Theme Spotlight: Daniel and Warren

Introducing two new Kajabi website themes! Warren is a wonderful addition to the matching product theme, and Daniel is truly a game changer. Check out our theme spotlight and read more below to learn about these two new additions to our theme library!


If you're already a fan of our Warren product theme, then you're going to LOVE our matching website theme. This is a prime example of how you can utilize two matching themes in Kajabi, to create a single brandable image for your members. Instead of your Categories beind displayed on your main product page, you'll see your sales pages displayed instead. Utilizing large dominant marquees and thumbnails, Warren is perfect for those who wish to have an image heavy presence with less text involved.  


The Daniel website theme has become a favorite around the office for a couple of main reasons. Two major features were added this theme that add a whole new world of functionality to the Kajabi platform. The first major feature is our Marquee video. You now have the option to add a large video, which will mute upon upload, playing as your marquee. Don't worry though, if you like the Daniel theme but prefer an image, you can add that instead. Why not capture your members in multiple locations on your site? Well now you can! Daniel's new sidebar cross-sell allows you to add an offer that appears on the side of your blog, sales page, and static pages! Not only can you do this from a sidebar, but also above the footer. To make it even better, both your header menu as well as your footer are detachable and collapseable within your settings menu.

You already know Kajabi as your one-stop shop for selling your passion online, and with new themes being added regularly, the customization options are endless!  

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