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Social Media for Your Business: What Platform Should You Use?

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Social Media for Your Business: What Platform Should You Use?
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It seems like almost every day a new social media platform pops up and begins to dominate. Entrepreneurs want to leverage social media as the new norm for marketing their online business, but they stop before they even begin because of one simple dilemma: they don't know which platform to use.

Choosing which social media platform to be on for your business is one of the most frequently asked questions we run into. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, it can be pretty overwhelming to get your content out there. 

But, it does not have to be.

Today we are going to walk through the social media platforms we use here at Kajabi and help you understand why we choose to be on them so that you can decide which platforms work for your business!

Let's talk #social 📲

First up, Facebook. 👥

Here are the ways we leverage Facebook/why we think it is the BEST platform to start beginners on:

  1. Facebook groups
  2. LIVE Videos
  3. Reach 

Next, Twitter. 🐤

Twitter is one of our favorite tools to use at Kajabi, here's why.

  1. You can easily repurpose older content.
  2. An awesome platform to interact with Influencers.
  3. It's the best place to show your business's personality!

Lastly, Instagram. 📸

Instagram allows for you to visually represent your brand through photos & videos. At Kajabi we use Instagram for these purposes:

  1. Show behind the scenes of work life here.
  2. Share our creativity with visuals!
  3. Allow people to have a tangible representation of our application. 

Obviously, there are a ton of other great social media platforms out there (& will continue to be more options) but, we recommend picking the one platform that works best with your business and running with that.

Build up your following, be consistent in your content and then branch out to other more extensive platforms! 

Most importantly, remember that your time & knowledge are valuable. You do not have to overwhelm yourself and try to do it all. Social media should be a valuable asset to your brand, not something that overwhelms you. The process to build great platforms is slow and steady. Your hard work will pay off if you give it time. 

A couple weeks ago we did an #AskKajabi episode (using Facebook LIVE) all about Social Media. You can find it here.

Also, if you think of any other social media related questions, tweet us or tag us on Instagram/Facebook and we would love to answer them! 

Find us on our social media channels: @kajabi (on ALL of them!)

We hope this helped you in deciding which social media platform works best for your business. Leave a comment below with your social handles so we can check them out! 

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