumped?”

So what does it take to show up for not only your business but for yourself?

Today’s Kajabi Hero, J.J. Gregor knows exactly what showing up everyday means for him. He started his own chiropractic practice in 2002. He became such an expert in his field, in 2009, he started speaking and presenting seminars all over the country.

But the road warrior life was burning him out quick. With Kajabi he’s discovered that he doesn’t have to travel like crazy to show up in his business and make money.

What started as an encyclopedia of his knowledge and experience is evolving into a whole brand that will show families learn how to live healthy, functional lifestyles, (and keep them from needing assistedliving care early in life.)  

This post will cover J.J.’s story and dive into how you can show up for yourself and your business every single day. (Even when you don’t have it all figured out.

From Chiropractor Road Warrior to a Kajabi Hero Building His Own Brand From Home

In school, J.J. destroyed his back playing football. The only thing that put him back together was a skilled chiropractor who knew how to use functional medicine to adjust and heal the body. After that life-changing experience, J.J. knew that was what he wanted to do with his life.

J.J. started his chiropractic practice in 2002.

By 2009 he began teaching functional medicine on stages to help other doctors learn how to treat their patients better. 3 to 4 weekends out of the month, 7 to 8 months a year, he traveled all over the country speaking and presenting seminars. But there was a problem with that: he was burned out and really missing his two kids and wife.

He knew he couldn't maintain his road warrior lifestyle, but he wasn't quite sure how to get his information out there without traveling. He didn’t even have a website.

He stumbled across some Brendon Burchard videos, and they were so inspirational.

With Kajabi could see a way for him to teach people without traveling away from his family all the time. Physically there are only so many people that he could help on his table. With Kajabi he found a way to reach even more people.

Using recordings from his lectures, he put over 100 hours of content into his first digital product. He wanted to be with his kids more than anything, and he knew that this was the way to do it.

He built an online encyclopedia for other doctors. He also uses Kajabi for registration to his speaking events and seminars. Kajabi has helped him build a digital web-presence, streamlines his business, and keeps all of the information he needs to stay organized in one place.

But when he found Kajabi, it was all so seamless and effortless for him to put together.In 2012 J.J. started out on WordPress, and he hated how frustrating it was. With 14 to 15+ plugins he didn't want to have to deal with the headache.

Not only this, his whole online business has evolved into something so much bigger than supporting his chiropractic practice. He is building a complete brand that goes beyond what he does now.

The next step of J.J.’s business is to create two more websites with Kajabi.

He wants to help families learn how to help live a healthy functional lifestyle and teach people how to move, so they don't have to go into assisted living early on in life. He is passionate about helping people live a better more effective life.

(On top of that, his wife has her own business on Kajabi too!)

Kajabi has given J.J. and his wife a way to reach more people without spending even more time away from his family. And what started out as a supplement to his chiropractic practice has evolved into a whole brand that will better people's lives mentally and physically.

Are You Showing Up for Yourself and Your Business?

When your calendar is booked with a lot of tasks you need to finish for your business, it's easy to get lost in the grind. You zombie-shuffle through your week without purpose and go through motions. As time goes on, you start to dread every appointment on your calendar.

You may start to think:

I work hard, right? I can skip out today and do something else if I really want to. What’s playing hooky for a day or two going to hurt?

But long before you stop doing the work and showing up physically… you stop showing up mentally.

How does that impact your business? (Hint: it’s not good.)

What does it mean to show up for yourself in your business? How do you even do it?

When you have commitments, and especially if you work with people one-on-one, you can feel obligated to the other person to be where you said you're going to be at the time you said you'd be there.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to deliver for other people that we forget what our schedule contributes to us. We burn out. We disconnect from our business mentally.

After that happens, it’s harder and harder to physically show up day after day.

Showing up isn’t about forcing yourself to do something that sucks the life out of you. It’s about building a business in a way that, even when it takes hard work, it’s fulfilling and contributes to you and your customers. It’s not about obligation to the point of self-destruction.

It also means knowing yourself, and what it takes for you to stay committed and show up.

For J.J. that means he records at least one piece of content every single day. He knows that if he gets out of the habit of filming, he’ll procrastinate and not do it at all.

For his wife, it means filming once a week.

Are there areas in your business where are you were not fully engaged and present? Do you know yourself well enough to recognize what showing up means for you?

Showing up For Yourself Isn’t About Perfection

All of our stories are one of a kind.

No matter where you’re at in life, you have knowledge and passion that can impact people all over the world. The internet opens up so many doors you to pursue your passion and monetize your knowledge.

This isn’t about get rich quick schemes or scamming your way to the top. And our Kajabi Heroes aren't lucky people who just so happened to stumble across a big break. They chose to show up imperfectly.

It still takes work, dedication, and purpose to build a business. The internet didn’t change that. What it did change was how high the bar is for brand new entrepreneurs.

Before, you had to invest tens of thousands of dollars to set up a brick and mortar shop. Even then you were limited on how big your customer base could be in a single location.

Now, you can start a global, multimillion-dollar business while sitting at home in your pajamas. On the flipside, you can even start your a business living on the road; traveling across the country or even the world as a digital nomad if you really want to.

The only limits to what you can accomplish today are in your own mind.

Most of the work is simply showing up every day.

If that sounds like a lot of pressure and things have to be perfect.. Let’s take a step back.

Having it all figured out, isn’t the key factor to success (no matter how much your inner perfectionist insists.)

You know what I’m talking about.

You feel something stirring inside you. Something rolls around in your head that you just can’t shake. When you go to step out and pursue that idea…

Alarm bells!

But wait! You need the perfect plan before you step into this!

So instead of stepping up and showing up, you step back. You stay in your comfort zone and aren’t fully present in your ambitions and your dreams.

Want to know a secret…

Because Perfect Doesn't Matter

Actually, perfection can make you unrelatable and off-putting to the people you need to connect with.

You don't need to have every step in the process figured it out because when you step up and show up in your business... that's 80% of the work right there. It doesn't have to be perfect; it simply means discovering what showing up means for you.

Like I mentioned earlier, for J.J. that means filming something every single day.

If you market yourself better through writing that could mean writing every day.

If you’re a podcaster, it could mean recording audio every day.

Designer? Work on designing every day.

If you want to build your own course, start planning it out and creating the content.

Perfectionism is a never ending critic that will keep you stuck.

Showing up can mean a lot of things to different people. Here’s a list to get the ideas flowing if you still feel stuck:

  • Setting a schedule that works for you. (And actually sticking to it.)
  • Showing up for your customers/clients when they need assistance.
  • Having a vision for the future and taking the steps every day to get there.
  • Some people like to write a contract to themselves of promises they want to keep and hang it on the wall where they can see it every day.
  • Creating content every day.
  • Investing in education or training for your business even when you fell scared to learn something new.
  • Taking responsibility for yourself instead of making excuses.
  • Focus on one main thing each day for a well-rounded business. (Kind of like strength training different muscle groups for overall strength.)
  • Moving forward even when you aren’t feeling it that day.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries in your life and business and making sure you’re taking care of yourself.
  • Not being so “busy” or have too many things on your plate that you don’t have time for high-priority tasks.
  • Keeping your appointments even when you’re tempted to reschedule with no good reason.
  • Knowing when it’s time to reevaluate your approach when things aren’t working and refocusing your efforts.
  • Knowing when it’s time to outsource or hire a new team member to grow your business.
  • Setting yourself up for success by creating a productive work environment and minimizing distractions.

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of what showing up for yourself and your business means. But the most important factor is taking action even when you don’t know exactly what comes next.  

When you show up every day mentally and physically, you will move forward and make your vision for your business a reality.

Show Up, Step Out, And Choose to Take Action

You didn’t think I’d leave things at that, did you?

Motivation and helpful tips are great and all, but here’s the scary part...

The part where I invite you to take all of this information and act on it.

Where are you not showing up in your business?

Maybe there’s something you’ve been putting off or too scared to try.

For some people, it could be setting up your first email collecting lead magnet.

For others, it may be getting on Facebook Live every day for the next 30 days (kind of like another Hero Bob Heilig.)

Whatever it may be, I want you to choose to take action and do at least one thing to show up today. Commit to yourself and your business and dive in.

Take a little time to envision what your ideal day of showing up looks like. When do you wake up? What tasks do you focus on? What does your marketing plan look like? What does your website look like?

Do you see Kajabi fitting into this vision?

If you’re not sure, don’t stress or overthink it. I want to encourage you to try Kajabi out, completely free, for the next 14 days.

Maybe Kajabi can make it easier for you to show up every day because you won’t be wasting so much time dealing with the technical aspects of running your business, creating a stunning website, and sharing your knowledge with the world.

Maybe, if you commit to start showing up, I’ll be writing your Kajabi Hero story next.

And if you want to learn more about J.J. and his business click here to check out his website. 

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