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Sign Language coach has $3,000 launch day with Kajabi

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Sign Language coach has $3,000 launch day with Kajabi
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Joshua Ledbetter is an experienced knowledge entrepreneur, having started in the fitness industry in 2011. In 2021, he learned about Kajabi and knew he wanted to check out the platform for a new course topic. 

Read on to learn about his amazing journey with sharing his expertise online and how he is helping bridge communication gaps - at the same time: 

What inspired you to get into creating online courses?

After graduating college with my degree in 2010, I filled out more than seventy job applications and couldn't land a job in person. I am deaf and already was seen as disadvantaged over other job prospects. 

Fueled with frustration, I decided to start my online business and run it along with my wife, Julie, for the last ten years. I experienced a lot of success with our digital products and services in the health and fitness industry.

Starting with Kajabi in 2021

While researching to find a better and automated platform, I came across Kajabi I saw a lot of potential with it, but I wasn't sure what I could offer at that time because I was distracted by other things in my life.

Several months later, I started receiving messages on social media asking where people could learn sign language. After a few hours of research, I wasn't satisfied with the sign language courses provided on the Internet, and I knew I had to do something about it. 

So I dove in and created a sign language course on Kajabi to test drive the platform while to helping individuals learn how to communicate with a deaf or hard-of-hearing person.

It came as a surprise how easy it was to set up, and I was able to generate four-figure income from my first launch and knew I had to keep the user-friendly platform going.

What did you do first in Kajabi?

The first step I took was to go through Kajabi's tutorials on their YouTube channel to learn the ins and outs of the platform and make sure I understand how to get everything set up – especially with their closed captioning. Second, I began to look for the solutions individuals were looking to get out of a sign language course to help me build the best course possible. Finally, while making the online course, I began to build my email list of over five hundred subscribers to
ensure I'll have a successful launch once the course's completed and ready to go.

When did you launch your first digital product?

After a few months of researching and building my online course, I launched it on August 3, 2021, and generated more than $3,000 on my first day.

Image of Joshua Ledbetter using a laptop in a cafe staring into the distance

How do you promote your digital info product? What's been the most successful marketing method for you?

Email marketing (and keeping it personalized) has been my most successful marketing method, next to social media creation. I think it is essential to capture email addresses (and phone numbers if permissible) as they are the easiest way to get in touch with next to creating content for social media where the targeted audience hangs out.

It is also an exciting experience to watch along the journey with the course I've been building and tell them "why" I decided to create because authenticity is the missing piece. I'm giving them what they crave – to be a part of this process together.

From what I've learned with Kajabi, I have built a list of 500 subscribers, and grew my online presence!

Did you experience any difficulties or setbacks regarding knowledge commerce since signing up? How did you overcome them?

The most significant setback in my experience was figuring out what type of video was the best fit for my audience and deciding if I should include voiceovers or keep it simple with closed captioning. To overcome this, I asked my audience with multiple choices that would give them benefits and see if I could find additional tools and resources to assist them with their learning process throughout the course.

It turns out they wanted all of the videos to be closed-captioned without voiceovers to help them stay focused, and with patience, I was able to solve this problem.

What do you plan to do in 2022 related to Kajabi and building your knowledge business?

I plan to set up multiple landing pages with automation inside Kajabi to help and deliver free tools and resources in exchange for email addresses to further build my email list. In addition, it'll free up my time to focus on creating content for social media and paid ads and launch my second online course!

Do you have any other advice for new Kajabi Heroes?

My main takeaway is to continue using all of the tools and resources that Kajabi provides because the team is genuinely interested in helping me succeed. The best part? I only used about 30% of Kajabi, and I am looking to use and maximize Kajabi's platform to the fullest next year, especially with the landing page and automation features!

Learn to serve your customers in a "sub-niche" market, identify their problems, present your solutions, guide them to your fullest possible without expecting anything in return, and choose them over profit leads to sustainable business long-term.

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