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6 ways to improve your Facebook ads

6 ways to improve your Facebook ads
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Are you using Facebook ads to sell more of your online courses or coaching?

It’s an awesome option for those who’ve already generated sales with their courses and are looking to bring in new customers and scale.

But maybe you’re wondering what tweaks you could make to improve your ads performance?

Or you’ve done plenty of research and now feel confident to launch your first ad but could still use a few quick pointers?

In this article we’ll review 6 different ideas you can use to increase the conversions of your ads and generate even more sales of your digital products.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately this isn’t a step by step comprehensive “How To” guide for someone who’s never used Facebook ads before. Trying to cover all of the necessary information to help that person would not only be nearly impossible, but ineffective as well because of how frequently things change.

If you’ve never ran Facebook ads for your business before but know you want to, here’s a few simple suggestions to get you started:

  • Google, Youtube, and Facebook Groups will be your very best friends. Take the ad creation process step by step and use these different platforms to get the answers to your questions as they arise.
  • Keep it simple. Instead of trying to launch 3-4 different ads on your very first try, launch one instead. Maybe two.
  • Spend no more than a daily $15-$20 budget if it’s your first time. This lowers your risk, allows you more of an opportunity to learn, and makes the beginning process far less stressful

Follow these tips above if you’re brand new...then stay patient, ask lots of questions, and tweak everything as you go.

Facebook Ads are a tremendous online traffic source for nearly all of our most successful Knowledge Commerce entrepreneurs and can likely be a game changer for you too once you’ve generated your first few sales.

The rest of this article contains 6 ideas for those of you who currently have campaigns out there or have ran them in the past.

We’ll cover more “concept” in this article as opposed to getting into the nitty gritty of each point because, as you know, things change quickly and the “how to” which works today may not work tomorrow.

But these bigger concepts should remain for the long run.

So with all that out of the way, let’s dive into our 6 ideas to improving Facebook ads...

Idea #1: The Simplest Ad of All

If in the past you’ve had bad experiences with Facebook ads or maybe they were just a little too complicated, there’s an easy way to dip your toe in again and while still producing fantastic results.

Lead Ads.

These are still somewhat fairly new.

It’s about the simplest online paid traffic funnel you can use to generate leads from the Facebook platform. Simply use Facebook's built-in “lead ads” type and fill in the required copy and image.

You don’t need to build a separate landing page or anything fancy whatsoever.

Yet the ads can still have images, videos, and even offer a free download.

Your simple funnel would look like this:

Facebook Lead Ad Offering Freebie → Prospect Enters Info Still On Facebook

That’s it!

So your prospect sees your ad about offering the first free video of your premium online course, they enter their info right there on Facebook, and you can automatically deliver it or follow up with a call or email.

Sometimes this is all you need.

Other times you can use this as a quick way to test ideas or offers then polish it up and scale as you get more data.

It really doesn’t get any easier than lead ads.

Idea #2: The Future of Facebook Advertising

Whether you’re currently running ads or not, everyone should install the Facebook pixel on their Kajabi site.

Simply put, the pixel allows you to track, optimize, and retarget to anyone who’s ever visited your pages which contain the pixel.

To find instructions, simply go to YouTube or Google and search “How do I install the Facebook pixel?”. You can also go into the Kajabi Facebook Group and there will be people there who can help you too!

Again, even if you’re not currently advertising you still want to do this.

You want to track those who come to your site so that if in 30 days from now you decide you’d like to make a special offer to anyone who’s ever visited your checkout page...you’ve got all that data ready to go within Facebook.

Most of you probably already have this taken care of, but for those who don’t, make sure you take care of it as soon as you can.

This will lead to more sales and lower cost per conversions. Plus a better experience for your customers as they’re served more relevant advertising from you.

Idea #3: Your Image Gets The STOP

Advertising is about one thing...capturing attention.

But with more than 5 million people advertising on Facebook, it’s becoming increasingly harder to get that attention.

Yet this is the primary role of your image or video.

When picking your creative to sell your online courses or coaching, here are 3 general options which work well:

  1. Weird: can be anything to simply make the reader stop.
  2. Theme Related: an image of the nutritional triangle if your ad is about nutrition.
  3. Front Facing: image of you, your team, or someone else that is front facing.

The goal of your image should either be to get the prospect to stop, or give them a clue to what the rest of your ad is about. It can also communicate pleasure or pain.

Remember, you’re in a crowded newsfeed with most ads getting completely overlooked. The importance of being different and standing out is critical.

If the job of the image is to get the STOP, the goal of the copy is to get the click...

Idea #4: Your Copy Gets The CLICK

For the majority of ads selling online courses or coaching, you’ll want to use some type of long form, direct response style copy. Unless you’re advertising to a “hot” list of people who already know you, your brand, or your offer.

Longer copy seems to work better for colder audiences and has a longer lifespan than shorter copy.

This is because with cold audiences (people who’ve never heard of you) you have to work a little harder to establish trust, let them know you understand their current problem, and that you have something which could actually help.

When writing Facebook ad copy it’s easy to go all over the place, so here’s the easiest formula to follow when reviewing your copy or creating something new...

Problem. Agitate. Solve. Prove It.

You want to take them from where they’re “hurting” and show them you can deliver something which will “heal” them.

Here’s a quick example for someone selling a yoga course to newbies...

“Have you tried yoga and liked it, but felt dumb not knowing how to do the moves in front of everyone else? You know that by doing yoga your body is healthier, you have more energy, get better sleep, and just feel more fulfilled each day, but… (problem)

You don’t go to the studio because it’s just not worth the embarrassment? Well you’re not alone. 90% of the people I work with say this was the #1 thing stopping them from doing yoga more. (agitate)

That’s why I’ve put together this FREE video training walking you through the top 5 yoga poses. These make up 80% of the poses you’ll do in almost any class you’ll go to. You can do them at home, at the office, or even in your own backyard. (solution)

“I wanted to do yoga for so long but never went because it always felt weird like everyone was staring at me. Now after going through your videos I feel confident and go to the studio 2-3 times a week!” - Brad Daniels (proof)

That’s just an example of the formula.

It could be longer or shorter.

Just remember that your image is what gets the stop, and your copy is what dictates the quality of your clicks.

Idea #5: Your Perfect Customer

One big mistake many digital entrepreneurs make when using Facebook ads is that they’re not crystal clear on exactly who it is they’re targeting. Even the problem, agitate, solve formula won’t help if you don’t know who it is you want to be reading the message.

Nail this and it not only helps create more leads, but higher quality leads.

So here’s a quick way to identify your “perfect” customer...

Look through your existing customer list. Find someone who has not only purchased your products, but who opens the majority of your email, and always engages with you in some way.

This isn’t just an exercise where you make an imaginary person up…

This is a REAL person. They have a name, a picture, and a Facebook profile.

Go to their Facebook profile and look at some of the pages they like, what they’ve posted, or who they follow. Even look at the specific language they use.

This is a sample of your “perfect customer”.

If you wanted to you could even print out their picture and put it next to your computer so that whenever you write an ad you know exactly who you’re writing to.

As you communicate more clearly to this type of “perfect customer” the better your conversions will be. Your customers will start to think you’re a mind reader.

Which maybe you are. Or maybe you’re just a creepy guy or gal with a picture of them printed up on your wall ; )

Idea #6: Your Perfect Audience

Now take that single perfect customer and create an audience around them using page insights and any relatable information you think would be useful.

For cold audiences (unless your course or niche is extremely targeted) you want to aim for an audience size of around 1,000,000 people. Getting your audience right and the right messaging aligned to them is by far the #1 biggest reason why some ads succeed and some ads fail.

Especially when it comes to selling courses, coaching, or membership sites.

When you follow these ideas you’ll know exactly who you’re targeting better than you ever have before. Your image will get that exact person to stop. Your copy will speak directly to their problem. You’ll be doing everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed using Facebook ads without much risk or needed capital.

But remember that “cheap” isn’t always best, especially if you’re selling more high ticket coaching.

Make sure to track your numbers closely and know how much you’re willing to spend to acquire a customer. If it’s costing you $15 a lead and you’re put off because you think that’s too high. Make sure to look closely!

Because what if with every 15 leads you’re selling a $1497 online course. That still means you’re profiting over $1200 on the front end acquisition!

So be sure to know your numbers as their the ultimate indicator if you should continue or turn off a specific campaign.

Is this list exhaustive of all the ways to improve your Facebook ads to sell more of your unique knowledge online? Of course not. These are just a few simple suggestions which you could use today to effectively tweak something that may need tweaking.

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