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The Four P's to Having Success Online

Create Your Product
The Four P's to Having Success Online
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Check out the Four P's to Success in this post.

These Four P's are similar characteristics we've seen in almost all of our successful Kajabi Heroes. In fact, one of them recently reached out to us to share her story, and we noticed the same Four P's in her story as well!

We were so inspired by her story we decided to share it with you.

You can read this user's amazing email to the Kajabi team below followed by the Four P's to a successful online business. 



Before we get into the Four P's, we want to say how honored we are to be the platform used by so many people to create a successful online business. Kajabi's passion is creating a platform that allows people all over the world to share their passion. 


Every one of us is passionate about something in life. Whether it's cooking and baking, or 18th Century lawn art, we all have something in life that drives our intrigue and fascination. What if you could harness that passion and create a profitable income from it, all from the comfort of your own home? If you have a passion, Kajabi can help you share it with the world! Harnessing your passion is the first step towards the life you truly want to live by sharing your information on a global scale. 


You are not alone! Other people have the same passion as you, and they may be sitting there waiting for information like yours to come knocking on the door! You may even find yourself creating a solution to a problem that people have been needing. The possibilities are endless, and once you harness your passion, you'll be able to share with like-minded people all over the world!

People Matter In Business


You may already know which passions you want to share, and you may already have people to share it with.... but do you have your product yet? Taking the leap and actually creating your product is what will make you stand out from all the rest. This will give you the ability to share the same passion as so many people out there, while also creating an income for yourself. Getting your product published will open the floodgates of possibility for the future of your digital empire! Luckily, with Kajabi, you can get your products published in no time with only a few simple clicks!


Now that we've gone over the three other P's, that leaves us with our fourth... Profit. If you have your passion harnessed, your product published, and people waiting to see your content... then the last thing for you to do is simply profit from it. You've gone through all of the steps needed, so why not make some money at the end of the day? With Kajabi, you can put any price you'd like on your product, like an online course, and start making money immediately. 

Use Kajabi to Turn Your Knowledge And Content Into Products You Can Sell

Ready to be your own boss? Ready to monetize your knowledge? You need Kajabi - It’s a full-featured platform that allows professionals like you to create their own businesses from home.

Create online courses, establish membership sites, offer coaching programs, host a podcast, and sell other digital products. Plus, you'll get marketing tools like a website, CRM, email marketing, landing page templates, and helpful analytics to help you spread the word about your products and earn more revenue.

Fully explore what Kajabi has to offer and start building your business during a free trial. Start your free 14-day trial of Kajabi today!

Still researching? Check out Kajabi’s free downloadable ebook guides on launching and growing a knowledge commerce online business!

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