Single Mom Turns Credit Trouble Into Online Success

How Jeanne Kelly Went From $125 In The Bank To CNN Calling Her

How does a single mom with only $125 to her name become a sought-after credit professional and speaker??

Jeanne Kelly’s journey didn’t start with success and glory. It started when she was a recently divorced mom who couldn’t get an apartment because her credit was too bad. She was a college drop-out without a career.

With those circumstances it wasn’t looking good for Jeanne at that point.

How easy would it be to label yourself a failure and just decide life is over? Jeanne had a lot working against her, but she didn't give up.

She knew she had to breathe life into her credit if she had any hope of making it. So she got to work and, through trial and error, she figured out how to get her credit in good standing again.

With no prior experience, she went head first into the front lines, took control of her situation and after three years, she did it. She had healthy credit again.

Once she discovered how to revive bad credit, she felt a call on her life to help other people do the same. She wanted to make helping people, even people who’ve filed bankruptcy, her mission in life. So with only the knowledge she had about how she restored her credit, and $125 in her bank account she grabbed the phone book and started calling mortgage offices.

She experienced rejection after rejection until, by chance, she got in contact with a mortgage office who listened to what she had to offer.

Then CNN Called

Jeanne Kelly, working out of a basement, somehow got the attention of CNN and then the New York Times, seeking her quotes, all within her first year of business.

She’s written two books. She’s been on The Today Show, and The Lisa Oz Show. Now, Jeanne is one of the nation’s most sought after credit experts…

You get that?

This amazing woman, who started out with an apartment rejection, is now the person thousands of people turn to to revive their credit scores and improve their lives

It doesn’t get any more self made than that!

None of this would’ve happened if she allowed her grim circumstances to keep her down.

It wasn’t until a year ago that Jeanne Kelly decided to take her knowledge to the digital world with her online courses. After struggling with Wordpress she found Kajabi and, with much less effort, she was building products and making sales. About $2,700 in her first 7 days to be exact. These aren’t one-time payments however, these are subscription sales.

Use Rejection to Your Advantage

Rejection can be a good thing.

Before you sit there shaking your head, think about Jeanne’s story and what she’s achieved

Now think about your story.

Where are you in life? What are YOUR circumstances??

If you feel like a failure… great! Use that! Learn from it. Use any rejection as fuel to propel yourself forward.

You may be sitting there thinking, “Okay… but how? I’m not a credit expert!”

How do you build a career for yourself out of nothing? How do you create a successful business out of thin air even if you feel like a failure?

I don’t want to just inspire you today. I want to give you some tangible next steps to get you started in the direction you want to go with your business.

How to Use Jeanne Kelly’s Strategies to Kickstart Your Business

When I spoke with Jeanne Kelly about her journey she gave me some insider tips that you can use right now to get your business started. And now that you have this information, you can get there quicker than if you were just winging it on your own.

So….what is Jeanne’s biggest piece of advice?

Don’t Waste Time!

There is something you can do today to get your business started. You may not have a raving success overnight, but until you start, you will never build your business into what you want it to be.

“The only failure is not to do something. You cannot fail at trying.”
-Jeanne Kelly

You will have to create your own business model suited to what you’re passionate about. Jeanne Kelly needed to find people with bad credit. So she started by calling mortgage companies, because she knew that was the best place to start to find her ideal consumer.

There is no one way to start a business, and depending on the type of business you want to have it can vary even more. But here are a few ways for you to stop wasting time and get your business started.

  • Write it Down

Get a pen and paper and write out your business plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be pretty, but writing it down in front of you on paper is like building a roadmap for yourself. A roadmap that can adapt and be edited along your journey is a great foundation. What will you offer? Who will you offer it to? How will you deliver it (Kajabi of course)? How will it positively affect their lives?

  • Know what you have to offer

Everyone has something to share with the world. Jeanne knew, when she figured out how to fix her credit, she had something valuable to offer people.

There’s a way to market just about anything today and turn it into a business. What do you want to share with the world? It could be a hobby you love, how you overcame a serious illness or trial in your life, maybe you’re really good at designing logos. At Kajabi, we’ve seen it all!

  • Ditch perfectionism and take action

Perfectionism can be an asset, but a lot of time it can damage your efforts in building your own business. Imperfection wins more often than not. You can always tweak, adapt, and change as you go, but until you get out and do it you won’t have anything to build on. Live by this mantra: “Done is better than perfect.”

  • Find your platform

It’s better to be really good at one social media platform than okay at several. If you can pick one platform, get to know it, and learn how to use it really well and you will have much better results than trying them all at once. You can always add more in later as you go. But for right now pick one and master it before you add another.

  • Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

Jeanne’s first yes started out as a rejection. She’d call and call with no response (which sometimes stings even worse than a flat out no.) Then, by chance, she was connected with the right person and wouldn’t let them hang up until they heard her out.

Jeanne built her leads for her coaching business with nothing but a phone book.

RIght now you have access to near unlimited resources and tools to start your business. So what’s stopping you?

You can change your life more quickly than you may realize with a lot of hard work and perseverance. Stop making excuses, kick your fear to the curb, and start making things happen for yourself.

Now, get out there and hustle! Let me know in the comments how you've overcome rejection or put hustle into your plan.

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