The One Thing All Your Customers Are Silently Begging You For

Offline or’s all the same.

In a constantly changing digital marketing landscape, it’s reassuring to know that there’s at least one thing which stands the test of time and will never ever change.

And this “thing” is not only desperately desired by your customers, but it’s also something which only you can give them. For those of us who sell our knowledge online, the success of our business can rise or fall upon this ever so important ingredient.

Without it your online courses, coaching, and any digital product becomes watered down, weak, and worth far less.

But with it? Quality. Power. Connection. And the ability to transform those who trust you.

You might even say this “thing” is directly correlated to the amount of revenue your business generates, the level of fulfillment of your customers, and even the results *they* can produce after consuming your content!

The good news?

You already have it, you already own it, and you’ve already used it before.

It’s there sitting on the shelf completely ready to be used again whenever you so choose. And doesn’t expire, there's nothing to renew, and it can never be taken from you.

So what exactly is this coveted trait I’m referring to?


“People are silently begging to be led. They are crying out to know more about a business’ product or service. When you educate your customers, you’ll see your profits soar.”

-Jay Abraham 

In a world where billions are connected and can find you with a few simple strokes on the keyboard and quicks clicks of a mouse, now more than ever, your leadership can be leveraged into growing your online business to new heights.

Leveraged! Think of that.
The leadership which you offer to the world, your community, and to those who have yet to even hear from you, can be leveraged online in ways not possible before.

In our overwhelmingly cluttered and distracted marketplace where every Tom, Dick, and Jenny are waging war for attention...leading and educating your customers has never been more important to helping you and your brand stand out as something worth giving attention to.

Here are three simple ways you can exercise effective education based leadership...

Leadership Action #1: Have A Voice

Maybe you’ve heard of Brendon Burchard?

He’s a 3-time New York Times best selling author and has appeared with Larry King, Oprah, and on the cover of Success Magazine. But most impressive above all is he’s a faithful Kajabi user!

Brendon’s also one of the top 100 most followed public figures on Facebook with over 10 million fans across his pages. So he’s a fantastic example of someone who has a voice and shares that unique voice with the world.

But long before he was this world-renowned leader of personal development, Brendon was 19 and suffering from both depression and a recent car accident.

These difficult events led him to face what he thought were his last life questions: “Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?” It was through this that he discovered his true passion of helping others live, love, and matter.

But it all started with him having a voice and sharing it.

That’s where all leadership starts. Both inside and outside of business.

Steve Jobs had a voice. Martin Luther King Jr had a voice. Eleanor Roosevelt had a voice.

Will everyone climb upon the rooftops, singing praises to your name as you start to share your voice, opinions, and attitudes more frequently with the world? Of course not. It's never worked that way even with the greatest leaders of our time.

But your tribe will. The ones you really want to serve will. The ones that are silently and desperately waiting just for your own unique take on their specific problems will. And these are who will make your journey teaching and sharing what you know online the most rewarding business you’ll ever start.

The rest don’t matter, not if you want to make a difference anyway.

So what can you share with your people today?

What view, opinion, or attitude can you express right now that could help connect with your audience or help them in some way?

Maybe it’s a Facebook post inviting them to express their own voice even more?

Or an email about what exactly makes you and your courses different and then boldly inviting them non-customers to try them out?

Whatever it is, people are out there waiting to hear from you. We guarantee it.

Leadership Action #2: Keep Your Promises

One of the greatest marketing minds of this digital era put it this way…

“Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”

- Seth Godin

As a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur, you’re building both the brand of your business and the brand of you. We live in a time where (for the most part) businesses and people are actually held accountable to the promises they make.

Google Reviews. Blog Reviews. YouTube Reviews. Whether you kept your promises is constantly documented for the whole world to see.

If you demonstrate effective leadership by doing what you said you’d do, good things tend to come your way. If you decided to not keep them or over promise and underdeliver, it’s fairly certain that your time in the marketplace will be fairly short.

Because keeping promises does one thing...creates trust, and leadership doesn’t exist without trust.

So when you make a promise, keep it!

But what about when you make a promise and can’t keep it?

Maybe you promised to do a Q&A webinar for some of your recent customers, or you promised a specific bonus for signing up and for whatever reason now you cannot provide it.

It’s simple. The moment you know you can’t keep your promise, you immediately get into contact with those you promised and let them know. Then do whatever you can to apologize, make it right, and overdeliver if possible.

Many times, just being responsible with the situation and your inability to uphold your promises will actually do more to create trust than just simply keeping your promise would’ve. As your customers watch you turn a “disaster” into an opportunity to overdeliver for them they’ll instantly become “lifers” with you and your brand.

This is the type of leadership which creates raving fans and ensures you have a successful business for years to follow.

And since we’re already living in an age where it’s obvious if you don’t keep your promises, you might as well do it, right?

Leadership Action #3: Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Fear of’s one of the biggest roadblocks which stops online creators from being effective leaders in their chosen niche.

Somehow we tend to believe that leadership is only effective if it’s producing success after success. Yet when you look at all types of leaders -- even those who are the absolute best at what they do -- failure is almost always either a recent memory or not far off again on the horizon.

We know Edison failed 10,000 times to create the light bulb, but how many times has Elon Musk “failed” in getting his rockets just right, or how many times has Zuckerberg rolled out something new inside Facebook and had it completely flop?

The same can be said with the top athletes in their field.

When we stop becoming afraid to fail and instead embrace it simply as an option, then ignite our internal determination that no matter what happens we will accomplish our goals…

...then our leadership becomes contagious and people are uncontrollably attracted to us.

That’s why Elon is Elon and Facebook is Facebook.

Not because they’ve failed countless times, but because they’re not scared or limited by the chance of it.

Leadership is risky, vulnerable, and courageous. That’s why it works. The tenacity required to do something different, have a voice, and stand up for something you believe in is what gives you the right to be granted attention in your marketplace.

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Selling your knowledge online and making the shift from 1-to-1, to 1-to-many requires leadership. Leadership your community is silently begging YOU to provide whether you think so or not.

We’ve seen it with every single six and seven-figure #kajabihero we have.

They “Have A Voice”...

They “Keep Their Promises”...

And they “Aren’t Afraid To Fail”...

As they’ve done this their market has responded with an increase of trust and engagement.

What other ways to exercise leadership have you found to be effective in your own online business experience?

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